Researchers Explain 10 Things That Make You Feel Attracted to Someone

Researchers Explain 10 Things That Make You Feel Attracted to Someone


Attraction is more than just gut feelings. While that’s part of it, the reasons why we find ourselves attracted tend to be much more scientific than we give ourselves credit for. When we see someone who we find attractive, we may not be thinking of all the reasons why, and especially not the scientific reasons.

However, researchers have found that there are plenty of reasons that we find some people more physically attractive than others. If you’ve ever had a hard time putting into words why you find someone so attractive, this list of science-based reasons might be of use to you.

Here Are A Few Things That Make You Feel Attracted To Someone

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Multiple studies have found that how attractive someone is to you can often depend on how symmetrical they are. This means that people who are more attractive tend to have both sides of their faces or their bodies closely matching. Of course, no one has a perfectly symmetrical face or body. But the closer that one side of their body and faces matches the other, means that they tend to be more attractive. The next time you look at someone’s face and can’t seem to place why they’re so attractive, consider their symmetry!


Funnily enough, the perception of leg length is different between men and women. Women with longer legs are perceived as more attractive, while men with legs that are roughly the same length as their torso are considered more attractive. The reason for men’s ideal leg length, is that shorter legs tend to make men look more muscular, which some women find themselves attracted to.


Estrogen and testosterone, the hormones found in more abundance in women and men, respectively, are responsible for forming our bone structures in our faces. The shape of someone’s face can be very indicative of their hormone levels, and thus their fertility and virility. Women with smaller chins and brows, coupled with wider eyes, are perceived as more fertile, while the same goes for men with stronger jaws and brows. These features are a perfect cocktail for physical attraction.


The sound of someone’s voice is determined by hormones, and this can really affect how attractive you find another person. For men, a lower voice is seen as more attractive, which means that they have a high amount of testosterone. For women, a higher voice is associated with femininity. The quality of the voice affects attractiveness as well. In fact, having a breathy voice is considered attractive in both men and women, while a monotone voice is found to be more attractive in men.


Finding someone physically attractive is, more often than not, based on more than just their physical appearance. Science has shown that people with kind and compassionate personalities are found to be much more attractive. Altruism is something that shows that a potential partner will be invested in your well-being. It also shows that potential partners will be good parents, which is something that people often subconsciously think about when assessing the attractiveness of a potential partner.


Couples who look alike are much more common than one might think. Science explains that you’re often drawn to features that are much like your own because people are drawn towards things that are familiar. This means that you and your partner may have a similarity in genetics, from skin tone, to hair color, to even your height! As well, complementary genetics are beneficial for potential children. When picking a partner, you may find that your “type” tends to be someone who looks a lot like you.


This one is a bit tricky. For short-term partners, men are found to be more attractive if they have facial scars, but women are not. However, when looking for a long-term partner, women are more likely to pass up men with facial scars, as they’re often seen as less aggressive and more caring, which is found to be more attractive for potential long-term partnerships.


Science says that someone who you find interesting is bound to be much more attractive to you. Our brains need constant, new stimulation, and we often get bored by things that aren’t that interesting to us – be it movies, books, or even people. If a partner isn’t keeping our attention, we’re much less likely to find them attractive. This is why you may find people with personalities that match your own to be much more attractive.


This might not be true for everyone, but according to research, body mass index (BMI) plays in attraction. Your BMI is the correspondence between their height and weight. BMI calculators assess your height and your weight and turn it into a score, and that is your BMI. The more closely someone’s BMI is to a ratio of 20.85, the more attractive you tend to find them. Of course, you can’t know someone’s BMI on sight, but your brain is able to see how proportional someone is in weight and height.

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This may seem like a big no-brainer. But science has spoken. Attraction is increased in people who are more faithful and trustworthy. This is because people who have higher fidelity are proving themselves to be both good partners as well as good parents. Sexual fidelity is something that most people say they’re looking for in potential partners across the board, men and women alike.

Attraction is personal, and everyone has different tastes! But, these are some scientific reasons why you may find the same type of people attractive over and over. There’s nothing wrong with that! Now, you can just pull out some scientific facts to impress your potential partner (to be interesting!).

The scientific rules of attraction
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