Tips to leverage your lunchtime and unlock success.

Lunch breaks are more than just a time to refuel your body; they’re a golden opportunity to recharge your mind and spirit. For many successful people, these midday interludes are a time for personal growth, reflection, and strategic planning.  All that adds up to continued success!

Consider your lunch break as a daily intermission in the theater of your workday. What’s the purpose of a live play’s intermission? It allows the audience to absorb the plot twists and refresh themselves. But it also helps them to look forward to the next act; or, in your case, the rest of the workday. 

This midday pause is not merely a time to eat. Rather, it is a crucial interval to recalibrate your mind and body for the afternoon’s performance. Let’s.

20 Things Successful People Do on a Lunch Break

High achievers often use twenty positive strategies to transform their lunch breaks into a springboard for success.

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1 – Successful People Nourish the Body and Mind

Well, they obviously eat their lunch. But it’s bigger than eating mindlessly. Successful individuals understand the importance of nutrition. 

They often choose balanced meals that provide the energy to tackle the afternoon with zest. Think whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of vegetables. Pack foods, bringing along only those that keep the mind sharp and the body energized.

2 – Step Away from the Workspace

Taking a break from your desk or workstation can revitalize your soul. You might benefit from a short walk outside if the weather is good. During cool seasons, find a change of scenery inside.

Successful people use this time to detach from work-related thoughts. This break in the day allows their minds to refresh and rejuvenate.

3 – Engage in Physical Activity

Exercise isn’t just for mornings or evenings. A brisk walk, a quick gym session, or even stretching exercises can boost endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters, enhancing both physical and mental well-being.

4 – Successful People Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Some successful people may spend their lunch break on mindfulness or meditation. These practices help to release any stresses or anxieties of the morning. As a result, it prepares you for the rest of the day. 

You’ll feel refreshed. Your thoughts will be centered. Taking time to meditate will set the stage for that second act of the day, positive and ready to make more progress.

5 – Connect with Colleagues

Lunchtime offers an opportune moment to build stronger relationships with coworkers. Successful individuals might use a mid-day break for networking or mentoring. 

But it can be more casual than that, too. Sometimes, simply enjoying a pleasant conversation helps workplaces become more harmonious and collaborative in nature.

6 – Pursue a Hobby or Interest

Indulging in a hobby or interest during lunch can be a great source of joy. It’s especially refreshing if you have a high-pressure job. The attention on your relaxing activity refocuses thoughts away from work for a short reprieve. 

Whether you prefer reading, sketching, or writing in a journal, this personal time can be incredibly fulfilling. You’ll start to look forward to this quiet few moments every day.

7 – Successful People Plan and Strategize

Many successful people use their lunch break to reflect on their morning and plan for the afternoon. It’s a time of looking back at the progress made in the morning and identifying improvement opportunities.

Some activities could be setting goals, brainstorming ideas, or simply organizing the day’s remaining tasks. The mid-day break signals a reset to the brain, which can be highly effective.

8 – Take a Power Nap

Have somewhere you can close your eyes quietly for a while? A short nap of twenty to thirty minutes can do wonders for both your energy levels and cognitive abilities. 

This quick rest can leave you feeling refreshed. It also gives you a fresh burst of energy, so you will be ready to tackle the rest of the day’s challenges.

9 – Learn Something New

Lunch breaks are perfect for short bursts of learning. But that doesn’t mean you need to lug along a textbook (unless you want to!).  

Listen to a positivity podcast. Read an article on your favorite positive thinking blog. Or watch a 15-minute Ted Talk. Whatever you choose, it’s smart to use this time to acquire new knowledge or skills, keeping their minds sharp and informed.

10 – Successful People Practice Gratitude

Reflecting on why you are thankful can shift your perspective and bring you back to a positive mindset. This technique’s particularly good if your day hasn’t gone as planned and you still need to muddle through the remainder of it.

Successful people often use their lunch break to count their blessings. Spending this time wisely sets a tone of gratitude and positivity for the rest of the day.

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11 – Enjoy Nature

Spending time in nature during lunch can be incredibly rejuvenating. Eating lunch outdoors on a sunny day is a lot of fun.

A walk in a nearby park can feel incredibly refreshing. Even simply sitting outside to enjoy the fresh air can improve your mood and outlook. Be mindful of the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind and chirping birds. Appreciate the kiss of golden sunshine on your cheek. Savor the aroma and taste of your food. You will forget your workday cares and reset your mind to a positive space.

12 – Review and Adjust Personal Goals

Midday is an excellent time to review your short and long-term goals. Successful people often use this time to assess their progress on personal goals and make any necessary adjustments to their strategies.

13 – Successful People Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises can help in lowering your stress levels and improving concentration. Many successful people incorporate this simple yet effective practice into their lunch routine to center themselves for the afternoon ahead.

14 – Engage in Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can boost self-confidence and foster a growth mindset. Reciting these during lunch can help set the stage for a successful and productive afternoon.

15 – Visualize Success

Visualization techniques involve actively imagining yourself achieving your goals. In fact, it can be a powerful tool for motivation and inspiration. 

Successful people often use their lunch break for this purpose. Thus, they mentally prepare themselves for future success.

16 – Successful People Manage Personal Tasks

Balancing work and personal life is crucial. Do you ever feel like you work so many hours that you can’t find time to call your stylist for a haircut? Successful people will learn how to have the best of both worlds – lunch is their secret weapon.

Lunch breaks can be a good time to handle several personal tasks. You might find it the best time for making appointments or paying bills. Once you manage those small tasks, you can free up mental space for the afternoon’s work.

17 – Enjoy a Creative Outlet

Doing your favorite creative activity, such as writing, drawing, or knitting, can be a wonderful way to express yourself and break from the work routine. This break can also spark creativity in your professional life.

18 – Network Professionally

Lunch breaks offer an excellent opportunity to sync up with professional contacts. Whether it’s a quick email, a phone call, or a lunch meeting, maintaining and expanding your network is key to long-term success.

19 – Successful People Reflect on Personal Growth

This lunchtime reflection is akin to reviewing the day’s footage in a film, assessing your performance, and identifying areas for personal and professional development.

20 – Relax and Unwind

Lastly, successful people understand the importance of simply relaxing and unwinding. This downtime is like the soft, calming end to a vibrant musical piece, providing the necessary balance and preparing you for the rest of your day’s composition.


Final Thoughts on the Things Successful People Do During a Lunch Break

Like an intermission during a live stage performance, your lunch break is vital to your daily journey. When you add these twenty strategies to your toolkit, you can transform this midday pause into a powerful tool. You can use the time for increasing success through personal growth and overall well-being. 

Not every strategy in this article works for every person. But as you read, remember the ones that click in your mind and try one of two ideas. 

Remember that what you do during these breaks counts. So why not use them to recharge, reflect, and refocus on the acts yet to come in your day? Using this time well, you’ll find new ways to help your success story evolve. Shine on!