25 Personality Traits That Might Keep Someone Single and Unhappy

25 Personality Traits That Might Keep Someone Single and Unhappy

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Most people long to find their soul mate. However, some significant reasons why some folks never find that person their heart desires. There’s more to relationships than good looks and money, as you will be unhappy if there’s no substance of personality.

Everyone wants a fairy tale where they find the prince or princess and live happily ever after. Consequently, you also want your partner to have a good personality, so you enjoy spending time with them. Sadly, beauty is often only skin deep, and there needs to be something good inside for you to cling to this person.

Personality Traits that Keep Might You Single and Unhappy

First, let’s acknowledge–many people are happily single by choice. That’s a beautiful thing! This article intends to help people unhappy in their single status, hopefully encouraging them to consider whether they display any of these negative behaviors. Recognizing the presence of these traits can help one change their ways and find the happiness they deserve.

If you don’t want to be unhappy in your life, then there are specific characteristics you need to change about yourself. When you’re having a hard time attracting someone who completes you, it could be because you have some less desirable personality traits.


1. Overtly Cocky

No one likes a cocky person. This individual thinks that they’re just a bit better than everyone else. If you’re overconfident and brash, you need to make some changes.

2. Perfectionism Causes You to Be Unhappy

In a perfect world, everything would be without issue. However, there’s no perfect person or world. When you have such high demands on yourself and your life, you suffocate the vitality out of what could be a good relationship.

3. An Inpatient Personality

An inpatient person will be unhappy and make those around them miserable. It’s often been said that patience is a virtue. It’s a cruel way to live when you’re quickly irritated or provoked to anger over the smallest of things.

4. Deceptive

No one likes someone dishonest. If you’re prone to lying, either by a chronic or pathological nature, you need help. There’s a reason you feel the need to be so deceptive, and it’s likely costing you true love.

5. Unhappy People Are Often Ungrateful

Are you unthankful for your things and don’t show gratitude when people do something for you? You can ensure you will be unhappy and single if you don’t learn to appreciate the little things your partner does for you.

6. Unempathetic

A callous or unfeeling person is not someone you want in your life. You want an individual who will put their arms around you and tell you it will be okay. If you’re not sympathetic by nature, this is a character flaw you need to work on.

7. Stubborn Personality Type

It’s okay to stand your ground if you feel the matter is worthy of it, but you can’t be stubborn about everything. When people encounter stubborn folks, they think they’re childish and need to have their way. It’s very problematic and makes everyone unhappy.

8. Workaholic

A workaholic is married to their job, and it will not only make you unhappy, but it won’t leave time to bring anyone else into your world. A workaholic is someone who doesn’t know how to rest. At the crux of this disorder is someone who has something to prove to themselves or is running from something.

9. Sycophant

No one loves a brown noser. The sycophant person loves to kiss up to anyone who has influence or power and can help them get something they want. This individual always has a plan, and they tend to be a bit manipulative too.

10. Vindictive People Are Unhappy

Do you hold grudges and want to get even with everyone who does you wrong? This is a massive issue in a relationship, and it’s going to make you miserable. A vindictive person is always out for revenge and can’t spend much time on positive things, as their mind tends to dwell on the negative.

11. Paranoid

If you’re paranoid, you’re going to cause people to scatter like bugs when you turn on the light. No one likes a person who is always suspicious of their every move, and it will suffocate anyone who wants to get close to you.

12. Unforgiving

You will have to learn to forgive when it comes to having someone in your life. You want people to forgive you when you make a mistake, so you must also forgive others. In many instances, the unforgiving person is also vindictive.

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13. Slacking Makes People Unhappy

Are you dependent on others for your happiness and overall wellbeing? Maybe you have a mooching personality that wants everyone to do everything for you. No one likes a freeloader as their better half, so this could be one reason you’re unhappy and single.

14. Doesn’t Adapt Well to Change

Life is never going to be predictable. You must be willing to roll with the punches and embrace change. If you fall to pieces every time the wind blows in a different direction, you will be in for some significant issues.

15. Disloyal

Would you turn your back on a friend or lover in a minute if it meant saving yourself? A disloyal person is no one you want in your corner, let alone your bed. These people look out for number one, and if you tend to be disloyal, you need to seek therapy to help change this character flaw.

16. Impulsive

A little impulsivity is good, but you can take it to extremes. There can be a significant price when you do things without considering the consequences. Impulsive people often cause their partner to be unhappy, as they must go behind them cleaning up their messes.

17. Pretentious

Do you stick your nose up in the air and act like you’re better than those around you? A Pretentious person can be a lot to handle, which might be why you’re still single. People look for those who are humble and treat everyone as equals, as it makes a difference when you’re kind in this world.

18. Hypocritical Personality

When you say one thing and do the other, it’s hard for people to look up to and respect you. Being consistent and practicing what you preach is essential.

19. Possessive

The possessive person has a problem with jealousy. Does the green-eyed monster affect you in relationships? Being possessive of the person, you love only shows your insecurities.

This will make you and them unhappy, as no one likes to be smothered or feel that they can’t breathe from a jealous spouse watching over them.

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