There’s nothing easy about the dating world. Once you find a man you want to hold onto, it may be harder than you think. There is always going to be someone that tries to turn his eye. To hold on to your man, you must be one step ahead of the game.

Here are some effortless ways to prevent a wandering eye and being cheated on.

1. Keep Things Exciting

All relationships are wonderful initially. However, whether you are married or not, after you have been together for some time, things can get stale. Life seems to morph into a pick up the kids, cook dinner, do the laundry kind of day. Take time out to do special things to avoid being cheated on. They may be small and trivial, but even something as nice as packing him a snack for work can remind him that you’re a gem. Do things “just because” and he won’t be tempted to look anywhere else.

2. Be Adventurous in The Bedroom

Making love is what makes a couple more than just friends. It’s a way of connecting yourselves mind, body, and spirit. You must make sure that you don’t become stagnate in the bedroom too. Watch some videos, read articles, and educate yourself on what your man wants. Even the worst days can be a memory with a great lovemaking session. Openly communicate about likes and desires. It’s the best way to relieve stress and stay linked. Plus, if you are giving a man what he wants in the bedroom, his eye will never wonder. Don’t deny him continuously when he wants to be together, or you could get cheated on.

3. Take Time for Things Important to Him

Okay, so he wants to sit on the couch watching football on a Sunday. Rather than excluding yourself from his world, learn to be a part of it. Compromise is something that you must learn as a couple. If he loves it, then you should occasionally try to do or watch what he loves with him. How many chick flicks have you dragged him to kicking and screaming? Having a relationship means someone a partner in all things. You want to make sure that you are both getting 50/50 of the say in activities.

4. Never Underestimate the Value of Good Conversation

Did you have a dreadful day at work? Perhaps, you haven’t been feeling so good lately. Having someone to share your soul with means talking about the good and bad things. Communication is key in any relationship. He should run to you when there is a problem at work or he is feeling blue. You should be his best friend first and foremost. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have other friends, it just simply means that you must learn how to be “his person.” Make sure that you have an active line of communication regarding all things. You should know what is going on in his world and he should know all about yours.

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5. Nurture the Relationship

How long will a plant last if you forget to water it? It’s common to be so caught up in your day that you forget about that plant. Sure, it’s sitting there staring you in the face, and you walk by it 100 times a day, but you keep neglecting it. Use this analogy on your relationship. Once couples move in together and get on with the daily grind, they often forget that they need to nurture the relationship for it to grow. No one wants to be cheated on, so you must learn to nurture what you have. Don’t forget date nights and staying out late talking over coffee. While they may not be the only person in your world, you need to make sure they are an important part of it.

6. Speak in Love

It’s so easy to get angry and snip at each other over the stupidest things. Do you become verbally aggressive when you’ve had a dreadful day? Learn to speak in love toward one another, even when in the heat of an argument. Remember that words hurt terribly. Once you say something hateful, it is hard to take it back. Speak to your man the way you want to be spoken too.

Relationships don’t come with instructions. However, if you want to avoid cheating, you will learn to paper and nurture your man. Remember, if you don’t make him feel special, give him the love and attention he needs, and learn to keep things consistent in the bedroom, someone else will always be waiting to meet his needs. Make an extra effort each day to let him know how special he is and that he is loved.

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