Do you struggle to stay in a positive mindset? Keeping your optimism at the right level when there’s so much negativity around you is difficult. Many folks notice that mornings are incredibly challenging. However, this is the time that sets the tone for positivity for the rest of your day.

What if changing your day and incorporating more positivity into it was as easy as adjusting a few things? Do you have five minutes to spare? If so, it could be just what you need to change your negativity into a more positive one.

Ten Morning Habits to Improve Your Mindset

Optimism comes easy for some folks, but many struggle to stay in a positive mindset when they’re under stress. It’s all because of the negativity bias. Every negative thing that happens to you will affect you three times more than anything positive.

So, it’s easy to see why you can get into this pessimistic frame of mind and throw your positive mindset out the door. The good news is that you can change it! Using these ten tips below, you can empower yourself to change your day and life.

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1. Get Up Early to Better Support a  Positive Mindset

Many people fall into the trap of sleeping in, and this is especially true on the weekends. The problem with sleeping too late is that it throws your circadian rhythm off balance. According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, this 24-hour cycle is your internal clock.

It helps your body to function and run on a  schedule. You keep the clock on an even keel when you get up at around the same time each day. Have you ever had a watch with a drained battery that started to lose time?

Your body is very similar to this, as it’s hard for you to function when your internal clock gets off kilter. How can you have a positive mindset if you’re exhausted and your body is out of sync?

2. Try Positive Affirmations

One way to get into a better mindset and to bring positivity into your life is by using affirmations. If you dwell on all the negative things when your eyes open, you start the day on the wrong foot. You want to begin your day by saying something like this:

  • “I will have a great day.”
  • “I will accomplish all I need to.”
  • “I’m loved, and therefore today I will love.”
  • “I will show kindness to everyone I meet.”
  • “I will thrive under pressure.”

When you train the tone of your inner voice from pessimism to optimism, you will see how different your day is. Those with a positive mindset believe they can tackle whatever comes their way, while the negative one will procrastinate and run.

3. Mediate or Pray to Increase Optimism

Take a few minutes when you awaken to meditate or pray. This helps you get the right mindset to conquer whatever you face that day. You don’t need anything long and drawn out, as you can do some deep breathing and get yourself in a positive mindset.

Asking the Universe or your Higher Power for help is never a bad idea. Spirituality is an integral part of your being and can help you in the darkest days.

4. Fuel a Positive Mindset and Healthy Body with Protein

Do you skip breakfast or grab a donut or granola bar on the way out the door? It would help if you made time to eat something healthy to start their day. Sugary treats, even processed granola bars, can cause your blood sugar to be off.

Additionally, processed and sugary junk foods are not empowering your body to get through the day. Why not start with a healthy bowl of steel-cut oats with cinnamon and honey? If you want to kick your protein up another level, you can add some fresh pecans or walnuts.

When you eat a good breakfast, you’re giving your body the fuel to keep your energy levels up. Don’t skip this meal or be tempted to get a sweet treat on the way out the door, as it’s hard to keep a positive mindset when you feel terrible.

5. Get Some Exercise

The mornings don’t allow for much time to exercise, but you can significantly boost your body and mood if you move a bit. When you leave bed, why not try some stretches or run-in place?

According to the National Library of Medicine, exercise raises the serotonin levels in your brain. Additionally, it releases those feel-good hormones that put you in a positive mindset.

Exercise can combat increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Spending thirty minutes would be good, but if you move and get your heart pumping for five minutes, you will notice a difference in how you feel.


6. Put Down the Cell Phone to Have a Positive Mindset

Do you reach for your cell phone the minute you open your eyes? The problem is that while you might need to check work messages and things of this nature, you’re also likely to be bombarded with news. Most phones have some sort of news and weather that scrolls either on the main screen or on social media.

These notifications can hinder your positivity, especially when you read of wars and rumors of wars. To keep your optimism where it needs to be for the day, you don’t want to ingest all this negativity from the start.

Find something else to do when you get up rather than reach for electronics. Why not kiss your partner good morning, tell your children how much you love them, or open the blinds and let the sun’s rays beam into your home?

7. Count Your Blessings to Increase Positivity

There’s an old gospel song by Jeff Easter called “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me.” The song is about gratitude and states there’s a roof above me, an excellent place to sleep, food on the table, and shoes on your feet. This song was written by a 16-year-old kid who lived a life of poverty and committed a crime, landing in prison for nineteen years.

While there, he had a spiritual rebirth, which changed his entire life. He wrote this song to be thankful for all his blessings. He had no idea how the words of that song would impact people for generations to come. Gratitude sets you on the right path and allows you to open yourself to more blessings.

If you want to bring more positivity into your life, then start counting your blessings. When you wake up, take a minute, and thank God or your Higher Power for all you’ve been given. Try to list at least ten things you’re thankful to have every morning in this life.

An attitude of gratitude will help you forge through the day and keep your optimism high. If you have horrible days and your mood is not right, why not start by counting your blessings?

You can focus on others more than yourself with a new positive mindset. It’s easier to put things into perspective when you realize how blessed you are to have a job, a home, a vehicle to drive, and food in your cabinets. Many people would see these simple things as luxuries.

8. Read Inspirational Material

If you have five minutes to spare, it’s just enough time to change your mindset for the day. Why not read some uplifting memes or something from a motivational speaker? Empowering yourself for greatness can be as simple as embracing positivity in small ways.

9. Practice Self-Care for a More Positive Mindset

Everyone deserves to look their best because when you look good, you’re going to feel good. So many people throw their hair back and grab the first thing they see in their closet. What if you took the time to fix your hair to feel more confident?

Put on some cologne or perfume and make yourself look fabulous. It would help if you pampered yourself a bit, and taking a few minutes daily for yourself changes everything.

10. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Many reasons why people struggle with positivity in the morning are because they’re running late. It’s impossible to keep your optimism where it needs to be when you’re in a mad dash to get to work. Why not get up ten to fifteen minutes earlier, so you do not need to rush?

When you have ample time to get things done, you’ll see a positive mindset is easier to achieve. The people working next to you and even driving in the lane next to you will appreciate your positivity, as road rage and a bad mood will affect others.

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Final Thoughts on Positive Morning Habits

Did you see anything on the list that you can easily add to your morning routine? Are you ready to fuel your internal optimism and have better days? Sure, it will take a little work to get to a positive mindset, but you will find that it will become second nature after a while.

Your life is yours to choose how you live. You choose to be negative and down all the time, or you can choose to walk in the power of positivity. Which will it be?