No one should feel ashamed of their scars, but why not turn them into art? You can find countless tattoo ideas online for scar tattoo cover-ups that transform scarring into masterpieces.

Fortunately, a skilled artist can provide you a wonderful way to turn your scarring into a canvas and express yourself simultaneously. We hope these tattoos over scars will leave you in awe of the tattoo artists’ work or inspire you to get your very own tattoo!

1 – This stunning artwork transforms a scarred arm into a unique canvas.

2 – A talented artist made a knee surgery incision into a statement piece. What a stunning outcome!

3 – This beautiful backpiece hides a scar perfectly. Nobody would ever know they were looking at a scar tattoo coverup!

4 – If you can’t hide it, make it part of the canvas. A tattoo artist took advantage of this raised scar.

5 – A modified lotus flower tattoo covers arm scars. These colors? Amazing!

6 – You might not want a tattoo. But you want a cover-up? Please take a look at this flesh-toned tattoo; it makes skin look flawless again.

7 – A tummy tuck or c-section delivery can leave a long mark on the belly. Instead of hiding your midriff, show it off proudly with custom artwork.

8 – These delicate flowers and twigs hide a long scar with ease.

9 – This expertly shaded black-and-white rose is one of the best scar tattoo ideas. The monochromatic look never goes out of style.

10 – The artist who has the skill to create tattoos to hide scares is certainly special. But one who can help one feel more confident after such a traumatic injury as a lost eye is priceless.

11 – People request tattoos to cover scars on their legs to feel self-assured enough to show their legs. This artist expertly incorporated a scar into the game plan. Brilliant!

12 – Not only can artists create interesting tattoos for scars, but they can also cover up stretch marks after weight gain or pregnancy.

13 – No belly button after a surgical procedure? Well, no problem. While you can correct this with another surgery, you can also make a whimsical statement about it instead.

14 – Having open heart surgery can leave extensive scarring. Celebrate being a survivor. Instead of seeking tattoos to hide scars after surgery, find a way to highlight this badge of honor.

15 – These delicate cherry blossoms might be one of the loveliest scar tattoo ideas you could imagine. The raised scar adds dimension to the artwork.

16 – A whimsical owl tattoo makes a lovely arm scar cover-up. The vibrant colors and unique shape make this a showstopping work.

17 – You can cover up many imperfections with clothing. Not so much when it appears on the top of the hand! What a sweet covering.

18 – This clever chest tattoo uses the scar as a focal point and shows off someone’s love of scuba diving.

19 – This person reclaimed the self-confidence to go sleeveless. She chose a delicate bunch of posies and a sweet butterfly to create a scar tattoo design to conceal this imperfection.

20 – This raised scar became the body of a colorful blue and purple butterfly. The masterful use of color and shading perfectly makes this one of the smartest scar tattoo ideas. Butterflies are signs of transformation, and this tattoo certainly lives up to that expectation.

21 – Tattoos for scars of larger size can be tricky for the artists. This feline and flowers theme covers a large area beautifully.

22 – Brightly colored flowers and a monarch butterfly serve as the perfect foil to scars on the ribcage area.

23 – This vertical scar runs from this woman’s tummy to her collarbone.  A tall, elegant iris creates the perfect shape to follow the scarred pattern and the shading and intense colors trick the eye to make the marks disappear.

24 – Artists most often customize designs to suit each person’s cover-up needs. This back piece is the perfect large scar tattoo.

25 – When one has a scarred belly, they might feel shy about wearing your favorite bikini.  Once an artist transforms scarring into a classic floral design, they will once again look forward to a day at the beach.

26 – Praying hands and a cross are a classic religious tattoo options. The shape fits perfectly on this person’s chest.

27 – People who recover from self-harm often live with painful reminders. But this phoenix scar cover-up tattoo hides the physical damage while reminding someone of their rise from the ashes.

28 – These cheerful pink flowers and bright greenery perfectly conceal a scarred arm.

29 – Besides scars, people visit tattoo artists to help them cover up large birthmarks. The orange flowers here perfectly blend away these large port-wine stains.

30 – This person had a large surgical scar on her thigh and hip. The artist crafted a custom-shaped and expertly shaded floral design. What a confidence booster that must be!

31 – This person asked the tattoo artist to pay homage to their favorite film. Movie theme tattoos to cover scars might be one of the most fun ideas!

32 – Artists also create tattoos to cover scars on legs to suit the specific shape, like this curved scar. The curve hides in the lines of the drawing.

33 – Tattoos for scar cover-ups can suit any taste. Steampunk anyone?

34 – Burn victims have lifelong visual reminders of their injuries. But those who wish to do so can choose scar cover tattoos instead!

35 – This tattoo artist used the oval shape of this large scar as the background of this third eye tattoo.

36 – The texture of this scarred area blends perfectly into the mouth of this fierce shark tattoo.

37 – Yet again, a skilled artist cleverly plays up the scarred area. In this beautiful scar tattoo, a turtle glides along. The oval shape becomes its shell.

38 – Don’t let a scar on top of the foot keep you from wearing your favorite sandals! This person chose to cover up his with an Eye of Providence.

39 – Another former birthmark–this one transforms into a natural-looking black and white wolf.

40 – The artist crafted angel wings out of a large arm area, covered with a series of birthmarks.

41 – Once again, we see someone using their natural features as the basis of their body art. This port wine birthmark combines with a tipped wine glass tattoo.

42 – Again, cutting scars don’t need to be a daily reminder of past harmful behaviors. Brighter days ahead, as reflected in the primary colors of this geometric scar tattoo.

43 – On the other hand, a monochromatic floral pattern offers equally elegant coverage.

45 – A vertical surgical scar on the tummy can be a little bit tricky. But these beautiful pink cherry blossoms provide the perfect coverage.

46 – Adding colorful doodles to an existing horseshoe tattoo and a series of multiple scars adds a fun twist of color and covers up this scarring.

47 – Of course, there are many nature themes to consider, and this mountain scene covers up a large burn scarring on the tummy.

48 – These bright red poppies perfectly cover up these scars on the back of the calf. This is so pretty. In fact, nobody can even tell it was an area of concern.

49 – This sweet pink and purple hydrangea flower tattoo covers a scar on the back of this person’s shoulder.

50 – A tattoo artist restored confidence to this man by recreating fingernails for him after losing the tips of his finger—what a remarkable idea.

51 –

52 – This artist covered a tall, vertical tattoo that runs from below the belly button up between the ribcage with sweet blue flowers and a natural-looking trail of leaves.

53 – This person had a large area of the bicep covered with scarring. He boldly shows off his faith with a rendering of Jesus on his arm. Religious symbol tattoos for scars remain very popular.

54 – Weight gain can cause stretch marks anywhere on the body, even the arms. So this person dealt with those marks with a unique scar tattoo idea.

55 – Once again, we see a raised scar worked into the tattoo. In fact, this artist transformed scarring into a lightsaber.

56 – So what does one do with a large, bumpy, scarred area on the shoulder? They take the tiger by the tail.

57 – Back surgery leaves surgical marks, just like the others we have seen. This incision ran from the small of the back to just below this person’s neck. Fortunately, an adept artist was able to provide a bespoke backpiece that she will treasure forever.

58 – Here, a tattoo artist blends a dark birthmark into the tail of a classic koi fish.

59 – Nobody wants to live with a long scar on the arm after an injury. Of course, with the aid of some ink put to clever use, you don’t have to!

60 – This c-section tattoo celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Indeed, this phrase is one more people need to remember.

61 – Many women forgo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy and opt for tattoos to remind them of their inner strength.

62 – This monochrome raven tattoo is so much more than just a scar tattoo.  In fact, it’s a stand-alone masterpiece!

63 – Raised scars create specific challenges for the artists. This one used bumpy spots to create texture in this colorful hummingbird and floral artwork.

64 – This long, jagged scar serves as the focal point in this motivational quote.

65 – This woman bore a scar that ran from one hip to the other. Instead of settling for something that didn’t make her happy, she transformed it into this pink and green floral masterpiece.

66 – Here, we look again at a c-section scar cover-up with this stunning coral and blue phoenix.

67 – Instead of scarring, some cover-ups come from previous, not-so-skillful tattoo artists. This coverup turned an undesirable lower back tattoo into a showstopper of a peacock on this woman’s lower back.

68 – This watercolor artist-inspired tummy tattoo covers up a large area of stretch marks across the belly.

69 – This black and white tattoo covers up a tall, scarred area. The shading blurs away any sign of scarring or imperfection.

70 – This woman engaged in cutting on her thighs. So when it was time to put that behind her and cover up the past damage, she decided on a lightbulb to signify light at the end of her dark days. Additionally, she decided to keep some of the scars revealed to remind her growth—what a lovely sentiment.

71 – Instead of covering a long scar on her thigh, this woman chose to use the scarring to underline a meaningful phrase: “I’ll find strength in pain.”

72 – This monochrome backpiece serves as a sleight of hand, calling attention away from a surgical scar.

73 – These abstract blue pine cone tattoos cover up scarring on the arms.

74 – Indeed, long and irregular scars present a unique challenge to the artists who ink them. However, a scrolling vine or ivy and flowers–like you see here–are a natural fit for this situation.

75 – A small crescent-shaped tattoo between the shoulder blends represents the moon on this nighttime fishing scene. How cute is this?