5 Things To Always Keep Secret

5 Things To Always Keep Secret

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It is not advisable to communicate every detail of your life to everyone; sometimes a listening ear becomes a running mouth. Keep your secrets to yourself.

You aren’t lying. Some things are better kept private, don’t you agree? Discussing your personal information with everyone, especially sensitive issues, usually results in disappointment.


Here are five important things that you need to keep secret:

1. Your Innermost Thoughts

Your beliefs about certain topics should remain as your belief system, but not something you try to inculcate into others.

For instance, your thoughts about life or death might bring diverse reactions when you choose to them as a discussion topic.


Learn to understand that your thoughts are your interpretation and not the objective truth. This stance may save you from arguments.

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2. Your Philanthropy

Helping a person or charitable work improves the development of individuals and our society, but it’s more valuable when you do not seek recognition for such benevolence.


When you try to publicize how you have been helpful, it usually seems like boasting. People might think your intention for such support was to seek popularity. There’s virtue in adding value to people while remaining anonymous.

3. Your Goals

Your plans ought to be guarded with all diligence until you are able to achieve them. Vocalizing your plans might cause other people to steal your ideas and work on them, dealing with loopholes you may not have noticed.

A demoralizing experience like this would make you regret you made your plans known to anyone, so keep them secret. Keep them safe.

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