When you’re ready for a happy and healthy relationship, you look for unconditional love in your partner. Many people yearn for the experience of teamwork with a loved one and spend lots of time and energy searching for it. Unconditional love can be hard to attain, but you’ll recognize it when you find it.

Loving someone as they are and prioritizing another person’s happiness with no expectations for a returned favor is unconditional love. In this situation, you’ll deeply love your partner through all stages of life. You’ll be there together when things get hard and when they’re great.

Unconditional love doesn’t mean your relationship is perfect or you must fulfill unrealistic expectations. Instead, it is about offering and receiving kindness, safety, and respect.

Finding unconditional love is one of the best things to happen in your life. If you want to know if your current relationship involves this type of love, there are signs you can watch for.

Fifteen Signs of Unconditional Love

Identifying unconditional love requires watching for some specific signs. These signs will improve your confidence in the relationship because you know it’s unquestioning.

You might want to know if your current relationship involves this extraordinary experience. Or, you might doubt the love your partner has for you. Either way, these signs can help determine if you’ve found the person for you.

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1. Unconditional Love Means Outside Forces Don’t Affect Your Relationship

External influences won’t affect your bond in a healthy, loving relationship. Your relationship also shouldn’t depend on outside forces to keep you together.

Whether the external influence can be harmful or beneficial, you won’t need them either way. You should be able to love one alone despite anything else going on. Societal pressures or opinions won’t sway you when you’re in the right relationship.

2. Teamwork, Even Through Fights and Offering Forgiveness

Even in healthy relationships, arguments are bound to happen. Your choices and preferences might differ, leading to disagreements and fights. If you can work through issues and forgive your partner, it’s a good sign of unconditional love.

Looking past the differences and using teamwork and communication to overcome problems will help. Working through issues means not holding grudges or bringing up past issues. It shows that you’re both in it for the long haul, willing to accept you as you are.

Moving past arguments and offering forgiveness doesn’t mean you should tolerate abuse or misbehavior. True love doesn’t involve continuous harm because your partner should want what’s best for you. If you experience harmful behavior, you might want to reevaluate the relationship.

3. Unconditional Love Makes You Both Feel Whole

Healthy relationships are rooted in feeling whole. Both partners should feel whole on their own, making them feel better about who they are. Feeling whole allows you to do things for your partner without expecting anything.

People who feel whole on their own are more likely to make beneficial life improvements. They won’t become a better person because you’re in their life but because they want to be the best possible version of themselves.

You’ll love yourselves fully, allowing you to give more to your partner. Feeling whole and loving yourself gives you the hope to keep moving forward and look for the good in everything. Accepting yourself allows you to put in the effort to form a healthy, loving relationship.

4. They Prioritize Your Needs and Wants

Although you can take care of yourself, a healthy relationship involves partners prioritizing one another’s needs. You’ll notice that they go out of their way to give you what you need and want. They don’t mind putting their desires on the backburners so that you are happy.

5. Accepting One Another

You’ll know your partner loves you unconditionally if they accept everything about you. They’ll love your flaws and shortcomings and won’t make you feel wrong about them.

No one is perfect, and everyone has negative aspects of their personality. You and your partner will look past these negative aspects and love you for who you are. It doesn’t involve trying to change your partner or control each other’s lives.

6. Unconditional Love Is Always Kind

Your ideal partner will always be kind to you, even when you disagree. They won’t say things to hurt your feelings or intentionally harm you. If you’re fighting, they’ll still do acts of kindness to ensure you’re happy and taken care of.

They won’t hesitate to bring you a blanket or pillow if you fall asleep on the couch. Whenever possible, your partner will do thoughtful things that make your life better. It shows that they want you to be comfortable, safe, and secure.

7. They Take Care of You When You’re Sick

Think of how your partner behaves when you’re sick. If they take care of you and make sure you have everything you need, it’s a sign of unconditional love. They’ll be there for you until you feel better, doing whatever they can to help you find comfort. The selflessness of true teamwork strengthens your relationship.

8. Vulnerability and Open Communication

Unconditional love requires vulnerability from both sides. You’ll open up to one another about past experiences, learning every detail about each other. This type of relationship offers a safe space to let your guard down.


9. Unconditional Love Offers Emotional Support

Life gets hard, and having a partner who offers emotional support can make it a little easier. If your partner is there for you through sorrows and hardship, it’s a sign of unconditional love. They come through when you need it the most, giving you strength through the negativity.

Your partner will be sensitive to your needs and help you cope with any situation. They’ll also want to protect you when things get complicated.

10. They’re Supportive; Teamwork is in Play

A healthy relationship includes partners who support one another and offer a sense of security. They don’t waver in their support as they encourage you to follow your dreams.

Your partner will even be happy and excited for you when things go in the right direction. They look for ways to increase teamwork and serve as your biggest fan. They understand that your goals might differ from theirs, and they encourage you anyway.

11. Going Out of Their Way to Make You Feel Special

If your partner loves you unconditionally, they’ll go out of their way to make you feel good. They’ll do acts of kindness and say sweet things to bring a smile to your face.

Your partner will also recognize the little things you do for them and show how much they appreciate you. They’ll make you feel like the most critical person in the world because, in their eyes, you are.

12. They Show That They are Proud of You

A partner who loves unconditionally will be proud of who you are. They won’t just tell you they’re proud of you either, because they’ll want to show you. Not only are they proud of who you are, but they are proud of your accomplishments, too.

You and your partner will be one another’s biggest cheerleaders. When you want what’s best for one another, this teamwork shows the health of your relationship.

13. Unconditional Love Means You Feel Comfortable Telling Them Everything

If you are in a relationship with unconditional love, you want to tell each other everything. It shows there’s a level of comfort that allows openness and security. Trusting your partner with the innermost workings of your mind and soul is an extraordinary experience.

14. Mutual Respect

Respecting one another is essential to having a healthy relationship. When you are both mindful and respectful, it’s a good sign that you have found unconditional love. Respect goes beyond doing kind things like opening doors or pulling out chairs. It involves valuing each other’s values and beliefs no matter what.

15. The Relationship Feels Right With Unconditional Love

When a relationship feels right, go with your gut. The right relationship for you will feel right in your heart. It’s a good indicator of unconditional love because it feels different than relationships in the past.

When you still get excited every time they get home, you know they’re someone special. If your partner goes out of their way to make you feel good, don’t push them away. If your relationship feels right, it probably is.

Another sign that your relationship feels right is if you want to grow old with your partner. It shows that you envision spending the rest of your life with this person, a good indicator of unconditional love. If you can’t see a future with your partner, it’s a sign that they aren’t the person for you.

How You Can Love Unconditionally

If you want to focus on loving your partner unconditionally, here are some things you can do:

  • focus on personal growth
  • practice open communication
  • learn to forgive
  • use teamwork to overcome obstacles
  • focus on positivity
  • understand that it won’t always be perfect

unconditional love

Final Thoughts on Signs of Unconditional Love Between Partners

A long-lasting, healthy relationship takes effort, teamwork, and unconditional love. If you identified any of these signs in your relationship, it’s a good sign. It shows that you and your partner respect each other and want to keep moving forward.

With unconditional love, you are free to be yourself without judgment. Your partner won’t expect anything from you other than being the person they love.