Becoming an entrepreneur can totally transform your life and allow you to fulfill your wildest dreams. People have different reasons for wanting to become entrepreneurs; usually, to have more free time, follow a passion, make more income, or be their own boss. Whatever the motivation behind it, entrepreneurs have the ability to bring an idea to life and run a business following their bliss.

While entrepreneurship is not an easy road, nothing worthwhile comes easily. It requires risk-taking, working long hours, and putting your whole life into something in order to see that passion manifest into reality. These entrepreneurs will show you that anything is possible if you work hard and stay consistent.

Here are 10 entrepreneurs who show us that you CAN reach success doing what you love:

1. Jake Ducey

This guy felt trapped by the standard, scripted life and dreamed of becoming a writer and public speaker. So, he left home to travel the world, and when he returned, he wrote his first book Into the Wind about how you can manifest your own reality. He’s now a successful author and public speaker and has a growing YouTube channel as well.

2. Preston Smiles

Preston Smiles, a positive thought leader, author, and entrepreneur in the positive psychology field, travels the country holding workshops about how positive thinking can change your life. He is now one of the top influencers on personal development and built his business from the ground up.

3. World Nate

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Nate and his partner Hannah have a full-time affiliate marketing and blogging business that allows them to travel the world year-round! They also have online workshops from time to time and sell their knowledge in their Behind Closed Doors‘ subscription service.

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4. Shaun Lee

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Shaun is a self-taught forex trader and runs a successful business called Astrofx. He travels the world holding workshops for people to learn the skills necessary to become a trader as well.

5. High on Life

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A group of friends runs this successful social media business where they make money as brand ambassadors on Instagram and YouTube.

6. Travis Burke

Another entrepreneur traveling the country full-time, Travis uses his skills as a photographer to earn a living while getting to see beautiful destinations at the same time!

7. Kayla Itsines

Kayla has almost 10 million followers on Instagram and helps people around the globe get in shape with her program called Bikini Body Guides.

8. Tim Ferriss

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Author of five New York Times bestsellers including The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim also has a successful podcast, blog, and even a TV show!

9. Casey Neistat

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Casey Neistat is a self-taught videographer who is one of the most successful YouTube entrepreneurs with almost 10 million subscribers.

10. Katie Wells

Katie is the founder of the natural health website “Wellness Mama,” where she blogs about healthy recipes, organic household cleaning products, and lifestyle topics, among other things.

Do you know any of these successful entrepreneurs? If they have inspired you, please let us know in the comments…

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