This water experiment will blow your mind.

As you may already know, our thoughts create our reality through the power of our intention. In other words, positive thinking brings about a positive reality, while negative thoughts create the opposite effect.

The late and great Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted extensive studies on how exactly our thoughts and intentions can alter the shape and structure of water crystals. What he discovered is simply astounding.

In one double-blind study, a group of about 2,000 people in Tokyo focused positive intentions and thoughts toward water samples inside an electromagnetically shielded room located in California. He also set aside another group of samples in a different location used as controls. However, he didn’t make the group aware of this fact.

An analyst identified and photographed ice crystals from both sets of samples. Then, 100 judges blindly assessed and critiqued the images for aesthetic appeal.

The conclusion indicated the crystals from the treated water were given a higher score than those in the control group, which is consistent with prior studies measuring the impact of intention on water.

Based on one’s consciousness, a person can directly alter the geometric shape and structure of water. That’s because both our thoughts and water derive from the same energy. For a number of years, Dr. Masaru Emoto has researched and performed many studies on how our intentions can alter the structure and energy of liquids. Ever since learning about micro cluster water in the US and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology, he vowed to uncover more about our impact on the water we drink.

For years, Dr. Emoto froze droplets of liquids and examined the molecular changes in water caused by our thoughts and intentions. He then photographs the frozen water crystals in order to visually document these changes.

Here are a few examples of his water crystal experiments:



In another example, he taped the words “thank you” on a bottle of distilled water, and miraculously, the water crystals from this sample had a strikingly similar shape and composition to crystals that had been exposed to Bach’s “Goldberg Variations,” representing gratefulness for the man it was composed for. As you can see from this example, giving thanks for our water, our land, and our Earth can transform the very particles that make them up and provide us with more healing and good energy.

However, when these water samples were labeled with negative words, exposed to heavy metal music, or spoken to negatively with words such as “Adolf Hitler,” no water crystals formed and the structure became chaotic and fragmented.

Also, when the researcher added fragrant floral oils to the liquid. Surprisingly, the crystals actually took on the original shape of the flower from which it extracted.

Dr. Emoto found that samples taken from clear mountain springs and streams had a beautiful crystalline structure. But thee water crystals observed at polluted or stagnant sources were deformed and chaotic. This example doesn’t have to do directly with the words we speak or conscious intentions we have. Instead, it shows that negativity stems from destruction. And we caused pollution that wreaks havoc on our most precious resource. However, when we take care of our Earth and let it exist naturally, our water remains beautiful, fresh, and unadulterated.

What does this mean?

So, you see these examples and gained exposure to Dr. Emoto’s groundbreaking work. So, you can see that we have the power to alter our physical world with our thoughts and intentions. Water is life. Thus, we must protect it, honor it, and bless it. Only then will it nourish us properly and heal us.

If you would like to see more of Dr. Emoto’s studies and evidence about how our positive thoughts and intentions affect the water we drink, please watch this video for more information: