One of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry is shea butter. This product delivers incredible results when used on hair or skin and can treat many common conditions.

Shea butter is created from the shea tree nut, known as vitellaria paradoxa, which originated in Africa. Though the nut was used as a food and beauty product for generations, many people are just now realizing the incredible benefits of shea butter.

Shea Butter for Skin

Shea butter is made from the shea nut after it has been crushed, roasted, and ground. The mixture is made into a creamy paste that is kneaded so the oils can be extracted. Eventually, this is transformed into the butter product.

A key ingredient in black soap from Africa, shea is an excellent product to use for several different skin conditions or issues.

There are two versions of this butter: refined and unrefined shea butter.

For better results, it is important for you to use the unrefined version. Keep reading to learn how to best use shea butter for the skin.

1. Eczema

Shea butter is an excellent product to treat eczema. This skin condition causes extremely inflamed or irritated skin. The moisturizing and healing properties of the butter make it an effective eczema treatment.

When using products with shea to treat this condition, apply it to any affected areas every day. The anti-inflammatory qualities of the butter will give your skin the relief you need while adding in essential nutrients to promote healthy skin growth.

Essential oils can also be combined with shea products to treat eczema. Use oils like frankincense or lavender to supplement any raw shea products. When these products are combined, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the inflammation in your skin, eventually working to reduce any future flare-ups of eczema.

2. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are particularly common during pregnancy or after weight gain. While many people choose to leave their stretch marks as they are, there are effective natural treatments to help reduce these marks.

Use shea products to smooth out your skin if you are experiencing stretch marks.

The shea will hydrate your skin and help to boost collagen production in the area. The more you use shea around this area, the more you’ll boost collagen production in this area.

Regularly using shea products will help to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

Many women start using shea more during their pregnancy and after they’ve given birth. The butter helps to treat affected areas around their stomach as they begin to lose their baby weight after pregnancy.

3. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Since shea products have been proven to aid in collagen production, shea butter is an excellent choice for anyone searching for anti-aging products.

The older we get, the less collagen our bodies produce. This leads to a loss of elasticity and the appearance of more wrinkles. Aging is also caused by environmental factors like extreme temperatures, sun damage, or pollution.

The moisturizing capabilities in shea products also works to hydrate the skin, leaving it looking firmer, fuller, and healthier.

4. Dry Skin

Excessively dry skin can be difficult to treat. If you’re still searching for the perfect product to thoroughly moisturize your dry skin, give shea a try. Using shea butter for skin can completely transform dry or cracked skin.

For example, someone that is prone to getting cracked heels should use shea on their feet on a daily basis. The more they use shea products all over their skin, the more hydrated their skin will be. Over time, shea products will completely eliminate any cracks or peeling.

It’s best to apply the butter to your skin right after you’ve showered. While your skin is still wet, it will better absorb the butter. Moreover, the shea product will help seal in the water from your shower.

5. Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can be a painful problem for anyone. While chapstick can handle these short-term cracks, it’s important to really heal your lips if they have started cracking.

Whenever you notice that your lips are excessively chapped, use shea butter to help heal your lips.

Shea’s emollient properties make it ideal for shooting any broken skin. Once your lips are back to being smooth, use shea on a regular basis to make sure they are well moisturized and protected from drying out.

6. Scarring

Just as shea products work well with healing stretch marks, shea helps to eliminate scarring.

The collagen-boosting qualities of shea help to reduce any visible scarring and prevent any future scar tissue from forming.

In addition to treating scars, vitamins E and A in shea products help to heal wounds. Simply apply these shea products to your surface scars or wounds and watch your skin heal over time.

7. UV Exposure

Shea is also a powerful way to protect your skin from UV radiation. Though sunlight does have many benefits, going out unprotected into the sun leaves you open to radiation. This UV radiation can cause skin cancer.

Using this butter for skin care will reduce your risk of developing skin cancer while protecting you from UV radiation.

In the event that you do get a sunburn, shea products can also be used to treat your skin. The anti-inflammatory products in shea will give your skin the much-needed relief you’ve been searching for.

8. Dry Hair

Shea products work well to treat dry hair. These products keep your hair from drying out any further, help to reduce frizz, and restore the elasticity and oils in your hair.

Apply the butter to your hair by rubbing some between your fingers, then distributing it through your hair.

Ensure that your hair is evenly coated to prevent any patches of butter from forming.

Using shea products regularly will help to keep your hair protected from any harsh environmental elements and any damaging styling techniques.

9. Dry Scalp

Though there are many remedies for treating a dry scalp, using shea products is a healthy way to maintain a healthier scalp.

In addition to bringing your locks back to life, shea products can soothe your scalp.

Whether you’re dealing with an itchy scalp, dandruff, or just want to try something new, shea products will leave your scalp feeling fresher than ever.

10. Acne

Everyone’s skin responds differently to various products. If you have yet to find an acne treatment that works for your skin, it may be a good idea to start trying shea products. The anti-inflammatory qualities of shea will help to treat any areas on your face that are affected with acne.

shea butter for acne
Shea butter can calm acne and skin irritations.

The unrefined butter won’t clog your pores—it will hydrate your skin while the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help to heal your skin.

11. Shaving Issues

Shea products are an excellent alternative to more traditional shaving cream. Use the butter as you would any other product when shaving.

The creamy buttery goodness will moisturize your skin and eliminate any dryness that you may experience after using regular shaving cream.

To make the most of this all-natural shaving cream, start shaving when you are finished showering. At this point, your skin will be as hydrated as possible. Moreover, the warmth of the shower will open your pores, making it easier for you to shave your hair.

The raw shea product will help to keep your skin as hydrated as possible as you shave. If you want an extra boost in your all-natural shaving cream, consider using a mixture of this butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.

12. Razor Burn or Bumps

After shaving, these shea products are a great way to prevent any razor burn or bumps that many people experience after shaving.

The raw and unrefined shea product should be applied to your skin multiple times each day. Eventually, your razor bumps will disappear.

The Benefits of Unrefined Shea

When treating your skin with shea products, it is essential that you use unrefined shea, as opposed to regular shea products.

Refined shea products require high heat to extract the oil from the shea. Many of these products use chemical solvents during this process.

The unrefined alternative doesn’t use any chemicals or synthetics when producing the butter. These shea products are light yellow and are higher in antioxidants.

If you’re hoping to use shea products for any of the aforementioned reasons, be sure to use unrefined shea. The more natural the butter, the healthier it will be for your skin.

Moreover, most of the wonderful qualities of shea are best experienced through the unrefined product.

Final Thoughts on Shea Butter for Skin

Shea is nature’s secret to perfect skin. Whatever type of skin you have or skin issues you may be experiencing, using shea products will help you graduate to healthier skin.

Breakouts, dullness, dryness, rashes—shea products can treat them all. Keep this guide in mind as you search for new ways to make your skin glow.