It’s no secret that humans love their fur babies, and why shouldn’t they?! Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and any other pet you can think of, show us unconditional love and affection. They don’t judge us for any reason and will always be waiting at the door when we come home to show us how much they missed us. Animals offer their friendship and support 24/7 and won’t hesitate to run to our side when we have a breakdown.

We could go on and on about all the reasons why our animals make such a difference in our lives, but the photos below will speak for themselves. Growing old with your fur baby is bittersweet, but when you look back on all the memories, you’ll be so grateful that you got to share your life with such a beautiful animal.

Here are some photos of humans with their fur babies that will hit you right in the feels:

1. We apologize for the cuteness overload in the first photo, and for the fact that you’ll probably want to go out and buy a Malamute now.

byu/dustofoblivion123 inpics

2. After 14 years, her Golden Retriever is still standing by her side, loyal as ever.

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Golden Retrievers make some of the best fur babies! They’re so sweet, fun, and loyal; it’s no wonder they’re the most popular family dog.

3. That’s quite a transformation! Fluffy dogs make wonderful fur babies because you always have someone to cuddle with.

Pupper then, doggo now

4. Has your heart melted yet?

3 years of friendship

5. This adorable little Westie has been with her owner for 15 years!

15 years of friendship (and counting)

6. Cats are quite the fluffy fur babies too. Can you believe these are taken just one year apart?

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7. Excuse us while we mop our melted hearts off the floor. German Shepherd puppies are too darn cute!

Our Christmas puppy is growing fast!
by inaww

8. A list of fur babies wouldn’t be complete without photos of a loving St. Bernard!

Once a lap dog, always a lap dog
byu/jamana56 inaww


9. “My dad and my dog. They have done this every night since we have gotten her when she was 10 weeks old.”

My dad and my dog they have done this every night since we have gotten her when she was 10 weeks old.
byu/Wolflmg inaww

10. This dog and his human stay together through thick and thin.

11. After 14 years, this human and her doggy are all-smiles. It’s amazing how our fur babies can transform our lives.

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12. 17 years between these photos, and not much has changed.

Just me and my cat… 17 years later
by inpics

The relationship between humans and other animals is fascinating and heartwarming. We need them, and they need us. We bring so much joy and fulfillment to their lives, and vice versa. Animals can give our lives purpose, and we have the ability to give an abused or homeless animal a loving environment. So, both human and animal gain benefits from this beautiful relationship.

If you’d like to adopt an animal in the near future, please consider getting one from a shelter instead of a breeder. Shelters have plenty of cute, loving pets to choose from that desperately need a loving home.

Which of these photos of humans and their fur babies was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments (as well as photos of you and your furry friends, if you’d like!)

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