You want to ensure you get the best deal when you purchase an item. You might search for the best sale on a new item, but investing in second-hand items is sometimes better.

Clipping coupons, shopping at outlets, and hitting every sale might work, but it’s not always efficient. Neither is spending full price for brand-new items that devalue immediately. People often sell items in new or like-new condition, so taking a look is worth it.

Buying second-hand can help you spend less money on the same product, giving you more buying power. Plus, it helps our environment because fewer materials are needed. When you stop purchasing everything new, it eliminates waste and allows nature to grow and develop.

Identifying what you should never purchase new can change your financial health. The benefits are too good to ignore, and you’ll start to rethink all of your investments.

Fifteen Things Never to Purchase New

While there are some items you might want to invest in brand new, there are some you can comfortably buy second-hand. These items are often expensive new, lose value quickly, and last for a long time.


1. Purchase Some Furniture Pieces

Buying brand-new furniture can be expensive, and you can’t resell it for nearly the same price. Check flea markets, vintage stores, and resale shops for strong furniture that’s been taken care of. You’ll find most of the pieces you need for your home without spending nearly as much money.

Another idea is to search online for used furniture for sale near you. Set the perimeters, choosing how many miles you will travel for the items you hope to invest in. Look for the following second-hand furniture pieces:

  • Desks
  • Filing cabinets
  • Tables
  • Patio furniture
  • Wooden furniture

You might want to avoid choosing used upholstered furniture or mattresses. These items can carry bedbugs, making the purchase a costly hassle.

2. Purchase Used Clothing You Won’t Wear Often or For a Long Timeframe

When buying clothing that you won’t wear often, you should never purchase new. If you know you’re choosing an outfit you’ll never wear again, look for a second-hand option first.

Outfits you won’t wear include clothing for a wedding, recital, or special event. These items are often only used once or twice the first time around, and you can save tons of money looking for a second-hand option. The thing will seem new at less than half the price of a new one.

Consider buying used maternity clothing. You won’t need maternity clothes for all of your pregnancy, so they’ll only get a few months of wear. Someone is likely selling their maternity clothes after having their baby, and they could be in like-new condition.

It’s also best to buy used baby clothes. Babies grow so fast, and they often don’t get to wear the same outfit more than once. You can find used baby clothes with minimal wear and tear, saving yourself a lot of money.

3. Purchase Used Books

Books can last for centuries and withstand many uses. Not only that but think of a used book’s history. You never know how many journeys it’s been on.  Buying new books can quickly become expensive. However, used books tend to be affordable and cheap. You can sell it when you’re finished with it, too.

If you’re purchasing textbooks, you likely know that they’re expensive. However, you rarely have to pay the total price if you know where to find them. A quick online search will show you where to find your specific textbook for a better price.

If you’re looking for even more ways to save money, sign up for a library card. A well-stocked local library could save you tons of money because you can check out your wish list for free.

4. Home Decorating Pieces

Decorating your home is fun and gives you a space that you love. However, home decorating can quickly become expensive. Instead of looking to purchase new ones, consider visiting thrift or second-hand stores for the perfect pieces.

You can also look at garage sales for hidden gems. If you find outdated pieces, you can easily paint them to make them fit your style. Most thrift stores have tons of baskets to choose from, so always head there before purchasing new ones.

Home décor isn’t touched often, so it stays in good condition through multiple owners. Searching for unique items that fit your style is a fun experience.

5. Increase Your Buying Power by Investing in Used Instruments

Musical instruments aren’t updated as often as other items, so they stay the same for decades. You don’t need a new version when you can find a used one that’s the same.

If you’re starting in music, buying used is best to get acclimated and comfortable. Then, you can decide if a new one is worth it, but you’ll likely find that it’s not. Look online for instruments for sale to save yourself lots of money.

People often buy instruments for their kids that get very little use before being forgotten and resold. You can have the instrument appraised at a local music store to ensure you’re not buying a broken item. Some music stores even sell used musical instruments, so you could start by asking there.

6. Exercise Equipment

Staying active is essential to living a healthy life, and you don’t have to spend much money. Some equipment is expensive, but you can do the same things with second-hand options. Look for treadmills, dumbbells, weights, and other exercise equipment for a better price at thrift stores.

7. Invest in an Older Home

Buying a used house is often better than buying a brand-new one. It saves you money and still offers everything you need for a better price. You don’t have to buy a 75-year-old home to reap the money-saving benefits. Even homes with one or two previous owners can save you money and come with newer, energy-efficient amenities.


8. Electronic Devices

Technology is constantly evolving, and many people want a new version. Since they want all of the latest updates, they often sell their used items within a year of purchasing them. Check for second-hand electronics and video games before heading to the store to buy new ones.

9. Plants and Garden Supplies

Working in your garden can get expensive if you purchase everything new. Plants are expensive, and the tools you need to plant them are, too.

Before buying anything, check around for the plans you want. Many gardeners are willing to split the plants from their yard and pass them on to someone else for free. You can also find used rakes, shovels, flower pots, and other necessities at yard sales and second-hand stores.

10. Purchase Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, and RVs Used not New

Vehicles and big toys lose value as the first owner drives them off the lot. Buying these items second-hand allows you to have the things you want without spending nearly as much money.

11. Glassware, Kitchenware, and Appliances

If you need glassware or kitchenware, consider heading to a yard sale. You can often invest in glass, ceramic, and stainless-steel items that you can sanitize for use in your kitchen. People often sell these items, and it’s common to find:

  • Pie dishes
  • Casserole pans
  • Measuring cups
  • Mixing bowls
  • Drinking glasses
  • Pitchers

It’s also beneficial to consider used kitchen appliances like instant pots and food processors. You can also usually find second-hand bread makers and coffee pots in good shape.

12. Games and Kids Toys

Kids get bored with their toys quickly and don’t always get much use. Buying used allows you to give your children the things they want, and you won’t feel as frustrated when they get over it quickly. The same goes for games because they might not see too much use before being discarded and resold.

13. Invest in Used Sports Gear

Sports equipment is also expensive to purchase new but affordable if you buy used. Check thrift stores and online sales websites for the best options. If the sports equipment is for your child, remember they’ll quickly outgrow it, and you’ll have to rebuy it. With this in mind, you’ll be even more ready to buy second-hand and save money.

14. Purchase Used Baskets

Baskets are popular for home organization, holding gifts, and carrying items to and from home. You can also pack them full of things you’ll need for a beach day, taking the basket with you for easy access. However, they can be expensive, making purchasing more than one at a time hard.

Thrift stores are usually full of baskets; you can find whatever kind you’re looking for. Head there before going to a store and invest in used baskets instead of buying something overpriced.

15. Video Games

People, especially kids, get bored with video games quickly. You can typically find used versions of the game you want for a great price online. Ask at your local video game store if they have a used copy, too.


Final Thoughts on Things Never to Purchase New

When purchasing, consider whether you need a brand new one from the store. A second-hand option is often just as good, and you can pay only a fraction of the original cost. Browse at resale shops, antique malls, and online resale websites before purchasing a new item.

You can also ask friends and family to see if anyone is getting rid of the item you want. Sometimes, you’ll find people who have it sitting around their house collecting dust, and they’re more than willing to part with it. If you can find a cast-off freebie, you won’t need to invest any money at all.

You’ll be surprised by how much money you save when you avoid making a new purchase. Plus, it’s fun to search for gems and find what is used.