Would it surprise you if you knew you could change your life by simply applying ONE important phrase to it? Words are powerful, and this particular phrase can certainly flip your life upside down if you let it sink in and really reflect on what it means. Words are thrown around carelessly these days; people talk too much, but rarely say anything at all. However, the meaning behind these words will give you a whole new lease on life.

This ONE Phrase Will Completely Change Your Life

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So, without further ado, let this phrase sink in: The way we do anything is the way we do everything. 

Sounds too simple, right? Wrong. Many people don’t realize just how much their habits affect their whole life. For example, let’s say you’re a natural procrastinator. You wait until the last minute to book a vacation, finish a project, get to sleep, make dinner, and pretty much everything else in your life. Think about the last time you waited until the very last second to get something accomplished.

Now, think about how many other times this occurs throughout your daily life. You see, our habits shape us. The way we do one thing, normally gets replicated during all of our other daily activities and chores. If we naturally have messy habits, such as leaving the kitchen dirty for days on end, we probably don’t clean up much in other parts of our life, either.

Our bad habits might seem harmless, but they affect every single aspect of your life, whether you know it or not. If you keep a cluttered house and can’t seem to find anything when you need it, your mind and emotional state will reflect this. You see, our lives directly represent our innermost world. What we think about, comes about.

So therefore, the way we do just one tiny thing, no matter how insignificant it seems, has a ripple effect throughout our entire life. Your daily habits become so entrenched in you that they quickly make up the entirety of your being.

If you cut corners on everything you do, you’ll have a life that seems less than perfect and sloppily put together, too. If you flit from one book to another without ever finishing one, your life will likely seem chaotic and stressful. You’ll go from one project to another, one relationship to another, and one addiction to another. Think about it. We can’t possibly do one thing in an unconscious manner, and expect the rest of our lives to beam with golden perfection.

Let me say this again: the way we do anything is the way we do everything. 

If you keep a lot of clutter in your home, you probably have a cluttered brain and feel in a fog most of the time. If you have superfluous items, you might just have superfluous people hanging around that don’t really do much for you anymore. You might have superfluous thoughts, emotions, and even extra weight that you’ve been trying to lose. However, if you keep your things to a minimum in your house, you might have a clearer mind, a lighter body, and a cleaner environment. Our habits don’t just represent little things we do throughout the day – they can easily represent how we live our lives.

The consciousness we create within our lives directly reflects how we feel inside. If we feel abundant and happy, we will make choices that reflect this feeling.

If we feel lethargic and drained, on the other hand, everything in our life will seem to move at a slower pace. Bills will be late, our money will seem stagnant, our relationships will seem boring and lifeless, etc.

Of course, perfection doesn’t exist, but we can tidy up certain areas of our lives and implement new habits so that we may continue to improve and grow as humans.

One tiny change can create a ripple effect in your life. You might think something as small as cutting out sweets, let’s say, won’t do much. However, this counts as a superfluous item, like we talked about before. When we eat added things that we don’t really need, or keep people in our lives that no longer serve us, or do anything unnecessary, we add baggage to our lives. We make them more complicated. However, cutting out things we don’t need will allow for more clarity, and thus, we open up the door for better habits and more abundance. Little changes create big waves.

Think about what would happen if you gave up getting Starbucks twice a week. You’d save about $10 or so dollars, and save the added strain on your immune system from all the added sugar and syrups. So, you don’t just impact your wallet. You impact your health and happiness, too. You could start creating a new habit, let’s say, of making the coffee at home. This will teach you to become more self-sufficient, which might even spill over into other aspects of your life.

Eat out a lot for dinner? Maybe cutting back on Starbucks will show you that you can also eliminate eating out from your weekly routine, or at least reduce it greatly.

Put off cleaning your house a lot? Try cleaning just one thing in it, whether you choose your couch, coffee table, toilet, or something else. After you clean one item, do you just want to stop, or keep cleaning? If you give yourself a break after cleaning one piece of furniture and come back to it later, you’ll probably find that you want to keep up this momentum because it makes you feel accomplished and worthwhile. Another great example of how the way we do one thing is the way we do anything, wouldn’t you agree?

You have to have uniformity in your life in order to get anywhere. You can’t keep your house spotless but then not look after your mental health. Cleaning out your brain is just as important, and if we keep one area of our lives clean, we’re more likely to treat every part of our lives in the same way.