Ever since you were young, you’ve probably dreamed of finding true love. Even the people who don’t believe in true love have probably had a few moments of yearning. But just because one of humanity’s biggest desires is to find love doesn’t mean people know how to identify it. There are so many layers to love and things that can potentially go wrong that many people don’t want to go near relationships with a ten-foot pole.

But if you ever find someone who completes you, don’t let that opportunity slip away. And for that, you need to learn how to identify it. If you are one of the people who are afraid of love, you will be missing out on experiences that can fundamentally change your life. Being too sheltered means you won’t put yourself out there, which means you won’t have the chance to meet your soulmate. And it would be a waste to go through life without creating a deep, meaningful connection.

But, say you have someone, and you’ve been in a relationship with them for a while. Even then, many people struggle to understand how deep and meaningful that connection is. You can love many people throughout your life, but how can you ensure you’re with the right one? Well, many people wait to feel a spark or to get a sign that they are the one. Sure, these are signs you should look out for. But there are also some signs of true love that most people don’t realize.

6 Signs of True Love That Most People Might Take for Granted

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1.    You Feel Comfortable When You Find True Love

One thing that’s kind of a misconception about a relationship is that they should always be fun and exciting. And that’s important when you are building a connection. Plus, it will keep things interesting down the line. No one wants to be in a relationship that bores them out of their mind. But, while excitement is essential, you can have a fun relationship that doesn’t have a future.

So, this attribute doesn’t necessarily signal that what you have is true love. But the thing that is truly important in any long-term relationship is being comfortable. True love means that the two of you can have just as much fun while doing mundane activities as you would if you were on holiday. Whether bungee jumping or cleaning the house, you should feel content and at ease. But people often take this for granted.

They start to get comfortable but then panic and believe it’s a bad sign. Being comfortable is synonymous with getting lazy. Sure, if you are in a relationship where you never do anything fun or romantic anymore, that’s not a good sign. But if you feel nice and at ease and are content with just being with your partner, that’s a sign of true love.

2.    You Always Want to Be Near Them

This might not seem like a hidden sign of true love, but most people don’t realize its importance. Sure, when you get into a relationship, there will be that thrill caused by the newness. That makes you want to always hang out with your partner. But wanting to be near them has a more nuanced meaning. It’s not just the desire to hang out with them and go on dates.

It’s necessary to be near them, even in a room full of people. When you feel like you always want them by your side, that signifies a truly loving relationship. Imagine that you’re having a usual day. You went to work, and now some friends are inviting you out. But you’d rather be at home with your partner. Or maybe you want to go out, but you want your partner to come too.

If that’s what you feel and your first instinct isn’t to just go out without your partner, that’s a sign. True love is when your partner is the one you call when you have good news, when something bad happened to you or when you just want to talk. If they are always on your mind and whose presence makes everything better, they’re probably the ones.

3.    You Love All Their Little Quirks When You Find True Love

All people have little imperfections that make them unique and set them apart. But they are also the things that can make it hard for others to stand them. For example, being loud can seem endearing to someone you know but completely drive a stranger out of their mind. Your friends and family are most often the ones who accept your quirks. But they will also tell you to keep your mouth closed while you chew.

But when it comes to romantic partners, these quirks can be a deal breaker. But when you find someone who truly loves you, they will fall in love with everything that makes you who you are. If you’ve ever talked with someone who experienced true love, they’ve probably told you stories about these little imperfections. Maybe they were stories about how their partner always left their chocolate wrappers around. And, while that might annoy the living daylights out of most people, they found it endearing.

Those wrappers showed how much they loved chocolate and how happy it made them. And there’s a reason stories like these are always what people choose to share with others. Because when you love someone, these things warm your heart. If you experience something in your relationship, you should hold on to it. You and your partner have a special connection and share real love.


4.    You Want to See Them Succeed

You’ll want to see the other person doing well in a casual relationship. But you won’t be invested in their career or success because you probably don’t care enough to be actively involved. There’s nothing bad about that. Some relationships are not meant to go the distance. And they’re not all going to be with the person you are destined to be with. So you shouldn’t beat yourself down if you aren’t actively helping your partner to reach their dreams.

It doesn’t make you a bad person as long as you’re not actively trying to make things worse for them. But things are a little different when it comes to being in love. When you find your true love, you will want to see them succeed in everything they do. When you are with the person you are destined to be with; you will do anything to see them happy. And you will make sacrifices to see them achieve their dreams.

But, in a healthy, loving relationship, that isn’t one-sided. Your partner will want to see you succeed as well. And, if they are the ones who have to sacrifice something to do that, they will do it. The relationship will be very understanding, with support and love coming from both sides. You will grow together, and the connection will be strong enough to allow you to focus on your dreams and each other.

5.    You Are Vulnerable Around Them When It’s True Love

Most people find it hard to face their emotions and open up around others. Even around friends and family, it can be hard to be completely honest. In most romantic relationships, you might be inclined to keep things light and breezy instead of committing and being vulnerable around someone.

But, when you find the one you are supposed to be with, you will want to open up. It will come naturally instead of having to force it and feeling uncomfortable when talking about yourself. Being vulnerable is necessary to create a strong connection. But you won’t have to force anything when you truly love someone. There won’t be any doubts or overthinking.

Most importantly, you won’t feel scared or ashamed to tell the other person everything about you. This shows that you aren’t afraid of being judged. If your partner opens up and you can have deep, meaningful conversations, that’s a great sign. If you aren’t already head over heels, you will be soon. So, you need to hold on to that connection.

6.    You Envision a Future Relationship Together

When you are in a serious romantic relationship, you’re expected to have some idea of what your future together will look like. But you’d be surprised to hear that it doesn’t happen that often. Many couples don’t take things that seriously and never make plans. These discussions about the future can sometimes even feel like a chore or something that will ruin the fun.

When there is true love between two people, you won’t want to shy away from such discussions. Quite the opposite, you’ll want to make plans. If your mind starts to wander and you think about where you and your partner will be in a few years, that’s love. You’ll probably have a dream house you want to buy together. You’ll know what pet you wish to have.

Not to mention that you’ll have probably committed to sharing your lives together in a more serious sense already. If you have already moved in together or are planning to sacrifice to accommodate the others, that means something. So, there shouldn’t be any doubts left that you two share true love.

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Final Thoughts on Signs of True Love Most People Don’t Realize

True love is something anyone would be lucky to experience at some point. Not anyone has the opportunity to share something that meaningful with someone. And one of the worst things that can happen is missing out on love because you didn’t read the signs well. If you have that kind of connection, don’t let doubts ruin it.

Being truly in love goes beyond looks and physical attraction. It’s about wanting to be near someone and getting to know all about them. It’s about being comfortable, wanting your partner to succeed, and making sacrifices to see them happy. You’ll adore all their quirks and feel safe opening up when you’re in love. Lastly, you’ll plan for the future and work towards achieving your dreams together.