Norma Williams, a self-confident 72-year-old woman from the UK, reveals how she maintains peak fitness levels. Williams operates a holiday rental business in Italy, and being in great shape by working out gives her more energy for work.

She proves that you’re never too old to hit the gym! She’s now in the best shape after adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Norma answered a question on Quora about how she manages to stay ‘toned from top to toe.’ The UK native now lives in Umbria, Italy, where she does some type of exercise seven days a week. She also stated that she usually skips lunch and keeps a watchful eye on her weight.

Self-Confident Norma Enjoys Peak Fitness, Enjoying a Balance of Treats and Working Out


Of course, she doesn’t deprive herself of treats, enjoying a pastry for breakfast and a glass of red wine each night. Also, she allows herself ‘naughty snacks’ each night before bed.

The glowing 72-year-old acknowledged that she naturally has a ‘straight up and down’ body type. While she resembles a supermodel, Norma says that fitness looks different for everyone. Some people can maintain their health and appear thin, while others need more muscle.

In reality, how self-confident and whole you feel inside offers the most critical indicator of wellness. If you start on your mental and emotional health, you’ll naturally start to glow on the outside.

Norma explained what she thinks the perfect body looks like: “For me, an excellent shape is an upright body without excess fat, a good waistline, a flattish front (some of us will always have a small tummy) and toned from tip to toe.”

“An excellent shape is not to be defined by height nor figure type. You can be small or tall. You can be curvy or straight up and down (my husband’s nickname for me when I’m tanned is “liquorish stick”). Or you can be anything in between.”

“So, I am not talking fashion or glamour model stereo types here. I am talking about the body we all know to be great when we see it,” she said.


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How the Self-Confident Woman Maintains Her Stunning Physique

On Quora, Norma described her daily exercise routine and eating habits to remain self-confident and healthy. She said she’s been working out since her early 20s and switches up her exercise regimen often. This helps break up the monotony of workouts while challenging her to new routines.

Her latest regimen included two vigorous Zumba classes a week plus a third Zumba session with a personal trainer. Having a person work out with her one-on-one allowed her to get more out of the experience. The self-confident woman sometimes takes a day off to rest her body or if she feels satisfied with her physique.

As of her last Quora post, she adhered to this routine, working out seven days a week.

Five Days A Week

  • 7:30 am: Change into gym clothes and walk briskly 0.75 mile uphill and climb sixty steps. At the top of the hill, walk briskly for six 1-mile circuits. Then, walk 0.75 mile home at a fast pace.
  • Mid-morning: Second walk with husband Laurie, following the same 0.75 mile uphill and sixty steps route from the morning. At the top, complete the 1-mile circuit twice, walking slower this time. Walk 0.75 mile back home through town.

Williams added that if she’s one pound or more over her ideal weight of 60.5kgs, she will repeat the circuit. However, for most people following an exercise regimen, doing the workout one or two times should suffice.

Two Days A Week

The self-confident fitness fan revealed her routine for the weekend as well.

  • 7:30 am: Change into gym attire and walk briskly 0.75 mile uphill and climb sixty steps. At the top, complete two 1-mile circuits at a slower pace. Walk the 0.75 mile home through the town.
  • 9am: Arrive at the gym for a 50-minute long session with a personal trainer. The trainer provided a full-body workout utilizing various exercises.

So, it seems that Norma allowed herself to walk more slowly and take in the fresh air on weekends. However, she still engaged in a vigorous workout at the gym.


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What the Impressive Fitness Guru Eats to Stay Healthy

The self-confident women expanded the post by explaining what she typically ate for meals and snacks each day.

  • Late breakfast after exercise: Two cappuccinos and a croissant with honey. (Yum!)
  • Mid afternoon snack: A banana, an orange and another piece of in-season fruit.
  • Dinner: An example dinner would include chicken breast with carrots, broccoli, green beans, and mushrooms in soya sauce. She served the dish in olive oil, topping it with seeds, cranberries and walnut pieces. Some of her other favorite dinner options included whole wheat pasta, salads and vegetables. She added that she usually drizzled her dishes in olive oil quite generously. Another meal she enjoyed occasionally was thin crust Napoli pizza with anchovies.
  • Snacks: The self-confident fitness star never indulged in snacks between meals but enjoyed ‘naughty snacks’ after dinner each night. Typically, she would get each one of the following:
    • two or three packets of savory biscuits
    • small packet of mixed walnuts and dried cranberries
    • a maximum of six dark chocolate-covered rice biscuits
    • a tub of low fat/no sugar Greek yogurt with a ‘huge dollop of honey and more walnuts mixed into it’
  • Drinks: Mrs Williams allowed herself between half a bottle and a full bottle of red wine each night. She used to drink up to 1.5 bottles a night but gradually reduced her intake over the last few years. She never indulged in wine before 7 pm.

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Final Thoughts on the Self-Confident Woman Staying Fit In Her Golden Years

Maintaining health isn’t always easy as you get older, but 72-year-old Norma Williams defies stereotypes. She proves that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. The self-confident woman began working out at a young age, knowing it would benefit her later on. Hopefully, she inspired you to hit the gym and follow a healthy lifestyle!