Self-affirmations are powerful statements that you repeat to yourself for a mental or spiritual boost. When you repeat affirmations regularly, they eventually become part of your natural thought processes. Affirmations can help with many aspects of your life, including allowing you to overcome sorrow or regret.

Positive phrases affect your conscious and subconscious mind, positively influencing your behavior, thoughts, and actions. By using them to help overcome sadness or grief, you replace negativity with positive energy. The positive energy enables you to overcome the situation you’re in, guiding you forward in your life without leaving you regretful.

Repeating affirmations during your morning routine helps you start the day with positivity. It enables you to stay positive throughout the day, promoting the emotional healing process. You can also repeat the affirmations throughout the day, whenever you need help getting through your feelings.

Fifteen Affirmations to Help Overcome Sorrow

Everyone needs some positivity to help them get through hard times. Using affirmations can help you overcome your sorrow and move forward with your life. Start with these self-affirmations and, once you become comfortable with them, create your own later on.

1. I am not alone in my feelings of sorrow.

If you feel alone, it’ll be harder to overcome the way you’re feeling right now. This affirmation serves as a reminder that you’re never alone in your journey. You have loved ones and friends that you can turn to.

If you aren’t comfortable going to friends or family, look within for the guidance that you need. You are part of the universe, so embrace this time to connect your inner thoughts and feelings.

2. I lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

You won’t know the exact reason for your place on this earth, but trust that you live a purposeful life. Everyone is put on the planet for a reason, so embrace each day that you are given. Use this affirmation as a reminder that your life is meaningful and fulfilling, and you’ll start to feel that way again.

Picturing your loved ones and favorite parts of life can help, too. Repeat this affirmation in the morning as you visualize all the good things, and you’re sure to feel better.

3. I allow myself to feel my sorrow fully.

You can’t ignore your emotion, or it’ll overwhelm you and consume your life. Even if you feel like you suppressed it, it’ll come back when you least expect it. Instead, give yourself the chance to grieve and overcome the way you feel right now.

If you notice that you try to ignore your grief, use this affirmation. It’ll help you accept your emotions and begin the process of moving on.

4. I envision a bright future ahead of me.

As you go through this challenging time, remember that you have a bright future ahead of you. This affirmation can help you visualize the great things you’ll experience. You are strong and will get through this, and envisioning a happy future will help you.

Once you make this affirmation a part of your routine, it’ll become a natural thought process for you. When the grief threatens to settle in, you’ll naturally think of the happiness ahead.

5. I deserve happiness and joyful life.

If you don’t believe you deserve happiness, you’ll never overcome the way you feel right now. You must acknowledge that you deserve joy if you want to experience it. Use this affirmation each morning, and you’ll share more positivity throughout the day.

You’ll find that you look for good things in your life more often after using this positive phrase. Plus, you’ll be more open to experiences and opportunities because you know that you deserve them.

6. I feel the bond of love even if my loved one isn’t here with me.

When you aren’t physically with your loved ones, you might experience sorrowful feelings. Whether the reason for your distance is death or a move across the country, it can be hard to overcome. This affirmation can help you remember that the bond of love is still there, no matter where the other person is.

7. I feel my heart getting lighter each day.

When you’re sad, your heart tends to feel heavy. However, the more you think about your heavy heart, the worse you feel. It’s a constant reminder of why you’re sad in the first place, making the grief harder to overcome.

This positive self-affirmation can help you overcome that feeling. As you repeat the phrase, you’ll feel your heart get a little lighter. It won’t fix everything all at once, but it’ll help you overcome a little more each day.

8. I hold onto love even as I let go of sorrow.

If you lost someone you love, it’s tempting to wallow in your grief. Wallowing won’t help, though, and it’ll only halt your healing process. Remember that you don’t have to feel this way forever, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t love the person anymore.

Your love continues, even when your loved one is no longer with you. Even as you let go of your sadness, you’ll still feel love for them. When you use this affirmation, it also allows you to use your passion to overcome.

9. I feel happier and better every day.

This self-affirmation for overcoming sorrow is perfect for your morning routine. It’ll encourage feelings of happiness and positivity right from the start, preventing sadness from setting in. You will still experience moments of sadness throughout the day, but this phrase will help you stay positive.

This affirmation also prevents you from sinking further into grief each day. You can’t let it take over your life, so try this affirmation to help you heal a little more each day.

10. I have changed in my sorrow, and that is okay.

When you go through hard times, you won’t be the same person you were before. Your life changes and that means that you change a little, too. Sometimes, you might change quite a bit, and that is okay, too.

Some people look for normalcy before they begin to overcome it. If that’s how you’re handling things, you’ll want to find another option. Things aren’t the same, so you’ll have to see a new routine for yourself.

Once you accept that you and your life have changed, you’ll start to overcome your feelings. You’ll begin to set a new routine and identify the different versions of yourself.

11. I focus on the blessings I have in my life right now.

When things don’t go the way you’d hoped, it might be hard to see the good in your life. Likewise, when something tragic or unexpected occurs, you might struggle to count your blessings. However, focusing on the good things in your life right now can help you overcome your feelings.

When you’re upset, you might not want to run through the list of your blessings. Use this affirmation to help you overcome the urge to think negatively. When you repeat this phrase, you’ll find that all of your gifts come to mind and make you feel better.

12. I am coping with the grieving process.

Overcoming grief can be a tricky situation to cope with. All of the grieving process steps tend to be overwhelming, making you want to avoid them altogether. You must cope with the process, however, because it’s the only way to overcome.

Use this affirmation to believe that you can cope. You are strong enough to get through this, and you will overcome if you allow yourself to.

13. I use each day as an opportunity to heal from my sorrow.

By using this affirmation, you allow yourself to heal a little more each day. Start your day off by telling yourself that you’ll use today as a healing opportunity. When you use it first thing in the morning, you program your mind into believing that you feel better each day.

Don’t expect to heal all at once because the process takes time. You won’t miraculously feel better one day, so take steps to overcome a little more each day.

14. I am ready to refocus and start living life again.

If you want to heal, you must be ready and open to the process. This affirmation will help you switch your mindset and refocus on living life. Sorrow tends to halt everything in your life, but you can overcome and start living again.

When your focus is on your pain, you’ll stop making daily habits or working toward goals. Your mindset eliminates all feelings of happiness and joy until you can refocus your thoughts. Once you refocus and start thinking ahead, you’ll feel your negative emotions at ease.

15. I allow myself time to grieve, and I acknowledge when it’s time to move on.

There is no timeframe for your healing process, but you must acknowledge when it’s time to move forward. You can’t stay stuck in a hostile place forever, hoping things are different. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that it’s time to start living again.

When you use this affirmation in the morning, you allow yourself the chance to recognize your emotions. Plus, you will enable yourself to look for moments of happiness and progress, too. This affirmation encourages you to continue healing even as you look forward to life.

Final Thoughts on Self-Affirmations to Help Overcome Sorrow

Using self-affirmations to help overcome sorrow can speed the process up for you. While you shouldn’t rush the process, you must continue on your healing journey. If you feel stuck, using these positive phrases can help you start living your life again.

Use the affirmations each morning, and don’t hesitate to use them throughout the day. On your darkest days, you might want to keep the positive phrases running through your mind non-stop. The more often you repeat self-affirmations, the sooner they become your reality.