Does your soul feel exhausted lately? If so, don’t worry because you’re not alone in your experience. Amidst the turmoil in the world, from economic disruptions to the pandemic, many of us have reached our limits. Emotionally, physically, and mentally, we all need a break to rest our weary souls and find inner peace.

However, the demands of modern living often make it challenging to find our balance. We’ve become so busy chasing endless achievements and activities that we’ve forgotten our true nature. In short, we’ve relinquished our soul’s peace by racing after instant gratifications and sense pleasures. Money, materialism, and fleeting desires have taken priority over spiritual growth.

We’ve begun to see the consequences of living at such a fast pace. Many people feel burnt out and long for a different way of existing on this planet. Stress levels have skyrocketed in the last decade because of this obsession with achievement and productivity. People might want to slow down, but with prices rising daily, they can’t always afford that luxury.

The world demands more of our minds and souls than ever, and it doesn’t stop turning just because we feel exhausted. We emphasize having perfect bodies and extraordinary intellect, but what about having a peaceful soul? Everyone wants to achieve that but may not know where to start.

So, how can we live in this world without becoming consumed or controlled by its pressures? Below, we’ll give you a few pointers on resting your soul and signs you suffer from “soul exhaustion.”

“Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.” — Unknown.

7 Signs Your Soul Is Tired (And How to Rest It)


1. You still feel drained when you wake up each morning.

If you feel exhausted after sleeping through the night, it might signal soul exhaustion. After all, sleep rejuvenates the body and mind, but it doesn’t help your soul feel more energized. When your soul reaches its limits, you need something more profound than sleep to recharge your batteries.

Plus, many people today have insomnia because of daily life stressors. They lie awake for hours each night, tossing and turning, not knowing how to escape their minds. Feeling mentally and physically exhausted in the morning can make your soul even heavier. But even when it seems hopeless, you can still find light in the darkness.

Try meditating before bed if you have trouble falling and staying asleep each night. Practicing observing your thoughts and learning to silence the mental chatter can eventually help you feel more in control.

2. You want to escape your life.

When your soul feels exhausted, it’s tempting to daydream about running away from your life and all its demands. Dealing with stress every day can take its toll and feel like a burden after a while. You might imagine living in a cozy cottage in the woods, far away from the jungle of civilization. Or maybe you dream of escaping to a foreign country and living near a tranquil beach.

Either way, you frequently use your imagination to live in an alternative reality where everything seems better somehow. People with soul exhaustion often escape into their minds to counter feeling trapped in life.

If you feel this way often, use these deep emotions to your advantage. Creative outlets such as writing, painting, or drawing can help you navigate and release repressed feelings. Some of the best creative endeavors have come from people who turned their suffering into a passion.

3. Soul exhaustion can manifest as unpleasant physical symptoms.

People who need a spiritual cleanse often feel blockages in their minds and bodies. Physical or mental disturbances occur when we’re out of alignment with our true nature. Next time you have a headache or back pain, think about what your body wants to tell you. Our minds and bodies speak to us constantly, giving us subtle signals about what needs attention.

Try a body scan meditation to pinpoint any areas of discomfort or distress. That way, you can remove any energetic blockages and feel more unrestrained.

4. You feel like an alien on the planet.


Many people who have reincarnated in these times feel heaviness in their souls. They may have had millions of lives before this one and long for true freedom. Empaths and lightworkers often feel like they don’t belong here because they have more evolved souls. They’re more interested in cultivating inner peace than chasing after endless pleasures.

So, if you feel disconnected from everyone, please don’t think there’s something wrong with you. That means your soul needs your attention, and you can tune into it with meditation, deep breathing, and other mindfulness practices.

5. You might suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders.

When a disconnect occurs between the mind, body, and soul, it can create mental illnesses. Sadly, millions of people suffer from anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders in today’s world. And this mental disharmony can upset the soul’s peace, creating discord in other areas of life. For instance, people with mental health issues often feel fatigued, which stems from the soul.

One study found that 90% of patients with major depressive disorder experienced exhaustion despite most of them taking antidepressants. Pharmaceutical pills can help ease symptoms, but some people may need other treatment options. Remember to practice self-care and honor yourself if you suffer from anxiety or depression. The world can wait, but your soul’s peace can’t.

6. You feel exhausted at work.

Most people don’t feel thrilled about their occupations. They get up each morning and go to work out of obligation, not love or passion. However, the bills don’t stop coming, so we all must take responsibility for ourselves. But if you dread your job, it could point to something more profound, such as soul exhaustion.

According to the American Psychological Association, 77% of people in the U.S. experience physical symptoms, and 73% have mental symptoms due to chronic stress. Work is the most significant source of stress in most people’s lives, with about 94% feeling burnt out in their jobs. If you feel this way, consider switching careers or asking your boss to reduce your hours, at least temporarily.

7. It feels like you’re just going through the motions.

Do you constantly feel like you’re on autopilot in life? It’s normal to experience this sometimes, but constantly feeling disassociated from your emotions can mean your soul needs rest. When you feel uninspired and drained, your soul wants you to reconnect to your true self. The only way to find this endless bliss involves going deep within to understand yourself beyond the mind or body.

We recommend meditation or yoga when you feel like you can’t keep going any longer. We only have so much energy to expend, so we must replenish it by tapping into the universal energy field. Pushing past our self-perceived limitations takes work, but it’s worth it to experience absolute freedom.


Final Thoughts on Overcoming an Exhausted Soul

Everyone experiences soul exhaustion at some point in life. It can happen for various reasons, from job dissatisfaction to problems at home. However, all this disharmony stems from one overarching cause — a disconnection from the soul. To feed your inner peace, you must tune out the world and learn to hear your inner voice. We all have this intuition, but our logic-driven world often stifles it. Please don’t allow the world to dictate your emotions; you can still find peace by trusting your higher self.