There’s only one of you. It isn’t easy to be somebody else besides yourself. Self-expression displays your life as only you can. So, how can you healthily boost your self-expression? Here are fifteen ways to be who you are in the best possible way.

What is self-expression?

According to the dictionary, self-expression is expressing one’s personality and asserting your traits. Expressing yourself doesn’t mean you don’t care about other people. Your self-expression can be used for the good of others, to encourage or support them. You are uniquely qualified to be who you are, making the world around you a better place.

1 – Self-expression through loving others

Self-expression is being the best you that you can be. That means being the best at doing thoughtful, loving things for others.

Author and activist Ann Lamott once said,

Do you want to change your day? Do loving things. Just for the next few hours, if you’re in traffic, let other people go first. Stop what you were about to do, and let other people go first…like Mother Teresa said: ‘No one can do great things, but each of us can do small things with great love.’

2 – Self-expression through self-care

Self-care is a dramatic thing to do in a world that says busyness, success, and lots of money are the holy grail of life. Your self-care may be checking in with your family or eating healthy. You may need to read a book or listen to music to help yourself relax after a long day of caring for your sweet kids and unruly dog. Everyone’s self-care looks a little different, but you need to do self-care regularly because you’re a weak human with limitations.

3 – Self-expression through faith

As a person of faith, you believe that God created you. He made you with your unique hair color, ear shape, and big smile. He designed you to be you. So, part of your self-expression is the person God meant for you to be. It’s expressing his message of love to others in a unique way you communicate. You can convey his message through the creative arts, baking or cooking, or teaching a group of kids in Sunday School. Let him guide you as you find self-expression through your faith.

4 – Self-expression through writing

Many people think of self-expression through writing. Writing indeed is one of the most popular ways to use your self-expression. You may have favorite authors with a way with words like no one else. Their books or poems are uniquely their work because of the way they express themselves. You can have a unique way to express yourself through writing. Find your voice, that unique expression of YOU, as you write something, whether it’s a book, a short story, or a nonfiction article.

5 – Self-expression through music

Perhaps you love music. Maybe you learned to play the guitar when you were eleven but haven’t picked up a guitar since then. Why not find your self-expression through your musical abilities?  Music is a form of communication. You can sing, play, or write music for others to enjoy. It opens up your world to new people and experiences. You’ll feel happier getting a chance to use your unique musical talents for the world to enjoy.

6 – Self-expression through contentment

Society pushes you to achieve. When you receive lots of “likes” on your Instagram post, it’s fun for a day. But tomorrow, you need to get just as many, if not more, “likes” to feel like you’re achieving something. Accolades and achievements are a big black hole. A bottomless pit that you can never fill up. One form of self-expression that doesn’t get written up in the news is self-expression through contentment. Being content means you are satisfied and happy with your life. You don’t need others to validate your life. You still have ambitions or goals, but your goals aren’t for attention from the masses. You’re happiest doing what you can to make your life and the lives of the people around you more meaningful.

7 – Self-expression through the generosity

Generosity is more than just giving money. It’s giving of yourself and sharing something with someone in need. Generosity makes the world around you a better place. Researchers found that being generous behavior increases a person’s happiness. Use your self-expression to give something that no one has thought of. Your generosity could be

  • Giving blood
  • Volunteering at a school or hospital
  • Offer help in your area of expertise
  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Write a positive review for a store, restaurant, or salon
  • Babysit
  • Write a thank-you note to the delivery people in your neighborhood
  • Make meals for someone
  • Visit an older adult in a nursing home

8 – Self-expression through visual arts

Self-expression through the visual arts is as old as the hills. You can pour your heart into your creation whether you draw, paint, or use some other medium. Your imagination is a gift, so share it with others and express yourself simultaneously.

9 – Self-expression through design

If you’ve watched a home improvement television show, you’ve seen how individuals express themselves using design. Placing a few pillows on a sofa can change the whole look of the room. If you have an eye for home decorating or clothing design, use your gift. Not everyone can design their home. If you’re gifted in this area, find the joy of expressing yourself.

10 – Self-expression through sculpting

Sculpting pottery takes natural talent. It’s one of those gifts that gets overlooked. If you’ve done pottery in the past, you may want to pull out your tools and start playing with clay. It’s a tremendous emotional release. You process feelings of tension or anxiety while you knead the clay or shape a coil pot.

11 – Self-expression through theater

Are you a natural-born actor? Do you love an audience? It could be that you’d be perfect for the theater. There are local theaters in every area. Many small theaters rely on volunteers to act, design the stage or help with the sound. Go ahead, and express yourself with your excellent acting skills.

12 – Self-expression through speechmaking

Not everyone feels comfortable talking in front of a crowd. If you have oratory skills, thank God for this unique gift. Researchers say that being able to give a speech is a particular skill that requires confidence and practice. It’s also a specific form of self-expression. It allows you to share your ideas and beliefs with others. Several different types of speeches are used in various settings depending on the topic and the audience. These include:

  • Demonstrative speech
  • Debate
  • Entertaining
  • Informative speech
  • Oratorical speech
  • Pitch or sales
  • Special occasion speeches

13 – Self-expression through baking

Being able to bake is a gift. It’s not for everyone. If you love to bake, why not use this as a form of self-expression? Whether baking a cake for your bakery or baking cookies for your kids’ school charity, using your talents is a great way to express yourself. Use your unique flavor ideas and designs as only you can.

14 – Self-expression through teaching

Every teacher teaches uniquely. They use their self-expression to convey information to the kids in their classes. Self-expression is critical in the classroom because kids remember their teachers, who can get a message across in a clever way they remember.

15 – Self-expression through organizing

Did you ever think that being organized could be a form of self-expression? Perhaps you’re uniquely gifted at managing an office or living space. Some entrepreneurs even make a career out of helping businesses organize their offices. If you find satisfaction in assisting people in getting their lives in order, you may discover administration as a field to pursue.

Final thoughts on finding new ways of self-expression

Self-expression describes your unique personality. There’s no one quite like you. You can use your self-expression to do so many good things in the world. Whether you’re creating a new song or helping someone organize their office, your self-expression will help you make the world a better place.