Are you an introvert who needs time in solitude to recharge your batteries? Some think that introverted people are too timid to be leaders, but it’s just the opposite. The introverted crowd makes some of the best leaders around because they’ve learned to listen before they speak.

Introverts are not quick to jump on a situation, as they want to weigh each part of the scenario. According to an article on Business Insider, Adam Grant is a psychologist who studies introverts and extroverts at length. In his research, he found that the introvert makes a much better leader than the extroverted personality.

The introverted person knows how to balance being social and alone. They don’t panic under stress and won’t give up easily because they’re frustrated. Yes, the shy kid in your high school who seemed like the classic nerdy guy may be the billionaire running a major company today.

Why Do Introverts Crave Solitude?

Have you ever wondered why the introverted person needs solitude so much? This alone time is just as important to this person as getting 6-8 hours of rest each night. During these times, many good things happen. Here are a few reasons why they crave and need these times of solitude.


1. Solitude Creates a Thoughtful Atmosphere

If you need answers to your problems or want to ponder some things in your life, you’ll likely find your answers during solo times. When you’re alone, you have a contemplated atmosphere that allows you to clear everything from your mind.

Today’s world is so fast-paced that people don’t even have time to think before they act, and they often make the wrong choice. Introverts like the thoughtful atmosphere as they’re very particular about each move they make.

2. Increases Self-Awareness and Confidence

During these times of silence, you learn to understand your emotions and your thought processes. Self-awareness is crucial as it’s the springboard for self-improvement. These times spent in solitude help introverted people learn to be comfortable in their skin and accept themselves for who and what they are.

3. Improves Relationships

You often find that you will enhance your gratitude and appreciation for your family and friends when you’re away from them. Have you ever read the scriptures in the Bible in
Proverbs 25:17 that states that you shouldn’t step foot in your neighbor’s house too often because they will grow very tired of you?

This scripture was likely written with the introverted person in mind. Too much of a good thing can be just too much. So, when you spend time apart, you learn to treasure the times you get to spend together.

4. Solitude Reenergizes Introverts

To the introvert, solitude is like refreshment for the soul, and it allows them a time and space to slip away from exhausting social situations. Getting away from the noise with a book, their pet, and a lovely beverage is a self-care package they need. They can reenergize themselves when they’ve spent their energy, and during this time, they can strengthen and restore their resources.

5. Don’t Feel the Need to Talk All the Time

Alone time strengthens your communication skills as you learn that you don’t need to talk all the time. It’s so much better to listen more and speak way less, as you will be considered a great conversationalist. The introvert might say very little, but they hear every word you communicate loud and clear.

6. It Gives a Great Sense of Calm and Peace

Closing off the chattering world brings peace and serenity. Introverts feel like they can’t breathe when the noise of life surrounds them, so they like to find a space to allow themselves to calm down. Like a baby, these adults find ways to self-soothe, which helps calm everything around them.

7. By Understanding Themselves, It Helps Them Help Others

These individuals learn about themselves and what makes them tick during these quiet moments. However, these lessons also help them to understand others too truly. It’s easier to relate to others when you’ve experienced similar emotions. Introvert is very in touch with their feelings.


8. Solitude Improves Productivity in Introverts

Picasso believed that unless you lock yourself away from the world, you won’t get any real work done, and his belief resonates with many. Today’s world focuses on productivity, but the push to do something every second of the day may be counterproductive. Have you ever heard of an author having writer’s block?

Many movies show these writers going to a cabin in the woods to be alone to reengage with their work. They offer these things because sometimes you need a diversion and time alone to think and get your creative juices flowing.


9. Surges Inner Joy

You can’t expect anyone else to make you happy, as that’s a job that you must tackle. Sure, others can influence your thoughts and feelings, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to choose joy.

When you spend time alone, you learn to focus on the things that bring you happiness and avoid the things that bring you down. These times of reflection are so needed for the introvert, as it’s a way to discover themselves and what makes them happiest.

10. They Become Intouch with Their Needs

Introverts have a proverbial on and off switch, and they need to turn things off when they become exhausted. They need this time away so that their mind and body can rest. The introvert hangover is a term used to describe the feeling when they need to unplug for a while.

People experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, and are agitated by background noises. Being introverted makes you much more in tune with your body.

11. Learns how to Function as a Team of One

While it’s great to work as a team, you need to have the ability to work solo too. There won’t always be someone there to help you out. Fortunately, an introvert knows that they must learn to function as a team of just one, getting them through times of solitude.

12. Enhances Independence

It’s easy for people to go with the flow and follow the crowd, but it takes real power and strength to stand alone. Having an independent nature should be encouraged from childhood, as it helps cultivate resilience. The crowd can stifle your thoughts and opinions, as there will always be someone negative to downplay your brainstorms.

Thankfully, you can increase your independence when you’re alone, as well as avoid conflict and develop low self-esteem as you march to the beat of your drum.

13. Hones Listening Skills

During these times of self-care and solitude, the introvert learns the true art of communication. As the platitude warns, you need to know how to listen more than you speak. You only accomplish this by listening to your body and mind and understanding your needs.

14. Adds Simplicity to Life

People in today’s society have things backward. They feel that joy comes by acquiring things, but the reality is that true joy comes from within you. When you live a simpler life, you have less stress and embrace mindful living.

The introvert could never live on the merry-go-round that many people use in their life as it would cause a breakdown. They need a social reprieve to live a more simplistic and peaceful life.

15. Solitude Fosters Creativity

If you want to stimulate your creative mind, then you need to find solitude. Most epiphanies don’t happen when people surround you, but most greats, like Albert Einstein, do their best work alone. Remember it was Einstein who had to lock himself away while he developed the powerful theories and the laws of physics?

Another fascinating story of an introvert was Ludwig Beethoven. Not only was this man blind and deaf, but he still could create masterpieces that are still played in concert halls to this day. How did he accomplish such a feat?

Well, according to Beethoven-Haus Bon, the museum dedicated to his work, he often wrote the best music while being sequestered in his attic. While these two people are famous and everyday examples, many more folks use the benefits of being locked way to charge their creativity.


Final Thoughts on Why Introverts Crave Solitude

The introvert often gets mislabeled as selfish, a hermit, or shy. The truth is that this person is much more than what meets the eye. They have different mental needs to keep their sanity.

Spending time alone and recharging your batteries is an essential part of self-care, and everyone needs this from time to time. The introvert needs this time and space for themselves more than others. However, like Beethoven, it’s during this time of solitary confinement that amazing things are birthed and created.