The Tragic and Inspiring Story of Keanu Reeves Revealed

The Tragic and Inspiring Story of Keanu Reeves Revealed

The Tragic and Inspiring Story of Keanu Reeves RevealedBetter Life

The name Keanu Reeves most likely brings to mind the myriad of roles he has played on the big screen, but the real story of his life is both tragic and inspiring. The 51 year old musician and actor’s name is a derivative of his great-great-uncle Keaweaheulu, whose name means “the soft breeze raising” in Hawaiian.

The Tragic and Inspiring Story of Keanu Reeves Revealed

We most often think of Keanu Reeves as Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, as Johnny Utah in Point Break, or as Neo in the Matrix. Or you may know him best for his ‘Whoa’ expression from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure which has been used as a funny conspiracy-themed meme in social media since 2010.

Keanu was born in Beiruit, Lebanon, the son of Patricia Taylor and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr. His mother was born in England and his father is Chinese and Hawaiian. Far too early in his life at age 3, Keanu Reeves’ father left him and his mother to fend for themselves. Although it is tragic, the abandonment by his father might have been best for both of them because his father would later go to prison for selling heroin at a Hawaii airport.

Keanu Reeves’ mother remarried several times and her career as a costume designer as well as her numerous marriages led the broken family to travel extensively. Keanu attended many different schools in Lebanon, Australia, Toronto, and America. But at the age of 17, he had had enough and dropped out to become an actor.

Keanu Reeves tragic adulthood losses

His co-star and friend River Phoenix who played opposite him in My Own Private Idaho in 1991 sadly died of a drug-related heart failure on Halloween 1993 at the far-too-young age of 23.

In fall of 1999, Keanu’s girlfriend Jennifer Syme, tragically had their stillborn daughter, who the couple named Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. A short time later in April 2001, Jennifer Syme was killed instantly in a tragic car accident.

His sister Kim fought leukemia for over a decade. During that time Reeves stayed with her in her home to care for her. He had his own room so that he could be near her during her recovery. Reeves wasn’t trying to be inspiring, that’s just his genuine big-heartedness.

The unknown inspiring story of Keanu Reeves

The true tragedy for the story of Keanu Reeves is that his intellect is far superior to our generalized idea of him. He reads voraciously, can quote Shakespeare from memory, and seems to be genuinely unconcerned about the views of the public and the media.

The man whose most famous line may be ‘Dude’ is an inspiringly un-Hollywood person who resembles the casual self-confidence that we all hope to embody. He prefers to be out of the limelight of the film-promotion merry-go-round and keeps some parts of his life private; his love life and losses, his absent father, his sister Kim’s cancer, River Phoenix’s death, and his feelings about his childhood. But we shouldn’t need to ask. The answer to every one is that he grieves these tragic losses.

Keanu Reeves’ dark ‘demon ride’ side

Keanu loves being active and is a bit of a thrill seeker and an escapist. In his younger days he played hockey and is reported to enjoy ballroom dancing, horseback riding, surfing, and riding on fast motorcycles, of which he owns two English-made Norton Commandos.

In 1988 he took what he calls a ‘demon ride’ on a twisting canyon road with the lights off on his motorcycle and crashed going 50 miles an hour. He had another motorcycle accident in 1996 that left a scar on his leg.

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