Do you avoid looking in the mirror because you don’t like to see signs of aging? The good news is that dermatologists reveal wrinkle busting tips for self care at home. Not only are these beauty tips easy to do regularly, but they are economical.

No matter who you are, your complexion will not stay youthful forever. However, some people seem to age more gracefully than others. Is it just genetics, or do they know a secret they aren’t sharing?

Nobody wants to see sags, bags, and wrinkles looking back at them in the mirror? It’s no wonder that beauty products and treatments are a multi-billion-dollar industry in America. So many people want to preserve their youthful complexion that they will spend anything.

While it’s impossible to keep your skin flawless forever, you can do things to slow the aging process. You don’t need costly plastic surgery or painful injections to minimize small lines and wrinkles.

Try these eleven innovative wrinkle remedies for self care at home.

1. Avoid Sun Overexposure

Some of the simplest ways to preserve your skin’s vitality are common sense, such as avoiding being in direct sunlight for too long. You can always tell someone who has been a sun worshipper for years. The price of their devotion is a dry, leathery complexion that is prone to deadly skin cancers.

Of course, you need a certain amount of fresh sunlight to help your body produce vital Vitamin D. Warm sunshine improves your mood and can give you an attractive beach tan. Too much of a good thing can damage your skin and make you age prematurely.

Prevent these sun damage wrinkles and age spots by using sunblock and staying out of the sun during peak hours. Wear hats, scarves, and light clothing to protect your skin. It will keep you looking younger. It’s a natural self care at-home procedure that costs little to nothing.

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2. Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker, add this point to the plethora of reasons why quitting today is a good idea. Cigarette smoke is loaded with deadly chemicals and carcinogens. Not only can it destroy your lungs, but it’s detrimental to your skin.

Years of smoking clogs your pores with hazardous bi-products and leaves a sallow, wrinkled complexion as its calling card. Talk to your doctor about the smoking cessation program that is best for you. When you quit smoking, your whole body will start to heal, including your skin.

3. Change Your Diet

The condition of your skin is a tell-tale sign of your eating habits. If you consume a lot of processed foods loaded with sugar, salt, and unhealthy preservatives, then your skin will tell on you. When you don’t get adequate vitamins and minerals, you may notice more fine lines and wrinkles.

Part of your self-care at home includes a proper diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and heart-healthy fats. Most of these contain powerful oxidants that fight the free radicals which damage your skin cells.


Most whole foods are natural sources of collagen, a vital protein that keeps your body working. It is also responsible for healthy skin, strong nails, and hair. As you age, your body’s storage of collagen decreases as does your skin’s elasticity, so you must boost it with proper nutrition.

4. Hydrate Your Skin

When your skin is chronically dry and flaky, it is more prone to visible wrinkles. Is your skin thirsty? You may be one of the countless people in America who are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. It could be that you are not getting enough water.

Self care at home is just as much about what you take into your body as what you put on it. Keep your skin hydrated and younger by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water each day. Watch your diet soda and sodium intake, which can also cause dehydration, dry skin, and wrinkles.

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5. Exercise Your Face

You may already have an exercise regimen in place that keeps your body lean and healthy. Good physical fitness also benefits your skin and helps you look younger. However, did you know that you can exercise your face, too?

The Internet is chock full of video tutorials that will guide you through simple facial exercises. You can even learn how to do face yoga as one of your wrinkle remedies each day. Just as in the rest of your body, your face has muscles that need to be exercised and toned for optimal strength and longevity.

6. Do A Facial Massage

If you have ever visited a day spa, you probably treated yourself to a facial. Remember how heavenly the massage made your face feel, and you left with the assurance that you had turned back the clock. Unless you are wealthy, you can’t afford such luxuries every day.

Did you know that you can give yourself facials as part of your self care at home? As you apply your homemade toners or face masks, gently massage your skin and all the muscles in your face. You will feel your muscles relax, and your skin becomes supple, reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles.

7. Exfoliation for Wrinkle Remedies

While you sleep, your skin is continuously shedding millions of cells and replacing them. Even though many of these cells fall away without help, your face needs extra attention. A microscopic buildup of dead skin cells can irritate and dry your skin, as well as cause unsightly blemishes.

For men, shaving provides a lot of healthy facial exfoliation. However, both men and women can benefit from using a gentle face brush and cleanser each day. It will easily rub away the dull, dead cells and leave your complexion glowing and fresh.

Instead of forking over a fortune for expensive exfoliation creams, consider making some from scratch. Common ingredients like oatmeal and sugar have been used for centuries as a natural beauty regimen. Purchase a quality exfoliation brush and replace it as needed.

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8. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Remember when your mother reminded you that lovely skin required proper beauty sleep? It looks like scientific studies agree with her. When you don’t get enough rest, your skin cells don’t get the energy and replenishment they need. The results can be a tired, puffy complexion, which is prone to wrinkles.

Strive to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night and keep a regular schedule, even on weekends. When you get proper rest, your skin has time to rejuvenate, and you look and feel younger. Also, pamper yourself with soft, silk pillowcases that don’t irritate your face while you sleep.

9. Who Was That Masked Person?

Beauty masks have been the go-to treatment for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians created fresh, hydrating masks from clay, herbs, and aloe. Now that you know the beauty secrets of legendry queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra, you can use them in your self care at home.


One of the cheapest and most effective homemade beauty masks is made from egg whites. Whip up a couple of egg whites and apply them to your face in the mornings. After they have dried in a few minutes, gently wash them off with cool water and pat dry.

You needn’t pay exorbitant prices for clay masks from high-end department stores or health spas. Buy natural clay powder inexpensively online and make your masks. Mix them with aloe or essential oils for an extra wrinkle-reducing boost.

10. Use Homemade Toner to Clarify Your Skin

When your grandmother wanted to clean her skin and make small lines less noticeable, she didn’t go to the department store. She probably reached into her pantry for all her beauty needs. You can do the same as grandma with your self care at home.

If you want to tone and clarify your complexion gently, then you should try a little witch hazel on a cotton ball. Make your skin shine and lighten age spots with fresh lemon juice or tea. Do some research to find other natural skin toners to implement in your self-care at home.


11. Reduce Your Stress Levels

You already realize that a stress-free life is a fallacy because living, growing, and learning involves stress. However, you can reduce unnecessary strain and improve your health and complexion at the same time. It’s a beauty treatment you can do anytime.

The next time you feel stressed, look at your reflection in a mirror. Stress makes the muscles in your face tense, and you will notice frown lines around your forehead, eyes, and mouth. If you are continually stressed, these lines will become more pronounced as permanent wrinkles.

Give yourself a break and find ways to minimize stress in your life. When you notice your face muscles tensing, relax them as best you can. Consider meditation, visualization, and mindful breathing to lower your stress level and reduce your wrinkles.

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Final Thoughts on Embracing Beauty Treatments for Self Care at Home and Reducing Wrinkles

When you practice self-care at home, you needn’t be a celebrity or independently wealthy. You don’t need scary needles or surgeries that give you an artificial smile. Consider time-honored beauty treatments that are good for your complexion and easy one your wallet.