You want your hair to grow faster, and tea tree oil (TTO) is known to speed up hair growth. The oil contains a variety of powerful compounds that are highly beneficial for your scalp, and it has been used for hair growth for many years.

Tea tree oil is applied topically, and this means that it is an ingredient in some shampoos that are designed to promote hair growth. In general, there are very few side effects of using it for hair growth.

Furthermore, this essential oil is available in many forms. You can get it as a spray, a pure oil, and it also is available in products that are combined with other ingredients.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair Growth


1. It Has Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties

Bacteria and fungi can lead to problems with your scalp that slow down hair growth, and it can prevent these health problems. Here’s what you need to know about it:

It Has Even Been Used By Doctors!

Tea tree oil contains compounds that have well-documented antimicrobial properties (1), and this has been documented in medical journals. In fact, the antimicrobial properties are so powerful that one study even found that it can have effects on MRSA.

It Appears To Be Effective Against Acne

Acne is caused by bacteria that grow in clogged pores, and problems with bacteria can slow down hair growth. This study compared the effects of TTO to benzoyl peroxide (a drug used to treat acne), and it was found that both of them had similar effects. The main difference is that TTO took longer to work, but it caused fewer side effects.

A Study Found That It Can Treat Bacterial Infections

According to a study, using TTO may be effective for even the most treatment-resistant of infections. The study found that TTO is powerful enough that it can be used as an adjunct to antibiotics on wounds that are infected with MRSA. This study was done in 2004.

Its Antifungal Properties, One Of The Most Important Tea Tree Oil Benefits, Have Been Demonstrated By Research

TTO has antifungal properties that have been well-documented, and it appears that TTO has treated toenail fungus in a large proportion of patients. While you may not think of your scalp as a part of the body that is vulnerable to fungi, there are a variety of fungal infections that can impact hair growth.

2. It Can Stop Dandruff

TTO is thought to prevent dandruff, and that can be highly beneficial for hair growth. Here are some important things to know about tea tree oil and its effects against dandruff:

Medications For Dandruff Can Cause Hair Loss

The medications that are given for dandruff often result in a certain amount of hair loss, and this can be significant. However, TTO has the opposite effect!

3. It Can Keep Psoriasis From Affecting Your Scalp

Psoriasis can have significant effects on hair growth, and the effects can be significant. Scalp psoriasis is commonplace, and it can result in hair loss. Here’s what you need to know:

Psoriasis Causes Hair Follicles To Deteriorate

Psoriasis also causes skin to dry out and form into flakes. This can damage hair follicles, and areas of the scalp that are affected by psoriasis sometimes can take a long period of time to fully recover. In some cases, they may never fully recover, and psoriasis often spreads gradually over time, resulting in serious cases of hair loss.

4. It Can Be Mixed With Other Essential Oils And Shampoos

Mixing TTO with other essential oils can allow you to use it in a wide range of ways that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. In fact, mixing TTO with other essential oils can allow you to apply it to the whole scalp more effectively, and this can be far more effective at preventing hair loss. Here are some examples of carrier oils that it can be mixed with:

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil also has benefits for hair. Furthermore, it is an extremely common carrier oil, and TTO mixes with it quite well.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is known to have benefits for hair as well. Furthermore, it’s an extremely common essential oil, and it is included in numerous hair care products.

Olive Oil

Olive oil isn’t just for cooking, and it has benefits for hair. Furthermore, it’s an extremely common essential oil, and the forms of it that are used for cooking can also be used in hair.

5. Tea Tree Oil Has An Extensive Safety Record

TTO has been used for centuries, and this means that many people have used it over the years. Furthermore, very few people have experienced significant side effects from it. In addition, there have been studies that demonstrate the safety of the oil.

6. It Unclogs Hair Follicles

Clogged hair follicles can seriously impact upon hair growth, and using TTO can unclog them. Here are some things to know about tea tree oil benefits for clogged hair follicles:

  • It removes particles that are trapped within the follicles.
  • If there is dead skin stuck in the follicles, TTO will help to remove it.
  • Excess oil can also clog hair follicles in a manner that prevents hair growth, and TTO can remove this as well.

7. It Nourishes The Roots Of Hair

In order to ensure that hair grows properly, it’s essential to ensure that the roots of your hair are well nourished. Here’s what you need to know about how TTO can do this:

It Moisturizes The Roots Of Hair

In order for hair follicles to function properly, the roots of hair must be moisturized. TTO can do just that, and it’s highly effective! In fact, TTO is one of the most powerful moisturizing essential oils.

It Helps To Get Rid Of Compounds In Hair Care Products That Damage Hair Roots

Many hair care products contain compounds that can have a damaging effect on the hair, and this means that you need to make sure that you get rid of these residues. TTO is able to do this due to the moisturizing and nourishing effects of this powerful essential oil.

8. Tea Tree Oil Is Easy To Use

It’s extremely easy to use TTO, and there are many positive testimonials that demonstrate that it is quite easy to use. Here’s what you need to know about how it can be used:

TTO Can Be Mixed Into Shampoos And Conditioners

You can mix TTO into just about any shampoo or conditioner. Not only will this make it possible to use TTO on a regular basis with ease, but it can also improve the scent of the shampoo or conditioner that you’re using. In fact, many commercial hair care products contain TTO, and this is because of its powerful properties that protect the hair follicles and encourage robust hair growth.

9. It Has A Pleasant Scent

TTO has a crisp and clean scent, and that makes it stand out over many other oils that are used for hair care. In fact, the scent of the oil is so powerful and pleasant that some people use it for cleaning.

10. TTO Has Been Used For Centuries

TTO has an extremely long history of use, and it has been used by numerous cultures around the world. In fact, the oil was originally used by aboriginal people in Australia (2). It was used to treat wounds, and this is because of its antibiotic properties.

It was discovered by Captain Cook around 150 years ago, and it was then used by people throughout Europe. Then, it was widely used by doctors in the western world during the 1920s.

tea tree oil
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In addition, many people have had great experiences with it. Here are some amazing testimonials from people who have used the oil:

  • One woman said that she saw results immediately when she used it for acne, and the results were literally visible overnight!
  • Another person who wrote a testimonial said that her hair looked visibly healthier almost immediately after she began using it.
  • One person who wrote a testimonial said that he noticed that his hair grew faster once he began applying it to his scalp.

Final Thoughts On Tea Tree Oil

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your hair growth, then tea tree oil benefits will have exactly what you’re looking for! The essential oil will ensure that your hair stays as healthy as possible, and it will grow fast.

So, pick up a spray, pure oil, or product that contains this powerful essential oil today. You’ll start experiencing powerful tea tree oil benefits as soon as you begin using it!