What if you lived your life without caring what others thought and having the freedom to be yourself? Many lack the courage to live their truths, mainly because it might not fit into society’s molds. However, self-aware people are different because they embrace their individuality and live life individually.

These are the people who are free enough to be different because it’s what makes them happy. Are you daring enough to understand your character and live your truth without regrets?

Eighteen Things Self-Aware Folks Do With Very Little Effort

Do you know why they put mirrors in dressing rooms at department stores? They want their customers to see their true selves. They want them to take a good look in the mirror and see if the clothing suits their style and fits perfectly.

The self-aware person has a proverbial mirror that reflects outward and inwardly, and they’ve become accustomed to looking at their reflections. Here are some other things this person does without knowing it.

1. Never Takes Things Personally

Being in tune with yourself means that you don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve. You’re confident enough that even if a person gives you a dig, you know how to let it roll off your back.

2. Aware of Their Thoughts

Though this person is constantly aware of their thoughts, they know that they’re the only one who hears them. However, they also recognize that they cannot control what pops into their brains, so they know they aren’t required to obey them. Their thoughts aren’t in charge of their life, and they can override these inner voices when they don’t align with their goals and dreams.

3. Don’t Get Caught up in Feelings

You’re always going to have feelings that come and go, but these thoughts don’t mean that you must act on them. They help guide you by directing you to what’s important, but there is a space between the stimulus and the response, and in this space is your power to choose what’s right.

4. Understand Life Has Certainty and Uncertainty

There’s nothing in life that’s sure, and the sands of time are constantly shifting. However, the self-assured person knows that life will come with both certainty and uncertainty, and they will embrace both.

They’ve also discovered that too much certainty can equal boredom, and living in a world of constant uncertainty can bring about great anxiety. So, they learn to roll with the punches and live in the moment.

5. Know What’s Important and What’s Not

Writing down a list of essential things can help you see the reasons why you’re not happy. However, someone who has self-assurance already knows all the things necessary to them, and they’re aware of the things they must let go.

Additionally, they know that they’re responsible for their own happiness, and they don’t depend on others to find it. Keeping this running tally of their lives and goals in mind helps them stay on course.

6. Mistakes Are Chances to Grow

You will never see the self-aware person letting a mistake pass without learning a lesson. They embrace each failure as there’s something to gain that comes with the loss. You can see examples of this throughout history. Remember Milton Hershey and the famous chocolate empire?

At the age of 18, Hershey filed for bankruptcy. He struggled to find a chocolate recipe that would change the world. After numerous failed attempts and filing for bankruptcy twice, he finally found a recipe to change the candy industry forever.

However, what would the outcome have been if he never learned from his mistakes?

7. Live in Reality

Between pessimism and optimism lies a realm of reality. The self-aware person is often a realist, as they choose to see things at face value. Living, in reality, means that sometimes you must admit defeat.

If you don’t accept failures as well as your victories, then how can you grow? They’re eager to accept that where they are isn’t where they want to be, but they know they have the power to change things. Plus, they don’t judge themselves for things out of their control.

8. Don’t Care What Others Think About Them

Going through life always caring about what others think of you can cripple you emotionally. While there is some level of importance of what your spouse and family think, you can’t allow it to stave your dreams and hopes for your life to make them happy.

According to Pick The Brain, people who constantly live to please others have a psychological disorder. It’s a seemingly uncontrollable issue that lives within the self-conscious. Sadly, your full potential and capability cannot be reached when you look to others for validation.

9. Self-Care Is Important

While this person isn’t selfish, they know that it’s okay to put their needs above others through self-care. They don’t need frustration, annoyance, and unhappiness from being last on the list. They know to be healthy and fulfilled in life, their needs are essential.

10. Exude Kindness

This person has learned that being kind to others makes you more loving, compassionate, and full of tenderness. They also know that karma has a way of repaying your debt, whether good or bad.

11. Sets Appropriate Boundaries

The self-assured person lives by an internal set of rules that governs them. Please don’t ask them to step over one of these boundaries they’ve created, as they’re firm in how they live their life. They also believe that having boundaries makes them a better person, and they’re an individual with structure and discipline.

12. Have No Problem Saying No

Why is the word “no” one of the most difficult to utter in the English language? It’s simple; this word gives you power and control over your life. When you tell someone that you can’t possibly fit another thing on your plate, you’re enforcing the boundaries you’ve set. It’s one of the most powerful words you’ll use, and the aware person uses it with ease.

13. Don’t Use the Word Can’t

What you accomplish in life is really about your mindset. The aware person knows that the word “can’t” shouldn’t be in their vocabulary. Remember your parents teaching you the old saying that “Can’t, can’t do anything?” Well, they live by this motto and veto these words from their brain.

14. Know It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

The person who embraces their self-awareness knows that there are going to be days when they’re not okay. They also know that these days are just part of life, and they must embrace the good things that happen to them as well as the bad. However, the knowledge is that for every storm that blows their way, there’s a day filled with sunny skies coming.

15. Can Admit They’re Wrong

It’s challenging to admit that you’re wrong, even if you have confidence in yourself. However, it’s crucial to admit to your mistakes so that you can learn from them. Someone very aware of their internal and external self has no problem admitting defeat. They feel that It’s much better than living in denial.

16. Take Responsibility

These folks have learned over time that it’s easier to take responsibility for their actions than to try to blame it on someone else. When you own something, it’s very liberating. Plus, when you own up to your mistakes, it makes growing from them easier too.

17. Practice Gratitude

Being aware of your life and the world around you allows you to practice gratitude with ease. Where would you be if you weren’t thankful for all the blessings given to you by the Universe? Have you ever heard someone grumble and complain constantly because they don’t have what their neighbor or family member does?

The person who practices awareness learns that once they know to be thankful for the blessings they’ve been given, it opens the path to more. However, they’re okay if they don’t get more, as they’ve learned to be content with what they have in life.

18. They Live Their Truth

The aware person is often considered someone who marches to the beat of their own drum, but it’s okay for them to be different. They’re more concerned with making themselves happy than those around them. They know that at the end of the day they are the ones that are responsible for the joy in their lives, and they’re not going to have that by living a lie.

Final Thoughts on the Actions of a Self-Aware Person

If you live your life based on the expectation of others, then you’re not genuinely living “your” life. The self-aware person is in-tune with their thoughts and needs, and they aren’t afraid to embrace the inadequacies within. Though sometimes the aware folks are often confused with someone conceited or vain, nothing could be further from the truth.

The aware person wants to live their lives to make themselves happy, but they have no problem admitting their failures to help them learn. Additionally, because they live their truths, they are kind, compassionate, and driven individuals. Are you self-aware or do you live your life by the expectations of others?