5 Smart Ways To Deal With A Hostile Ex

5 Smart Ways To Deal With A Hostile Ex

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Hopefully, you’ll never have to experience a hostile ex-partner. However, if you do find yourself in the situation where you have an ex that won’t leave you alone or is plaguing you with texts, phone calls, or even threats, you need to know how to handle it. Break-ups can be messy, and not all of them end amicably.

When an ex-partner refuses to accept that they’re no longer part of the other person’s life, it can lead to some pretty scary situations. The most important thing to know is to stay smart and stay safe. It may be tempting to plan revenge against an ex-partner who is stalking and threatening you, but the goal is to not antagonize them into further action. Here are some tips on how to deal with a hostile ex while staying positive.

5 Smart Ways To Tell Your Hostile Ex To Leave You Alone

“When suspicion and hostility is allowed to fester, it can erupt into unrest.” –  Loretta Lynch

1. Figure out what your ex wants and talk it through

This can be anything from acknowledging their feelings, to getting back together. If it’s the former, try and figure out what feelings they need validated and see if you can talk through them in a positive and healthy manner that doesn’t dissolve into name-calling and arguments.

If it’s the latter, make it clear that you have no intentions of getting back together. It may be tempting to try and placate them with a vague “someday, maybe”, but this will only add fuel to the fire in the long run. The goal is here is to figure out what they want from you so that you can figure out how best to get them to leave you alone.

2. Don’t take the bait and be part of the scheme to get your attention

You may notice that if your ex is not getting the response out of you that they desire, they may move on to other tactics to get your attention. For instance, they may create false emergencies to get you to speak to them, or they may threaten self-harm or suicide. If you’re worried, contact someone close to them who can help – either to assist them in a real emergency, or talk them down from doing something self-destructive to get your attention.

Err on the side of caution if your ex is continually leaving you hanging with cliff hangers and promises of discovered secrets. Chances are, they’re just trying to get you to talk to them.

3. Don’t meet up with your ex unless absolutely necessary

According to licensed marriage and family therapist, Ron L. Deal, “Face-to-face interaction has the most potential for conflict.  Use the phone when possible or even talk to their answering machine if personal communication erupts into arguments.” Sometimes, you just can’t avoid seeing your ex-partner, especially if you’re going through a divorce or there are kids involved.

If your ex is particularly hostile, you should only meet up with them in populated areas to avoid public outbursts, or to have witnesses to any kind of harassment – verbal or otherwise. If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable, bringing a friend with you is good.

Your ex may not feel like lashing out in front of someone else, and there can always be someone there to make sure that help can be called if needed.

4. Document everything, whether it’s a phone call, messages or emails

If your ex is stalking you or leaving you threatening text messages and voicemails, you’re going to want to save everything. Or if your ex is coming to your house and trying to get you to let them in, record the incident on your phone either with the camera of voice memo. If, God forbid, you have to get the law involved, physical evidence is going to hold up a lot better than he said-she said.

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