People commonly refer to others as the GOAT, but not everyone knows the meaning. An 8th-grade math teacher was surprised to learn why his students called him the GOAT. The term is unfamiliar to many of us, but they’re worth knowing so we can keep up with what people mean.

An 8th-grade math teacher turned to Reddit to find out why his students called him the GOAT. Throughout the school year, they continually referred to him this way. He went along with it, thinking it was a funny joke.

Then, curiosity got the best of him, and he had to know why they called him the GOAT. The educator was surprised and flattered to find out what the nickname meant. It made him emotional to find out how much his students respect and look up to him.

The Teacher Made a Reddit Post

He turned to Reddit and asked, “Why do my students call me a goat?”. He explained that it was a running joke, but he didn’t understand why they would call him that. Since he didn’t know why they called him the goat, he called them the same in return. The responses caught him off guard.

One user explained that when they call him the goat, it refers to the acronym G.O.A.T. This acronym stands for the Greatest of All Time. Other Reddit users explained that it means the students enjoyed his classes and that he must be a great teacher.


When the educator read these responses, he replied, “omg. I am IN TEARS!!! I can’t believe they were complimenting me this whole time!!!!!”. He had no idea that they liked him so much or that he made such a difference in their lives.

Many other Reddit users responded to say that he must be great if his students enjoyed math class. As a least favorite class amongst many students, it’s a tricky subject to teach. This educator not only helped his students learn, but he became a favorite teacher, too.

Why Being Called GOAT is So Impactful

Not only does this nickname make the teacher feel good, but it also lets him see the good he does for the children in his life. Educators go into the profession hoping to make a difference in a child’s life. His students called him the greatest of all time, allowing this man to see that his effort paid off.

He wanted to make a difference, and he made it happen. This teacher was well-loved by students, but he didn’t know how or why he obtained the nickname.

The 8th-grade math teacher’s students called him the GOAT, a meaningful nickname. This educator deserves recognition, and he’s not the only teacher who has earned the title. With all educators have to overcome, those connecting with their students deserve it.

Students never forget their favorite teacher, even through adulthood. The educators who made a difference in their lives hold a special place in the student’s life. Being called the greatest of all time by students is powerful because it shows you’re influencing and getting through to students on their level.

The Power of a Good Teacher

A good educator can make all the difference in many students’ lives. You never know what a student experiences at home or with their peers. As an adult who interacts with them daily, an educator can play a role in the lives of those they teach.

While getting students to like you might sound like an easy feat to non-teachers, it can be challenging. Not all students like school; many need a positive role model in their life. If they struggle academically or emotionally, it can interfere with your ability to teach and get through to them.

If a teacher can help their students learn while also making them feel good about themselves, it’s life-changing. These educators are unique, and students will remember them for the rest of their life. To reach this level, a teacher must break through all the walls in a child’s life.

Not only does it take talent, but it also takes empathy, compassion, and a deep love for children. We all want to help children and see them do well as they grow, but not all of us have the ability. Teachers go out of their way to help, stepping in and fulfilling the many roles for their students.

Many people believe teachers only have to think about teaching. However, they never hesitate to jump in and fill another role in a child’s life when necessary. They must break through and connect with their students to even begin to do their job.

Our children’s teachers do so much for their students, impacting society. Teaching has always had difficulties, but educators deal with more.

Obstacles Every Teacher Must Overcome

Teachers are special people and take on much more than many realize. They don’t just teach, as mentioned before. They influence their students’ lives in ways we could never imagine.

As educators work to influence their students, they also must overcome many challenges. These challenges make it harder for them to be positive influences. However, they push through and continue to make a difference.


Some of the obstacles every teacher must overcome include the following:

  • understanding each child’s learning style
  • family problems
  • time management
  • bullying
  • financial issues within the district
  • poverty within the community
  • lack of communication
  • burn out or feeling drained
  • being a positive influence when they are overcoming personal hardship
  • discipline or lack thereof
  • paperwork and extended working hours
  • pressure from administration
  • evolving technology
  • lack of parental involvement
  • politics
  • state standards
  • classroom size
  • following changing safety protocols
  • lack of teamwork or support between students
  • fulfilling many roles simultaneously
  • lack of time

With all these obstacles, it’s clear that teachers have a tough job. They still persevere and continue their positive influence on their students’ lives. Teachers deserve our respect and compassion because they fill a role many people can’t.

It’s also important to note that educators aren’t perfect. Many of us expect our child’s teacher never to make a mistake. However, just like the rest, mistakes occur, and we should focus on understanding and forgiveness.

They want what’s best for our children, and they have many tough decisions to make. Teachers also have so much on their plate that mistakes are inevitable. Cut educators some slack and step in to help when you can. After all, these are the people raising our future society.

Why Learning Math in School is Important

We’ve all heard that the math we learn in school doesn’t help us in our daily lives. Many Reddit users on this thread mentioned it. However, the math teacher from the Reddit post described how that’s an inaccuracy because it can influence our lives.

High school and middle school math can help with money, patterns, and careers, and there are still more benefits. With math being an aspect of the Reddit topic, it’s important to note the benefits of learning math. The life lessons that math teaches include:

Logic and Order

Learning math during the school years teaches logic and order. Each math problem has a predictable outcome, helping students understand to look for answers in life. They also learn to take specific steps to find a solution to their problems.

Math also teaches students the discipline it takes to see an equation through. It’ll help them see other life issues through to the end, knowing they’ll find an answer. Plus, future employers know to look for students who can do this.

Math also teaches students to explain their steps in order. They must show their work to explain how they arrived at their answer. People often must do this in life, and not only involving math problems.

Life Skills

Math teaches people how to do basic skills to live their life. It helps them learn about money, percentages, and fractions. All these aspects are necessary for your life, and you’ll use them for cooking, shopping, budgeting, and many other things.

Continuing Education and Career Decisions

Many jobs require math skills and can help determine a career path. A student might want to continue their education by going down a mathematical path if they enjoy math. It’ll help them choose their future job, and it can help them along the way, too.

STEM-related Skills

As technology advances, STEM-related jobs are changing the future. Students must have math skills if they want to achieve in STEM. Science, technology, engineering, and math all tend to go together, so it’s best to learn all you can.


Final Thoughts on Teacher Gets Emotional About Why Students Think He Is the GOAT

This middle school math teacher learned a heart-warming lesson by taking his question to Reddit. His students respected and valued him enough to call him the GOAT. That nickname says so much about this educator and how his students felt about him.

Educators play an impactful role in students’ lives, and this math teacher made it happen. The people who teach our children don’t get enough credit, but they do so much while overcoming many obstacles. Their importance goes far beyond the classroom, although the academic lessons are essential too.

This teacher’s impact on his students is worth noting, but his educational value is essential, too. He’s fostering a love of math in his students, helping them throughout their life. This educator deserves recognition, as do all the other teachers who help shape the future.