We often look outside ourselves to discover more about who we are, but did you know that something as simple as the lines in your palm can reveal incredible things about you?

If you open up your palms and just take a quick glance, you will probably notice that you have four lines running across your hands with varying lengths. These four main lines are called the heart, head, life, and fate lines, and each reveals something different about you. Called palmistry, palm reading has been practiced since ancient times in parts of Asia, Persia, Israel, and Babylonia, to name a few locations.

While many people regard palmistry as inaccurate pseudoscience, several scientific studies have come out that prove palmistry can reveal things about one’s health, personality, and even sexuality. Many famous people, such as Mark Twain and Thomas Edison, would fly long distances to have their palms read; however, you can read your palm from the comfort of your own home using these simple steps.

Here’s how to read your palm:


1. Look at both your hands side by side.

If the lines look different when you compare them on both your hands, this means you have put in considerable effort to change your original nature. Now, put your focus on the hand you write with, your dominant hand.

2. Locate the 4 main lines in your palm: the heart, head, life, and fate lines.

The lines can be read in either direction depending on which tradition you are following.

3. Turn your attention to your heart line.

  • If the line extends from the side of your hand to below your index finger, you’re happy with your love life.
  • If the line ends below your middle finger, you’re selfish when it comes to love.
  • If the line ends between your middle and ring finger, you fall in love easily.
  • If you have a straight, short heart line, romance doesn’t really interest you.
  • If it’s close to your fingers, you are a passionate, sometimes jealous, person.
  • If it goes all the way across, you keep your emotions locked away.
  • If it touches your life line, your heart gets broken easily.
  • If the line curves up toward your index finger, you don’t shy away from showing affection.
  • If it’s straight and parallel to your head line, you keep your emotions in check.
  • If the heart line is wavy, this indicates that you have had many lovers, but not many serious relationships.
  • If there are gaps in the line, you have had a broken heart at least once.
  • If there are little short lines that cross over the heart line, you have a hard time remaining faithful to your partner.

4. Now, look just below your heart line and find your head line.

  • If the line is short, you enjoy physical challenges over mental ones.
  • If it’s straight and extends all the way across the hand, you are a logical, straightforward thinker.
  • If the line is wavy or zigzags, you tend to flit from one thing to another, and have a hard time remaining focused.
  • If it curves downward toward the wrist, you are a creative, trusting person.
  • If the head line doesn’t touch your life line, you have an adventurous spirit.
  • If it has circles on it, you have experienced much emotional turmoil.
  • If the head line has multiple crosses, this indicates significant, life-altering decisions.

5. Now, it’s time to read your life line.

This is the vertical line closest to your thumb. Contrary to popular belief, it actually says nothing about how long you will live.

  • If the line is deep, you have great enthusiasm for life and long to reach your full potential.
  • If it’s shallow and faint, you don’t have an ambitious drive.
  • If it’s curved, you are a strong individual.
  • If the life line is straight, you take new relationships slowly.
  • If it’s broken, you’ve experienced an unexpected change in your life.
  • If it has circles, you have likely been seriously injured or hospitalized.
  • If you have multiple life lines, you have a lot of vibrancy and life about you.

6. Finally, look at your fate line.

This vertical line can be found in the middle of your palm.

  • If it is deep and straight, you have a very solid, promising career.
  • If it’s faint, you don’t like your job very much.
  • If it has lots of forks coming off it, you’ve had a very turbulent career.
  • If it starts from your life line but later splits off, you’ve been ambitious since a young age, and prefer an entrepreneurial approach to life.
  • If it joins with the life line in the middle, you may have or will later give up your interests and desires for the sake of others.
  • If the fate line starts at the base of the thumb and then crosses the life line, your family and friends greatly support you.