All humans and animals pass gas, but the social awkwardness of the noise and smell might have you searching the internet for how to stop farting naturally.  Our nine easy, natural remedies for farting will give you the knowledge you need to feel confident that you can overcome your excess gas with simple actions.

9 Easy Ways to Stop Farting Naturally

1. Avoid cruciferous veggies

The most likely culprits for your farting are some of your positive eating habits. It’s ok, because you can test yourself by reducing or eliminating cruciferous veggies from your diet to see if they are the trigger for gas. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and similar vegetables can produce more bloating and gas than others.

2. Do yoga

Getting your body moving and flowing with gentle yoga poses is how to stop gas for many. Although some poses may work out gas as you move and flex, the movements themselves help your internal digestive and bowel organs do the work you need them to.

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3. Eat slower

Eating so fast you barely taste your food is not what positive thinking people do. In fact, the slow food movement can help the healthy movement of your colon too. Take plenty of time to appreciate what went into each meal and eat over a longer period of time. This allows your body the time to digest before rushing into immediate action after a quick bite.

4. Chew more

Gulping food quickly without chewing it complete can also increase farting because you are swallowing air as you eat or drink. Let your saliva begin the process of breaking down food so your gut does not have to work so hard to get the nutrients out.

5. Get enough rest

Giving your body the rest it needs gives your digestive system some downtime when the body stops moving. As you rest, your gut can process all the healthy organic nutrition you gave it, so that gas is less of an issue during your waking hours.

6. Try ginger

That feeling of bloating means you have gas. Taking a small amount of ginger root to chew on, in a non-carbonated drink like tea or as candied ginger, can have a settling, calming effect on your gut. Ginger ale is not recommended, because sipping any carbonated beverage can cause the opposite problem: even more gas.

7. Fast with liquids

One ancient remedy to stop farting is to drink only liquids for a period of time, according to Victor Garcia-Nieto, author of A History of Celiac Disease. The period required for fasting is not detailed by the author; however, a 48-hour fast period is typical. As always, consult your naturopathic healer to know what is best for your body.

8. Try fennel

Our positive thinkers are highly encouraged to seek out natural remedies for gas and bloating. A research study of the uses of fennel essential oil mentions that it is gentle enough to be used on infants to reduce farting and spasms of the colon. The research mentions it is a potent and powerful helper for digestive health in general.

9. Eat more pineapple and papaya

Tropical fruit like pineapple and papaya both contain enzymes that work to help break down tougher food particles and make digestion easier. Thus, you are less likely to produce farting.

Closing Thoughts

Reading these natural remedies to stop farting should give you hope, knowing that you can easily obtain ingredients that will help avoid bloating and embarrassing gas. As you choose to remain positive, you can also choose to undertake these small healthy changes in your daily routines to prevent gas before it happens.

Note: Always consult your wellness advocate before starting any new regimen.

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