You’ve probably seen those sweet couples who are so destined to be together they sort of look alike. How did they know they were meant for one another? They must have seen something in the relationship that confirmed they were meant to be together. Although looking like your partner isn’t necessary, you are destined to be together. Here are five signs.

1 – People will respect each other if they want to stay together

Without respect, a relationship won’t last long. Respect is not just admiring your partner but having regard for their wishes, feelings, and their rights in the relationship. When you respect someone, you value their opinions and thoughts. A healthy relationship includes respectful actions, display the following behaviors:

Listen to one another:

Listening means you look at your partner when they’re talking to you. You allow them to finish their sentences instead of interrupting or finishing their sentences for them. Your partner feels like you care about what they say and how they feel. Listening shows your partner you respect them, which is a sign you two are definitely on the right road for a successful relationship and destined to be together.

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Accept your partner’s advice:

If your partner takes your advice, this is a sign they respect you. They value your thoughts and opinions enough to take your ideas to heart when they make a decision. Couples who give and take one another’s advice show humility. Humility means they admit their mistakes without fear of being judged or made fun of.

Being willing to compromise:

Respect means letting go of your strong preferences enough to compromise in some areas. Relationships require flexibility and working together. Whether you’re trying to decide where to go on vacation or how to create a budget, a willingness to compromise shows respect.

Kind words:

Respect means as a couple. You refuse to resort to mockery or name-calling, even during an argument. You choose kind words over rude ones. It takes self-control to explain your frustration during a fight. But if you respect one another, you make the extra effort it takes to be kind rather than rude.

2 – Be vulnerable with each other if you plan to stay together

Being vulnerable with your sweetie means you’re willing to take emotional risks. You can let down your guard to talk about your weaknesses, fears, and disappointments. It takes courage to be open and express your emotions with your partner. Vulnerability is essential for the health of your relationship. It helps you to have a deeper relationship that has purpose and meaning.

There is a sense of security and safety in relationships where a couple is vulnerable. You don’t feel judged or embarrassed to share because you feel accepted. If you’re in a romantic relationship where you can be vulnerable with one another, it’s a sure sign you two are destined to be together.

3 – Laugh together

Laughter is a powerful antidote. It adds sparkle to your relationship. When you and your partner can laugh, it strengthens your connection, making you feel more positive about one another. Here are some ways to add some laughs to your relationship.

Laughter isn’t just good for your relationship. It’s good for your health. When you and your heartthrob laugh together, you’re helping one another stay healthier. Laughter can

  1. Relax your muscles, so you don’t feel as stressed.
  2. Improves your heart health by increasing your oxygen levels and improving your circulation.
  3. Stimulates your lungs, heart, and muscles.
  4. Boots your immune system to fight off illnesses and disease
  5. Lowers your blood pressure.
  6. Helps you lose weight. How? When you’re stressed, you tend to snack. Laughing makes you more relaxed and less apt to grab a chocolate bar.

If you and your partner like to laugh together, it will strengthen your relationship.

Watch funny movies:

When you and your sweetie watch a funny movie, not only will you get some good laughs, but a good chance, you’ll talk about the funny moments the next day. You may even quote the funny parts of the movie to keep laughing. Laughing is healthy for both of you.

Tease each other:

Teasing and flirting helps you both have fun. Tickle, play pranks or have a little game of tag to spice up your fun.

Go on fun date nights:

Go dancing, sit in the lobby of a fancy hotel for drinks, or go to an amusement park.

4 – Encourage one another

Words of encouragement can go a long way in a relationship. Encouragement is affirming the other person’s worth. It’s saying things like

  • You are special to me.
  • I’m still crazy about you
  • I couldn’t have done this without you.
  • You inspire me to keep going.
  • I’m so grateful to you.
  • I love you.
  • You are all I have ever wanted in a partner.

When your partner attempts to tell you these things, you feel motivated to make the relationship work. You see the sparkle in their eyes when they look at you, and it makes you fall in love with them all over again. Another area of encouragement to give your partner is to support them in their areas of interest. Whether it’s their hobbies, career, or special interests, praise their accomplishments. Couples who are destined to be together are good encouragers. They want the other person to feel their support and love every day.

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5 – Trust one another

Trust is a huge thing in a relationship. The best way to earn your partner’s trust is to live your life consistently. Show by your actions that they can trust you. You can earn your partner’s trust by engaging in the following behaviors:

  • Don’t lie: Be honest with your partner, no matter how hard it is. Lies are never romantic.
  • Be accountable: Do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Please don’t leave your partner stuck: Show up, don’t leave them stranded.
  • Be on time: Being late all the time isn’t sexy. It’s rude.
  • Don’t flirt with others: It tells your partner they’re not vital to you when you flirt.
  • Be there for them emotionally and physically: Be ready to help with chores or the kids. Be available to talk when your partner wants to talk.
  • Keep your promises: If you promise to do something, don’t cancel or say you forgot. Be true to your word.

It takes time to create trust in a relationship. As you continue to show your partner you are trustworthy, it will help your relationship grow strong.

How can you keep your relationship strong?

So, you are destined to be together. Now what? Relationships take constant work to keep them strong and to grow. Here are some things to keep your relationship healthy and strong.


Communication is a vital part of a relationship. Couples need to work on learning to communicate better. Daily texts, phone calls, or chats at home after the kids are in bed can help increase your meaningful conversations. Asking good questions will require more profound answers and help you get to know one another better. Here are starter questions you can ask one another:

  • Did you have a nickname as a kid?
  • What was your favorite subject in high school? Why? What did your teachers say about you?
  • What is your favorite gift you got as a kid?
  • Who was your favorite television star as a kid?
  • What famous person would you like to meet? Why?

Do an evaluation

It’s easy to assume everything is fine between the two of you, but it’s good to do an evaluation. Ask your partner how they think everything is going. Ask them if there’s anything they’re concerned about in your relationship. Discuss any changes you want to make in your union. Be honest in your evaluation; don’t just let things go and hope it all works out.

Create little rituals

If you find your relationship slumps, try creating little rituals. Things like a lingering kiss when you’re leaving for work, breakfast in bed together, or weekend walks around a lake are fun ways to create sweet rituals as a couple. These are often the things that make a relationship special to a couple.

Get help if you need

There’s no judgment in asking for outside help. Being humble enough to get help says a lot about how much you value your relationship. Find a counselor who specializes in counseling couples. They will help you learn how to work through your disagreements, understand one another better, or improve your physical and emotional intimacy.

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Final thoughts on recognizing that you are destined to be together

If you wonder whether you and your partner will be together, this list of five signs will hopefully be helpful. Respect, vulnerability, being able to laugh together, trust, and encouragement are only some of the building stones of a strong relationship. If you’ve got these in place, you two will be a couple.