Many folks find that it’s a daily struggle to remain positive. Even if you start out good and feeling cheerful, it won’t be long until something negative knocks the positivity right out of you. It’s easier to be a pessimist than an optimist, but you can choose your mentality by adding these positivity exercises to your routine.

Do you know what happens when you allow a negative thought to linger in your mind? It won’t be long until you feel down, anxious, and even depressed. Many people are guilty of overthinking situations, and how many times have you worried about stuff that doesn’t even happen? All these feelings do nothing but leave you miserable.

While being positive continuously is just not feasible, you can be upbeat most of the time. The fascinating thing about changing your mindset is that it will alter how you handle things during the day. Most of all, when you incorporate positivity exercises into your day, you can improve your health and become a happier person.

Fifteen Positivity Exercises To Make You Happy Every Day

There are many benefits to positive thinking. When life throws you a curveball, you can learn to find solutions rather than running and hiding, hoping the storm passes. When you have a positive mindset, you will feel this fantastic release that helps you in every aspect of your life.

Stress harms your body, but optimism is the fuel that you need to keep going. Do you need to boost self-esteem, enhance your relationships, be a better spouse, friend, and worker? Here is 15 positivity exercise you need to incorporate into your day.

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1. Exercise Your Right to Indulge in Positivity Affirmations

There’s a lot of buzz about positive affirmation. The reason why these declarations are so important is straightforward. In the Bible, Proverbs 23:7 states that as a man thinks in his heart, so shall he be. This advice means that if you believe that you’re a failure and can’t do anything, then that’s precisely what you will do.

However, if you tell yourself things like “I am loved, I am enough, and I will have a wonderful day,” then you’re going to manifest these things. People think that manifesting and visualizing are all part of new age stuff, but this is from ancient times. The Bible was translated to English in 1611, and even then, they talked about such matters.

2. Read an Encouraging Book

If you’re tired of the negativity, turn off social media, flick off the TV and start ingesting positive things. Books are a great way to read about people who have overcome insurmountable odds. You can try reading some positive quotes or self-help writings that can give you a boost of positive energy.

3. Load Your Brain With Positive Thoughts

If you want positivity to come out, then you need to put positivity into your mind. If you’re going to think positively, then start with the people in your inner circle. You don’t want negative folks and are always on the verge of a breakdown to surround you.

Instead, find yourself some people who will live you up, be a support system, and pour positivity into you. Your whole attitude will change when you make some adjustments and try some positivity exercises.

4. Try Self-hypnosis as a Positivity Exercise

Hypnosis was invented by James Braid, a Scottish surgeon, in 1841, according to Hypno-Therapy. Additionally, the article states that it’s become the norm and not the exception. While you’ve heard of going to a therapist’s office and lying on a couch and being put under, you have the power to do the same thing.

Find a suitable meditation or a motivational tape and open your mind and allow it to go into a relaxed state. When you’re in this state, you will enable the positivity from the guided meditation to penetrate you for positive thinking.

5. Believe in Yourself

One of the best ways to enhance your positivity is to start believing in yourself. You set dreams and goals, but do you think that you can achieve these targets? When you stumble and fall, you must learn to accept your blunders with grace. Then, you should pick yourself up and start again.

You’ll never learn to walk as a child unless you fall a few times. As an adult, you’re never going to obtain the positive place you want to be without a few stumbles along the way.

6. Stop Creating Excuses (One of the Most Challenging Positivity Exercises!)

Quit making excuses about everything you can’t do and start making declarations about what you will do. Change your attitude and watch all the amazing things that start happening to you. It’s incredible how procrastination truly holds people back.

7. Count Your Blessings

Rather than being upset about all the things you don’t have, why not start counting your blessings daily? You won’t have time to worry about more significant bank accounts and the latest car when you consider all you have in this life. So many people would give anything to be and have the things you do, so don’t ever take it for granted.

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8. Journal Writing Is a Productive Positivity Exercise

One of the best positivity exercises you can do is to practice gratitude through journaling. Journaling is a great way to help you with gratitude because it keeps a record account of the things you’ve overcome, the growth you’ve obtained, and the goals for tomorrow.

9. Overcome Painful Past Experiences

Stop turning around and looking at your past. While there are some good things that you don’t want to forget, some terrible things can hinder you and make you harmful. Keeping your mind focused on the moment will help you to live the life you want.

10. Pause and Breathe

Life can be overwhelming, so you must take time to relax and breathe. You must breathe to live, but it can also calm you and bring you back to the present. When you feel overwhelmed, and negativity starts creeping in, stop everything and practice some simple breathing.

11. Stop Beating Yourself Up (One of the Most Necessary Positivity Exercises)

Do you beat yourself up over past mistakes and current failures? Why do you expect that you will be perfect? Are there any ideal people on this earth?

Stop being so hard on yourself and focusing on your flaws. It’s time you forgive yourself and instead of tearing yourself apart, start building your esteem to empower you. Negative self-talk will get you nowhere fast.

12. Speak With Positivity

Have you ever listened to yourself speak? The words that come out of your mouth are powerful. Some say that the power of your tongue holds life and death. So, start speaking blessings to your life, prosperity to your wallet, and happiness to your soul.

13. Create a Special Mantra to Include in Your Positivity Exercises

Mantras are a saying that you tell yourself over and over. It’s an encouraging phrase that helps you think positively. For instance:

  • “I know that anxiety is contagious, so I’m going to remain calm.”
  • “Longevity connects to healthy eating, so today I strive to fuel my body and not burden it.”
  • “I understand that a vehicle in motion stays in motion, so I need to move if I want results.”

Try quoting these mantras to keep you on the right path when life starts too much or your stress levels increase.

14. Use the Mirror When Performing Positivity Exercises

The mirror technique is a simple way that you can help improve your esteem. It takes just a few minutes, and you can do it every day. Grab a mirror and find a quiet space to sit and focus. Now, take a good hard look at yourself.

You need to tell this person how much you love them, how wonderful they are, and how you’re going to be a happier, healthier person. You will be surprised at how this trick can help.

15. Plan Sensible Goals

Stop making huge goals that you know are impossible. Instead, you need to set small, achievable goals. Once you reach one of these aspirations, you will be encouraged to do more.

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Final Thoughts on Positivity Exercises

Negativity is the norm, so it takes an influential person to stand up and be positive. While you won’t achieve perfect optimism overnight, you can by practicing some positivity exercises each day. You must choose your words wisely, even the ones that you say to yourself in your mind.

Sure, your life has been full of trauma, abuse, and unfortunate events, but so has everyone else. You can either develop the victim mentality or decide to be a victor, but the choice is yours alone. Do you know what a critical component between depression or anxiety is negativity?

An article posted on Forbes states that one of the elements of depression is social media. Watch what you ingest into your body, as the more negativity you consume, the more negative you will be. Additionally, these positivity exercises can help you be a better person and one that people will love to be around.