15 Times Tattoo Artists Turned Scars Into Masterpieces

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No one should feel ashamed of their scars, but why not turn them into art? You can find countless tattoo ideas online for tattoo cover ups to transform your scars into masterpieces. Tattoos make a wonderful way to turn your body into a canvas and express yourself at the same time. We hope these tattoos over scars will leave you in awe of the tattoo artists’ work or inspire you to get your very own tattoo!

Here are 15 amazing scar cover up tattoos:

1. These flowers look like they were meant to be there. Simply beautiful!

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2. These women decided to turn something negative into a positive.

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3. So did this woman; a reminder that pain can be turned into something beautiful.

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4. Never forget your past, but don’t be afraid to move on.

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5. This brave women survived two battles with breast cancer and wanted to turn her scars into art.

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6. This deep circle scar got turned into a gorgeous rose.

7. What a creative way to cover up a neck scar!


8. This breast cancer survivor wanted to turn bad memories into beautiful artwork.

9. This was a tattoo artist’s first scar cover up – simply amazing.

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10. What a beautiful scar cover up!

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11. Flowers are always a great choice for a tattoo.

12. Your scars don’t have to define you.

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13. This scar cover up tattoo is simple and elegant.

14. Turning pain into art, one tattoo at a time.

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15. This tattoo is so good it almost doesn’t look real!

Which of these scar cover ups is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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