Like most people in this digital era, you’ve probably sent your fair share of text messages. (Some people send hundreds of texts per day. Crazy!)

But have you ever sent reminders or text messages to yourself?

While this idea seems a little outlandish, sending messages to yourself can actually be a good way to stay on track mentally. Sending solo text messages is also an excellent way to keep your head on straight and to remind yourself to keep looking forward.

Depending on the model of your phone and the apps available, you may be able to send yourself delayed text messages. (There is a free way to do this with an Android smartphone via the “Messages” app, and a paid application is available via the App Store on the iPhone.) Reading a well-timed message is great for times like the notorious mid-afternoon slump at work or the hellish early morning!

Here are 11 things to text yourself when you catch yourself feeling down:

1. “Remember your strengths/accomplishments/wins.”

However you want to phrase your message is cool. The point here is not to allow the frenzy of life sabotage your sense of self-worth.

So often, we forget what a real badass we are – things we’ve overcome, achieved, and won. Reminding yourself of these things is not egotistical; it’s necessary.

2. “Emotions are fleeting.”

That’s right, this includes the good emotions. Why remember this quote? Why text this to yourself?

Because human beings, when their mind is adrift (which is most of the time), gravitate towards impulsivity and negative emotions. If you’re feeling great when you get this message, that’s okay! Enjoy the moment! If you’re feeling bad, remember that it’s only temporary!

3. “Adversity breeds character.”

Building strength requires frictional force. When you’re having a crappy day, remember that you are becoming a stronger individual. You’re building a more refined character.

It’s hard to remember these points in the throes of a maddening workday or overscheduled evening, which makes it a perfect memo to send to yourself.

4. “Here and now.”

This quote is all about mindfulness. The fact of the matter is that our minds tend to fixate on the past or the future; what has happened and what could happen. These ruminations are the antithesis of mindfulness, which is based on accepting your present condition, be it good or bad.

Be here. Now.

perfect moment

5. “The only constant is change.”

In today’s 24/7, always-on society, the only constant is continuous change. This isn’t a bad thing. Can you imagine a world where nothing changed, whether good or bad? In the former scenario, we’d be in a utopia; the other, hell.

Good, neutral, or negative; change happens. Embrace it – or at least accept it.

6. “You’re not an island.”

A twist on “No one is an island,” this personalized quote serves to remind you that people are standing by and willing to help. In the midst of turmoil, it’s easy to feel a dark sense of solitude.

Remembering that good souls are there to lend their ear is something we all need to remind ourselves from time to time.

7. “Attention regulates emotion.”

To all the parents out there, how many times have you used the “What’s that?!” or “Look over there!” trick to calm your rambunctious or wailing child?

What happens? Well, your kid stops (at least for a while!) The reason is that where we put our focus (on the inner, outer, or “other”) is what determines our emotions. The fact that we can choose our emotions through our attention is very powerful when applied with a purpose.

8. “Remember to move.”

Nothing beats moving around to get yourself feeling better faster. Today’s office jobs are (sadly) ruled by the stationary, sit-in-your-chair-and-don’t-move-till-it’s-breaktime old-fashioned ways of working.

Remind yourself to move around when you can – even if it’s just a quick stretch or jaunt around your desk. You’ll feel better almost instantly.

9. “No one is perfect.”

As mentioned, our mind tends to gravitate towards the negative when it’s adrift. And, unsurprisingly, our mind drifts off much of the time. Sometimes, these negative thoughts may ruminate on your imperfections.

Well, everyone has imperfections. Even “Mr. and Mrs. Perfect” live seriously imperfect lives. This message serves to remind us to be content with who we are and to stop comparing ourselves to other people.

10. “Breathe.”

Did you know that deep breathing is one of the best ways to ease your nerves? It’s absolutely true! Known as the “relaxation response,” inhaling to the count of four and exhaling to the count of six activates the parasympathetic nervous system, or PNS.

The PNS slows your heart rate, calms your nerves, focuses your brain, and puts you in a better state of mind!

11. “All you need is love.”

This self-message serves to remind you that – when all is said and done – love is the thing that matters the most in this lifetime. You may feel bad, but know that someone loves you.

Use this message to remember your loved ones and to send them a bit of love during the day!

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