Is painless cancer treatment that eliminates the need for chemotherapy or radiation really possible? Scientists are at work on an exciting new treatment technology with the potential to do just that for those who are facing the scary diagnosis of cancer.

Believe it or not, this cancer treatment technology harnessed the power of sound waves. Associate Professor and Director of Music Technology at Skidmore College in New York, Anthony Holland, are the brains behind the research team that discovered that sound waves can kill cancer cells.

Anthony Holland is not the same musical genius as the composer and director featured as the subject of the film Mr. Holland’s Opus. However his impact on humanity by the use of his  talents may be even greater.

This Leading Technology Kills Cancer Cells without Chemo or Radiation


This technology is leading the fight against cancer with a treatment that is non-invasive and non-toxic to the body. This new technology is unlike chemotherapy and radiation treatments that cause weakness and uncomfortable side effects for patients. The leading technology will allow patients to keep their health and hair as they recover.

In his TED talk about the cancer-fighting developments he discovered, Dr. Holland compares the shattering of cancer cells to the shattering of a crystal glass by hitting one sustained note.

When you strike a tuning fork, it vibrates with sound at 440 hertz. By holding another tuning fork near the one that is struck, you can induce a sympathetic vibration. Shattering crystal is done the same way, by matching the resonant vibration of the crystal until the vibration increases and the glass breaks.

Dr. Holland has discovered how to shatter cancer cells with sound waves by finding their exact harmonic frequency. Strangely enough, cancer cells and other microorganisms have a structure similar to that of liquid crystal. We are most familiar with liquid crystals in the form of LCD screens on our laptop computers and TV screens.

When you watch TV on an LCD screen, electronic signals change the color and shape of the crystals. By sending electronic signals to cancer cells, Dr. Holland is able to get them to change their shape as well.

The technology is called Oscillating Pulsed Electric Fields (OPEF) and it is a way of delivering frequencies of sound waves to destroy cancer cells. So far, he has only demonstrated this technology in the laboratory with cells in petri dishes.

The discovery of this leading technology for killing cancer cells

When Dr. Holland first began using sound frequencies on cells, he controlled the signal by testing different frequencies and checking for cellular changes through the microscope.

He discovered that he needed two different frequencies at the same time. With a combination of a higher and a lower frequency at the 11th harmonic, the higher one is 11 times the frequency of the lower one. He realized that adding frequencies so that multiple waves were hitting the cancer cells would be like increasing the power of the signal.

After adding the 11th frequency to the test on cancer cells, he noticed a strange phenomenon. The cells appeared shattered, like a high note shattering a crystal glass. The outer wall of the cancer cell broke and the contents of the cell spilled out.

breast cancer

The effect of this leading technology on cancer cells

The research showed that pancreatic cancer cells shattered at between 100,000 and 300,000 hertz. Ovarian cancer cells and leukemia cells responded by shattering the same way. The frequencies resulted in the destruction of anywhere from 25% to 60% of cancer cells.

The treatment discovered by Dr. Holland is non-toxic to humans. Dr. Holland says that this research holds exciting promise for the treatment of cancer patients who fear the pain and sickness of the toxic drugs and radiation of cancer treatment.

A colleague of Dr. Holland’s, a renowned cancer researcher who spoke anonymously, said ‘If you had spent millions of dollars to develop a new cancer-killing drug, this would be a home run. Killing cancer without drugs or chemicals is incredible.’

Dr. Holland’s research relies heavily on an invention that can be used to deliver the frequencies in bursts of on/off/on/off cycles. The reason for this is that having the sound waves constantly on causes heat, which causes destruction of other living cells around the cancer cells. Because the signal toggles on and off, it generates no heat.

The on/off method of delivering the deadly sound frequencies to cancer cells is what Dr. Holland’s team is calling Plasma Emission Field Treatment (PEFT).

Other promising treatments for this technology

Dr. Holland was also able to use the sound wave treatment to kill other cells, for example, the harmful antibiotic-resistant bacteria staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). According to Gateway for Cancer Research, ‘The electronic signals not only rendered MRSA vulnerable to antibiotics but also slowed its growth.’

The treatment removes the antibiotic resistance of MRSA, which they can then kill with antibiotics. The hope for the future of Dr. Holland’s discovery is  to conduct human studies to be to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment.