Stop giving your life away. . .

Stop giving away your power. Start harnessing your strength.

Stop handing your happiness to someone else so they can keep it for themselves. Start taking care of your own needs.

Stop forgetting your inner child. Start embracing the youth that wants to come out and play.

Stop forgetting to laugh because it brings discomfort to another. Start enjoying this journey. Stop trying to fix everyone else, just focus on your self.

Stop returning to the source of your pain thinking it will be different. Start forgiving, letting go, and moving on.

Stop making excuses for the person you love but doesn’t respect you. Start seeing the value of you, and getting the respect you deserve.

Stop trying to fit into what doesn’t work. Start fitting in to what works for you.

Stop fighting your ego.  Start moving through your intuition because if it is making you sick it isn’t good for you.

Stop enabling destructive behavior. Start fostering your own positive growth.

Stop searching for truth when there is no capacity for authenticity through another. Grant yourself freedom to be yourself.

Stop putting everyone else in front of the line, forcing you to always be last. Start standing up for the place you know you deserve to be.


Stop promising another person things that make you stress and cause you anxiety. Start promising yourself the things that make you feel good.

Stop the injustice of disregarding self-respect in order to make another person feel empowered. You have the ability to be anything you want in life.

Stop thinking you’re unattractive. Start loving the beauty of all that you are.

Stop being afraid of fear. Remember that if you are here, it’s because you can handle it.

Stop being stomped by your fear of success, moving on and living your desires. Stop holding back your own blessings. You are not responsible for the state of someone else’s mental health. You are here to give the best part of yourself to the world. When you stop that flow you are stopping the source of love. Stop giving your life away because on your last breath your biggest regret will be that you gave away the joy of being you. You didn’t get to live the life you wanted. You didn’t accept the worthiness of your greatness. You are magnificent! Stop wasting your energy into believing otherwise.