When you want to impress a man, you might want to do whatever it takes. Sometimes that means acting differently from how you truly are. While you might think it’ll do the trick, many things you think you should do never impress them. There are some behaviors you should avoid when trying to impress someone. Understanding these things can help you focus on methods that will work and help you progress with the romance.

NOTE: Men aren’t the only ones unimpressed by specific things. In a separate article, you can read about what won’t impress a woman.

Five Things That Never Impress a Man

Learning what never impresses a man can help you attract the person you want. When you know what you shouldn’t do around them, you’re more likely to get a chance with the man you want. If you’re already in a relationship, avoiding these things can help you determine if the relationship is a good fit.


1 – A Man Dislikes a Potential Partner Pretending to be Dumb

Many people dumb themselves down around a man they like, but it’s not likely to do you any favors. You might think he doesn’t want someone more intelligent than him, but that’s not the case. Men like strong, smart, and independent partners.

Show how smart and capable you are so that you know if the man can handle your intelligence. If he doesn’t like how smart you are, he won’t be a partner who supports your success anyway. Plus, playing inferior won’t make him want to get to know you.

2 – Hiding Who You Are

When you hide who you are, you might not voice your opinion. Likewise, you’ll likely pretend to like things you don’t like. You might go along with anything the man says, thinking it’ll make him like you more.

However, when a man dates someone, he wants to know who they truly are. He doesn’t want you to pretend to have the same opinion as him or want to do all the same things as him. Once he catches on to the fact that you’re hiding who you are, they won’t give you the time of day anymore.

It’s okay to like different things, and it can make the relationship better to be upfront about it. Pretending to enjoy activities you don’t want to do causes you to waste time you could have spent doing other things. Plus, the man is likely to figure it out, making you look like a liar.

Rather than hiding who you are, make it a point to be bold and speak up. Contradict him when you disagree, tell him your opinion, and vocalize what you want or need. He’ll like that you’re confident enough to speak up and be yourself.

3 – Men Dislike Creating Frequent or Unnecessary Drama

Creating drama won’t impress a man, and it might make him want to steer clear of you. Having minimal drama in a relationship is ideal for most people, and unnecessary situations aren’t impressive to men. If you enjoy the thrill of creating drama, learn to silence the urge and focus on positivity instead.

4 – Being Cocky

Being confident is impressive, but it’ll have the opposite effect if you cross the line and come across as cocky. Avoid acting like you’re superior to those around you because a man would rather have someone they can have fun with. He’ll want to relax and enjoy life without having you treat people like they’re unimportant.

A man doesn’t want someone who shows off by boasting, including discussing how much money you make or your social status. Focus on being confident but humble, not feeling like you must prove yourself to others. Show him what you can do rather than talking about it or belittling others.

5 – Dramatically Changing Your Looks

You should still look like yourself when you want to dress up and look good for a man. Changing your looks to impress a man won’t work because it’s not who you are. You don’t have to look perfect to attract someone who likes you.

A man would rather his partner be themselves and show their style through appearance. Don’t change your looks to be someone he’ll like. It’ll negatively impact your self-esteem and can cause you to lose yourself.

What You Can Do Instead to Impress a Man

Now that you know the things that never impress a man, you can focus on what you can do instead. There are plenty of ways to get his attention or make him like you more than he already does.


1 – Have Self-Respect

Men like people who respect themselves, meaning you should treat yourself well and expect others to do the same. It shows that you have a good relationship with yourself and require the best treatment.

Don’t surround yourself with people who mistreat you, or a man will notice and likely recognize it as a lack of self-respect. Likewise, don’t mistreat or talk badly about yourself.

Having self-respect involves setting and implementing boundaries. Make it clear that even if you like a man, you won’t cross those boundaries to appease him. It’ll make him like you more and show him that you expect respect.

2 – Take Care of Your Appearance

If you’re looking to get a man’s attention or going on a first date, taking care of your appearance is essential. However, stay true to who you are when you choose an outfit, do your hair, and apply makeup if you wear it. Make sure to look nice but don’t overdo it and portray yourself as someone you’re not.

3 – Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the best ways to impress a man. It’ll help him notice and want to get to know you better. Your eye contact will show him that you’re into him and want to bond.

4 – Show Your Sense of Humor

Men like people with a sense of humor, so let him see it early on. Don’t be afraid to laugh and joke with him, showing him your fun side. Laugh at his jokes, too, so he knows you think he’s funny.

5 – Be Kind to Everyone

Showing kindness to yourself and those around you is attractive to men. They’ll appreciate and like you more if you’re nice to others, even in hard situations.

Being kind means avoiding judgmental comments or gossip. Use nice words and focus on being aware of other people’s feelings. Be empathetic and don’t get jealous of others when they have something good happen to them.

When a man sees you helping others when they need it, he wants to connect with you. It shows your inner beauty, allowing him to glimpse who you are.

6 – Be Open and Honest With Your Man

If you know the man you want to impress on a deeper level, you can focus on being open and honest with him. It’ll help strengthen the relationship and make him want to continue getting to know you. Tell him about your personal life, past relationships, friends, and family.

If you haven’t shared intimate details, you can follow his lead on how much you share. When that’s the case, reveal as much about your life as he does about his. It allows him to get to know you without revealing too much.

However, be honest when he has questions about you and your life. It’ll impress him that you don’t try to hide things, and lying could backfire later.

7 – Communicate With Your Man

When a man you want to impress talks, make sure you listen. If he opens up about his life, make sure he knows you care and want to hear it. Let him know you understand and accept what he says, encouraging him to show his vulnerabilities.

8 – Start a Debate

Debating can be fun if you both remain respectful toward one another. It can encourage a deep conversation and allow you to get to know one another. You’ll understand each other’s opinions, and he’ll like that you’re not afraid to debate.

Debating shows him that you have a strong character and aren’t afraid to express yourself. He’ll be impressed if you focus on having a logical argument. Even better, admit if he wins the debate to show you’re a good sport.

9 – Make Friends with Those Closest to Him

A man is often impressed if his friends and family like the person they’re interested in. Getting the approval of those closest to him makes it easier to develop a healthy relationship. Don’t be too pushy but hang out with them and let them get to know you.

10 – Invite Him to Hang Out

You don’t have to wait for a man to ask you out, and he’ll be impressed if you do it first. Ask him if he wants to hang out or get coffee together. It shows courage and self-awareness while also showing that you aren’t afraid of rejection.


Final Thoughts on Things That Never Impress a Man

Don’t do these things when you want to impress a man. You want to show him who you truly are while being respectful and self-aware. A man doesn’t want someone who boasts and only cares about money or social status. He wants someone he can connect with and enjoy his time around.

These tips can help impress the man you like and see if your relationship can deepen. If he doesn’t want you for who you are, you’ll find someone who does. Don’t change yourself to impress anyone, and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.