Sensitive people are some of the most compassionate, kind souls today. They will go to the end of the world to make you happy, making all efforts within their power to bring you to the brighter side of life.

Most of the time, sensitive people are seen as weak and doormats. They appear to be introverts and anti-social people. But, there is so much more to their empathy and generosity.

What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you a sensitive person who is emotionally reactive and feels things deeply inside? Do you find being labeled as such a compliment or an insult? It all depends on how you define such characterization.

Some say that being sensitive means you wear your emotions on your sleeve, and this depiction is true for many. However, there’s nothing wrong with being in touch with your emotional side and having heightened sensitivities.

A study published in Comprehensive Psychology defines it as people who tend to process stimuli and information more strongly and deeply than others. As many as one-fifth of the population is believed to have high sensitivity. According to the study, they also notice more subtle stimuli in their environment and have a lower threshold.

If this sounds familiar, you recognize that your senses are finely tuned, and you’ll have a more robust response. Not only are your five senses delicate, but you may have a higher feeling of empathy and intuition. You’re more apt to mirror the emotions of others, especially when they are hurting.

Those who are at times described as being a ‘hot mess’ or having ‘too many issues’ are the very fabric of what keeps the dream alive for a more caring, humane world. Never be ashamed to let your tears shine a light in this world.” ~ Anthon St. Maarten

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Challenges of High Sensitivity

It’s beneficial to empathize with people who need someone for emotional support. You probably have excellent communication skills and are an active listener. You’re sensitive to their raw emotions, and you are usually present with them without judgment.

However, your hypersensitivity and compassion may quickly overload your mind, and you become an emotional sponge. Instead of being a pillar of support, you may find yourself in the same emotional state as the troubled person. Soon, you’re losing sleep and noticing other signs of anxiety and depression.

Twenty Reasons Why Highly Sensitive People Are Stronger

While overly sensitive folks tend to be high-strung, nervous, and sometimes vulnerable, don’t forget your strengths. The reason that many hurting people come to you is that you’re genuine and care about them. While others are contemplating in the rain, you’re usually the first to discover the rainbow.

You can often focus on non-verbal cues and intuition. While others might consider you quiet and aloof, you listen and absorb the room’s energy. Here are 20 reasons that sensitive people may be stronger than you think.

Here are some compelling reasons sensitive people are stronger than you realize:

1. Sensitive people feel deeply.

Sensitive people have overcome the challenges that could drive them to have multiple addictions to cover up their emotions and past hurt. Their sensitivity has fueled them to keep moving forward while showing the world they have endured and triumphantly gaining wisdom through the pain. The sensitive person will help without needing acknowledgment. Their egos are not the driving force in their lives. They want to repay society for all that they had to endure positively.

2. They love wholeheartedly.

Even though they have been hurt, sensitive people continue to keep their hearts open to the world. When a soul gets fractured, it heals with such intense energy. Sensitive people use this intensity to continue loving and giving of themselves. They have an empathetic gene that knows no boundaries when it comes to love. They know that they will probably get hurt again, but they also know that they will overcome that event with grace. As Nikolay Karamzin said, “A sensitive heart is a rich source of ideas.”

3. They are insightful.

Sensitive people have endured difficult obstacles that have allowed them to partake in amazing causes. The sensitive soul will find a reason to value and protect. They will put that energy into a radical cause for helping humanity. Whether animals, nature, or humans, the empathetic person will stand up for their beliefs. These causes become their children. They are the quiet souls you see feeding the homeless, fostering children, and saving the whales.

4. Sensitive people take risks.

When you feel that you have nothing to lose, you will risk it all. The sensitive person has overcome many obstacles, so what’s one more? They are risk-takers, leaders, and trailblazers. They move mountains, a spoonful of dirt at a time. When another person perceives a locked door and no way to go through a place, the sensitive person will break open a window. They will do this for everyone, and anything, that they feel is an instrumental part of their lives.

5. They are highly creative.

Creativity is born out of vulnerability and complete openness. The sensitive person thrives on creation. They are the artists, the writers, the musicians, the problem-solvers, and the eccentric ones. They know that by creating, they are also moving through the mystical energies of the unknown. Their creativity shows in different parts of their lives. It isn’t just the arts. It’s about getting creative with ventures while inspiring others to utilize their given talents.

6. They have a dynamic sense of problem-solving.

The word “no” is not part of the sensitive spirit of doing things. They move forward with tenacity. No is not an option. A sensitive person will use past experiences to build on for solving an obstacle like climbing a ladder, one step at a time. These people know that not solving a problem is like failing again at something that always has a solution. It might not be right in front of them, but they can climb higher and rise above the issues using that ladder.

7. Sensitive people are detailed oriented.

There is no rock left unturned when it comes to the sensitive person. They know that you have to look at all angles of the situation to succeed. They notice everything. Although they might never mention it, they are aware of every detail in a room, nature, and a relationship. This ability makes them seem perfectionists. Some are. Others not so much. It’s all in the details. The sensitive person is vital because they are presently aware of everything around them and still choose to use this gift to help others.

8. They are in tune with nature.

Sensitive people are prone to avoid large crowds, loud music, and overstimulating anything. They enjoy being alone and do not apologize for this. The sensitive person requires time in nature and enjoys the solitude of those moments. The grounding elements of the earth refuel them. In nature, there is no rushing, no expectations, and no lies. Things flow with natural ease. Being outside, and understanding the environment, provides a meditative state of awareness and strength. It feels right. This is what allows the sensitive person to continue helping others.

Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods. To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness. It is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate. It’s not the empath who is broken. It is the society that is dysfunctional and emotionally disabled. There is no shame in expressing your authentic feelings.

9. They’re peaceful and non-aggressive

If you’re hypersensitive, you probably object to violence and cruelty. You’ll be the first to help organize a peaceful demonstration against brutality and hatred. Your kind heart also extends to nature and animals, so you’re probably involved in conservation and animal protection programs.

When you read or hear about people or animals suffering, you cry. You despise anything related to violence, such as gory movies and true crime documentaries. The brutality and pain are too much for you, even if it’s fictional.

10. Sensitive people are insatiably curious

You may have a greater sensitivity than others, but it drives you to find answers. It creates an insatiable curiosity about your world. Some of the small details others miss are often obvious to you.

So, you don’t readily accept the patent answers that others may. Think of world-changers like Copernicus, Galileo, and Madame Marie Curie. Their high spirits kept their minds actively seeking more knowledge.

Hypersensitive people are usually voracious readers. No doubt, you probably thrive on researching a variety of subjects. Other people are often fascinated by how you can speak intelligently about many things.

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11. They’re energetic

Some people aren’t fully alive in the morning until after their first cup of coffee. On the other hand, you may drink coffee, tea, or cola just because you enjoy the flavor. It’s certainly not because you need the kick of caffeine for energy.

Hypersensitive folks like you are known for high-strung, exuberant energy. According to an article published by UCLA-Berkeley, hypersensitivity is a red flag for conditions such as autism spectrum, ADHD, and ADD. You may have so much energy that you don’t get the rest and sleep you need.

You’re the person who’s nervously tapping your pencil during a boring staff meeting. Instead of a desk job, you often thrive on a career that keeps you on the move. You’re up for a challenge as long as you can do it your way.

12. They’re comfortable with themselves

If your sensitivity is high, you often crave silence and solitude. It doesn’t mean that you’re antisocial because you can be a social butterfly when necessary. You feel comfortable in your own space, where you can relax and reflect.

It’s this attribute that can boost your creative skills. That’s why many great artists and writers are sensitive people. That sensitive nature brings words, colors, sounds, and other creations to life in their minds.

13. Sensitive people understand the sensitivity of other people

According to the law of attraction, you attract whatever affirmations you send into the Universe. The same law often works for attracting friends or potential romantic interest. People are often drawn to like-minded folks, especially those with high sensitivity.

Maybe it’s because they understand each other at a whole different level. Consider your significant other and your circle of family and friends. How many people have the same hypersensitivity as you?

14. They’re more spiritually in tune

You may be more tuned with your spirit if your sensitivity is high. Perhaps you feel deeply rooted in your chosen faith or other spiritual traditions. You are probably more intuitive and trust your sixth sense.

Those with deep spiritual beliefs often describe themselves as one of the sensitive people. You may frequently use “feel” more than you do “think.” Psychic awareness and spirituality seem natural to you, and there are things that you know.

15. They focus on the bigger picture

Sensitive people don’t dabble in the ordinary. Whether in the workplace or at home, you’re probably focused on the bigger picture rather than the more minor aspects. You’re always seeking to find the “why” behind approaches and procedures, and you’re not afraid to ask questions.

Since your focus is on a broader spectrum, it helps keep you grounded. When others are falling apart in the face of uncertainty, you emerge as a leader. You’ve found that you’re very effective at helping others both on the job and with your family. This is especially true since the little unimportant details do not sway you.

16. Sensitive people learn and grow continuously

A sensitive person often has a thirst for knowledge. They have an inner drive to grow and become someone better. Many often admire this person for their personal and professional accomplishments.

However, it should be noted that sensitive folks often have strong emotions, and they feel that they carry a heavy load at times. Thankfully, once you learn to embrace your hyper-sensitive nature, you can learn to focus on all the positives it brings you.

17. They’ve strong intuition

Most sensitive people have an intuitive side that tells them when something is off. Some call it a gut feeling, but others call it intuition. It’s a voice or six senses on the inside that speaks loud and clear to you.

As an empathetic person, you can recognize things that others don’t, like patterns. This helps in your decision-making process. However, you’ve become entirely dependent on the help you get through life from your inner voice.

18. They can boost your morale

A sensitive person can sense the mood in a room before anyone opens their mouth. They are atmosphere changers as they typically like to motivate others. They have a unique talent for being an emotional coach, and if they see someone suffering from burnout or exhaustion, they know just what to say to help them make it through the day.

19. Sensitive people think before they speak

So many people spill the first thing that comes into their minds. However, sensitive people are a little more careful with their words. They don’t want to offend anyone with what they say, so you may think for a few minutes before answering a question.

20. They know how to put other people first

This trait can be both a blessing and a curse. Sensitive folks tend to put everyone else and their needs above their own. It’s like a parent who buys their children things they don’t need, and they haven’t accepted themselves anything in months.

While it’s good to think of others first, you must also realize the importance of self-care and addressing your needs. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will burn out and won’t be good to anyone.

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Final Thoughts on the Strength of Sensitive People

Sensitive people have strengths that they may not even realize. If you’re one, maybe some introspection may help you understand yourself better. Soon, you’ll learn to find a better emotional balance and accept yourself just the way you are.