Are you actively trying to pursue your passions? Do you know what your desires are in life? Though you’re probably familiar with the word, few understand what it truly means. Your passions are the things that you like to do in your free time.

Your passions help to motivate and inspire you to do great things in life. Remember Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu? She lived her entire life in service of others. She was considered a Saint, as she dedicated herself to charity, and she wasn’t afraid of hard work either, according to her Biography.

Now, you don’t have to be like Mother Teresa, but your passions are just as important. See, everyone has a reason why they’re on this earth, and it’s your goal to find it and embrace the enthusiasms within. Perhaps your desire is basketball, and the first thing you do when you get home in the evening is head to the hoops.

The thing about your passions is that you cannot fake them, and they’re something that brings you joy. For some, their career is their obsession, and it’s what helps you have the drive to succeed.

What Passions Do People Pursue?

Here are some common passions that folks list on job applications, according to Glass Door:

  • Art
  • Travel
  • Music and singing
  • Blogging
  • Gardening
  • Baking
  • Collecting antiques
  • Health and fitness
  • Video gaming
  • Charity work

Ten Habits To Help You Pursue Your Passion

pursue your passion
Are you ready to live your best life and be happy chasing your passions? Well, here is a list of simple habits that you can do to turn your dream into a reality.

1. Push Yourself Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is the area where you find contentment and peace. It’s scary to push yourself beyond these boundaries, but your dreams will die if you don’t ever go beyond this area. Though you’ll have great anxiety and fears doing this, take one step towards your passions and away from the comforts where you find security.

2. Network With Others

If you want to play music, then networking with others who are musicians is helpful. If the drums turn your crank, then find a great drummer who will take you under their wing. Learning from someone who’s already mastered the skill you long to have is very beneficial.

3. Knock Out Problems Pursuing Your Passion

What problem stands between you and the passion you desire? It would help if you knocked them out one by one. For instance, if you want to play the drums but have no instrument, this would be a major issue.

So, buying a drum set would be the first issue. While all your obstacles won’t be as resolvable, you can learn to slay anything in your way.

4. Visualize What You Want to Accomplish

Assume you want to be a vet and travel the world helping animals in need. You must first visualize yourself doing this to make it happen. Take time to daydream and put yourself in the location of choice doing what you love. According to Self Growth, your mind is a complex and powerful thing.

When you see something in your mind’s eyes, it gets the visual cortex area in your brain to fire. You can project vibrations into the atmosphere that can help you accomplish the thing your heart desires. So, go ahead, dare to dream, and you’ll see it turn into a reality.

5. Pursue Your Passion Every Single Day

What if your passion is to be an ice skater? Did you know that according to Riddell Skates that four years old is the acceptable age to begin? Not only do they start early, but they must practice almost every day.

Each day, you should have a plan to fuel your desires. No one said that it would be easy to pursue your passion, but it will be worth it.

pursue your passion
6. Fuel Your Mind

You must stay up to date on the current events with your desires. For instance, if you desire to be a doctor, then you should realize that things are changing all the time. It would help if you stayed in the loop to be in this field.

For instance, doctors 30 years ago didn’t use robotic surgery to perform operations on their patients. According to Health Research Funding, the first robotic surgery was conducted in 1997. However, by 2012, more than 400,000 robotic surgeries were performed in that year alone.

No matter your passion, you need to make sure you follow the news and developments in this area. It will help you to stay motivated.

7. Set Goals and Stay Committed

Grab a pen and paper and set some goals for yourself. Now, the important thing is that you stay committed during this process. There are times when you will have more energy to devote to things than others, but the goal is to keep moving ahead.

Commitment is hard, especially when life is busy enough. If your desires require schooling to make it happen, then you might need to work and go to school at the same time. No matter what your passions require of you, it will be worth it in the end.

8. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Remember that you need to step out of your comfort zone, but what about all the fears that you have that hold you back? You may say things like:

•“There’s no way I will ever accomplish this goal.”

•“I don’t have the time or effort for my passions.”

•“I can’t do this as it’s too hard.”

•“How am I supposed to go to work and try to pursue passions at the same time?”

•“What will people think of me when I fail?”

These are all statements of self-doubt that pop into your head when you are trying to pursue your passion. When you give in to this negative pattern of thinking, then you’re going to have overwhelming pessimism about trying anything. However, when you start believing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to do, your outlook will change as you become more determined.

9. Embrace Failure

Why is failing so hard? Sure, you’ve had a million successes in life, but it’s those few failures that you remember so vividly. When you fall short at something, it destroys your self-esteem, ego and knocks you down a few pegs. It’s hard to recover from defeat, but it can be done.

Coke has been a staple soda in this country since 1886. However, they felt they needed to rebrand themselves. They introduced the “New Coke” in 1985.

Trying to beat their rivals Pepsi, Coca-Cola was desperate. The Pepsi Company had a stellar two years of sales with their campaign to “Take The Pepsi Challenge,” and Coke as in trouble. They wanted to do something to gain attention, so they reinvented their soda.

According to Marketing91, this was considered the ‘biggest marketing blunder of all time.’ People were so mad they began to boycott the new product. The soda was released in April of 1985, and by July of the same year, Coke went back to its original formula.

It’s okay to make mistakes and even have failures, but it’s what you do with those failures that counts. The Coca-Cola Company learned that even though things go well through the testing phases, it doesn’t mean the public will be happy. Without the public’s support, their product would be nothing.

They saw the error of their ways, and they fixed the issue. They didn’t quit the soda industry because of bad publicity and a horrible mistake, and It would help if you did the same thing. Learn and grow from your mistakes, as they will help mold you into a better person.

Today, The Coca Cola Company makes over $31 billion a year in earnings according to official reports.

10. Don’t Get Distracted

Many things will try to take your attention, but the key is to keep focused and not get distracted. Life is chaotic and crazy on a good day, but there are so many things that can pull your focus, which means you must be even more determined to pursue your passion.

pursue your passion
Final Thoughts on Habits To Help You Pursue Your Passion

Some say that happiness is the purpose of life, but to be happy means different things to each person. One individual may live in an apartment with the dream of saving up for a home to call their own, while another wants to play in the major leagues. Regardless of your passion, you’ll find your heart close by.

Pursuing happiness is going to require sacrifice, dedication, and staying the course. There may be times while living in a cramped apartment that the dream of becoming a homeowner seems impossible, but you can’t let self-doubt and negativity keep you from your goals.

Perhaps your dream is to own a law firm one day rather than working as an entry-level lawyer. However, the pay might not be what you want, and you may not have the prestige that comes along with it, but at least you get to do something you love.

Another thing to consider is that your passions are ever-changing. When you were a child, your dream might have been to be a teacher. Now, you realize that you’re more suited for a therapist. Pursuing your passions is an ongoing journey, but it’s where you find happiness and contentment in life.