Sometimes we are so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t stop and notice love. Love can be right across the room at work or the coffee shop making your latte. But, this busyness that we call Life masks everything around us until one day we take notice of a special someone interested in winning your heart.

Maybe you are ready for new love. Or perhaps you are scared because of past heartache. Even your consideration of leaving a past relationship behind is a positive sign. It could mean that you are ready to move on to a new, healthier romance.  If you’ve been out of the dating pool for a while, you might be hesitant or unsure of how to tell if someone is trying to win your heart. So let’s look together at the science that indicates attraction between two people.

Here are eight signs that someone is interested in trying to win your heart:

Are you unclear of someone’s intentions or level of interest? Here are eight clear signals that someone seeks a relationship with you.

1. This person brings you things you like.

Whether it’s a cup of your favorite coffee or a new playlist for your iPod, this person is trying to show you that he or she pays attention to what you like. When we begin to fall for someone, we take notice of the small things. If someone is sharing your moments, laughter, coffee, and what is truly interesting in your life, this person is trying to win your heart. We are attracted to those who pay attention. We need to feel accepted and acknowledged.

2. An interested person constantly compliments you–and they mean it.

Whether it is on social media, through a text message, email, post-it notes, or face-to-face, this person says the most excellent things to you. He or she cares about you and everything you do. To this person, you are amazing. He or she feels that they must express their appreciation. Words are powerful tools for romancing and enticement. Words carry frequencies that raise us when used with love. If you find that someone is constantly expressing their admiration through praise, you must accept that the person is trying to win your heart. If you are honest with yourself, you might just be letting it happen.

An article in Psychology Today calls giving complimenting someone an “art.”  Additionally, the report recognizes that issuing sincere compliments spreads positive vibes and strengthens your connection to another person.

The author of the article, Hara Estroff Marano, says this:

“Compliments are little gifts of love.”

Finally, the article advises that people should learn to accept compliments gracefully–with a smile and an expression of thanks.

3. This person is signaling attraction through body language.

Whether it’s running hands through their hair or wearing a constant smile, sometimes the body will give out hints that love is in the air. Dr. Albert Scheflen, the author of Body Language and the Social Order, discovered that whenever a person enters the company of someone of the opposite sex, certain physiological changes happen. But, this doesn’t just happen in attractions of the opposite sex.

When we are interested in someone, our posture is better, we smile more, we make sure our clothes aren’t wrinkled, and we carry ourselves with pride. We want to win over the person by physical attraction. We want to make sure they know we find them attractive.

4. This person makes sure you have eye contact.

In a study by the University of Chicago, researchers found that someone is attracted to you by the way they gaze into your eyes. Eyes tell all your secrets. You can’t hide your truth when you look into another person’s soul. Eye contact is a constant struggle in our society. We have a hard time looking into another. But, when it comes to courtship or trying to get someone’s attention, eye contact comes naturally. You want to make sure you are being seen and heard. We flirt with our eyes. So, if someone you know is really looking into yours, they are doing the best they can to get into your heart.

5. This person is interested in your hobbies and past-times.

He or she wants to be part of these moments with you and will do anything to let you know it. If you like movies, he or she will be the person who shares your passion for them. Even when your interests aren’t of his or her liking, they will find a way to make time for them. There is something magical about finding someone who likes what we like or who doesn’t judge us for our quirks. When someone is trying to win over your heart, they will find that sharing in your interests is the easiest way without the strain of sexual attraction hanging over you.

6. This person listens intently to you.

He doesn’t just hear you. Instead, he listens attentively. In today’s world full of chaos and distractions, listening has become a lost art. When someone is trying to get in your heart, all those distractions are put away. The phone is turned down. The computer is off. You get undivided attention to hear. You know when someone is trying to get your attention when you are all that they want to listen to. It’s important to remember that we feel through our senses.

Most relationships fail because we already know what the other will say before they speak. We stop listening. But, when someone is really into you, trying to get your undivided attention, they will do everything they can to hear every word you say. Later, they will remind you of when you said it, too.

It’s rare that we ever fall for the person we are supposed to fall in love with. We have false expectations that don’t really align with our desires. When you find that one person who is a friend or a stranger and conveys the sweetest messages, give yourself permission to open your heart and let it show you the power of true love, it sometimes happens with the most unexpected person.

These cues can help you tell if someone takes a genuine interest in what you say:

  • The person does not interrupt you while speaking.
  • They make you feel valued when they respond.
  • An interested person stays open-minded.
  • They will ask thoughtful follow-up questions.
  • The person will mirror your gestures, nod, lean in closer as you speak, and respond to you with other positive body language cues.
  • They put down their cell phone (or other distractions) and focus on you.
  • A person with interest in you will let you decide on the topic of discussion–they use the art of conversation to figure out your desires.

7. This special someone wants to get to know your friends.

You consider your friends an essential part of your life. In fact, you find ways to cultivate both existing and new friendships. Perhaps you also have an expanding circle of friends.

If you love nothing better than hanging out with the crowd–or even meeting a pal for a one-on-one for a cozy chat, someone interested in you will want to meet those who spend time with you. A person who takes a genuine interest in you recognizes the value that these friends bring to your life. They hope to be included and accepted.  In fact, they might even worry that you will reject their intentions if your friends don’t like them.

At the end of the day, this person is already halfway in love with you and seeks approval from you. So they want to get a stamp of approval from your circle of friends.

8. A person who is interested tries to look their best for you.

When someone takes an authentic in pursuing a romance with you, he or she will take great pains to look good for you.  In short, they want to impress you!

You might notice that your potential new partner does the following things:

  • Changes their hairstyle or gets a fresh haircut
  • Updates their wardrobe and wears stylish clothing
  • Wears cologne or perfume
  • Looks well-groomed whenever they meet up with you.

Does this sound superficial to you? It might. But the truth is, your initial attraction to a new person can be physical, emotional, or both! This person is interested enough to put forth the effort to be physically attractive to you.

However, the attention to grooming and looks might also serve as a self-esteem boost for that person.

An article in Inquiries Journal of Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities, explains that a potential mate who has greater self-esteem is more likely to catch your eye.

They state this:

“How we feel about ourselves heavily influences the way we function in life, and it would therefore be expected to have a similar influence on how we choose our partners and the satisfaction of our romantic relationships.”

So taking pains to look good does translate into a scientific sign that someone is interested in winning your heart.

Final Thoughts on Knowing When Someone is Interest in You

Now you recognize the signs. You realize that this person is definitely trying to win you over.

So now the ball is in your court. Granting yourself permission to fall in love, especially after past heartbreak, is an enormous leap of faith. The question now becomes this.

Are you ready to embark on a romantic journey with this person who is trying to win your heart?

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