Do you love your life and feel fulfilled? If you answered that question truthfully, you know there’s always room for positive change. It’s not that you don’t want to do bigger and better things, but you’ve become complacent like many people.

The biggest problem affecting everyone is becoming so comfortable in your current situation that you’re afraid to change. It’s not that you don’t want to reach for the stars, but you know it’s much easier to keep doing what you’re doing. Taking a leap and exploring new options requires faith and believing in yourself.

Twelve Indications It’s Time to Make a Positive Change

Your body becomes accustomed to time with or without a clock. Did you know that some people can simultaneously awaken without an alarm clock daily? Their body gives signals from within because it’s set on a circadian rhythm.

Just as your body works with your mind to wake you when you’re in slumber, it can also alert you when it’s time to make changes. You know you need to move and do something different because your gut instincts and inner drive are compelling. If you’re unsure of the signs you need to make alterations, here are a few to consider.

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1. You’re Ready for Positive Change if Your Relationships Are Suffering

Positive changes are warranted when your life and job make you miserable. The problem is you start snapping at people you love, and you might have less time to spend with them if depression comes into play. While you don’t mean to hurt anyone you care about, you’re just so miserable and ready for positive changes that it’s clouding your judgment.

2. You’re Bored

Changes are imminent when you become bored with life. Do you find things so predictable that there’s no excitement anymore? It’s effortless to get caught up in routines and the daily grind that you don’t leave any time for spontaneity. Making positive changes can help you find things to look forward to, and you can get out and mingle more and have a thriving social life.

3. You’re Picking Up Bad Habits

When your life is in a constant state of unhappiness, it’s easy to pick up bad habits to self-soothe. According to a study in the National Library of Medicine, self-soothing behaviors are learned from infancy. Babies will suck their thumbs, play with their hair, and rock back and forth to calm themselves.

It’s one of the reasons why experts tell parents not to run to their children each time they cry, as they learn to engage in these behaviors to calm down. You’re much like that infant trying their best to make themselves feel better. You’ll try to fill those areas with other things when you feel unfulfilled and empty.

So many external distractions cause chaos and noise in your life that you long for anything to ease that discomfort. Some everyday bad habits people pick up are overeating, binge-watching television, playing video games for extended periods, and smoking or drinking.

4. You Need Positive Change if Your Self-Esteem Is Deteriorating

When you aren’t happy with your life, it can mess with your identity. How you look at yourself in the mirror can be altered by your doubts and depressive feelings. It’s a clear sign that you need to make a positive change when you begin to doubt your abilities and lose faith in yourself.

You may lose confidence in your abilities to make decisions about anything, as your instincts are off these days. It will require a leap of faith to make changes, but it’s well worth the risk if you can muster the courage.

5. You’re Ignoring Your Personal Goals

What goals? Your dreams and aspirations are nothing more than a faded memory of days gone by. You can’t focus on tomorrow because you’re just trying to make it through today. If you wake up and show up to work on time, it’s often a significant accomplishment.

A fascinating scripture in Proverbs 29:18 states that you will perish when you don’t have a vision. You’re created to pursue greater things. You’re not living up to your full potential when you become complacent and settle.

6. The Negatives Outweigh the Positives in Your Life

When you get to the point where you can no longer think of anything positive about your life, it’s time to make changes. Focusing your mind by making a list and evaluating your situation is helpful. What bad points are driving you to the brink of a mental break, and which are the good points that you like?

Sometimes when you put things on paper and analyze a situation, it makes it easier to identify what’s bringing you down. You don’t have to move across the world to be happy, as sometimes all it takes is a job change or new friends. Positive changes can be small and still be effective.

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7. You Need to Make Positive Change if Mentally Checked Out

It’s common for people to feel like a hamster going round and round in their wheel. You’re just going through everyday life, but you’ve checked out. Getting up to do the daily grind is more than you can handle. Your energy levels have plummeted because you’re so sick and tired of the mundane life and living to pay bills.

8. You No Longer Take Pride in Your Work

You’ve always taken pride in your job and probably got awards for your service. However, you do the bare minimum to get a check and go home. You can’t give any more of yourself as there’s no more to give.

9. You Need Positive Change if You Feel Stagnant

You’re at a place in your life where you’re not progressing. A swamp doesn’t have any fresh water coming into it, and it harbors mosquitos and other pests. Since there’s water flowing in, it doesn’t have movement.

Have you driven by a swamp? There’s often a pungent smell that comes along with those waters. Right now, you feel like you’re not moving in any direction, and it stinks. You think that the world is passing you by and everyone in it. You long to get moving and make positive changes, but you don’t know how to do it.

10. You’re Operating on a Survival Mindset

Your life, job, and family no longer bring you joy or contentment, as you’re just going through the motions. You show up to work to get the check, but it feels like a soul-sucking experience. At this point, you’re only doing what you must to survive.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you do, and you’re never happy. You have dreams and goals but are too afraid to take risks. You’re stuck in a comfortable rut you don’t want to move from, no matter how miserable it makes you.

11. You Feel Stuck

The old movie depicts quicksand as something that pulls you under and leaves you unable to move. Your life can often feel this way. You feel the pressures bringing you down and trying to take you under, yet you’re so stuck that you cannot move to the left or the right. Many people feel their inches from going ultimately under, and operating on this level can affect your mental health. Feeling stuck and unable to move is a big sign that it’s time for a positive change.

12. You’re Ready to Move On

Are you living your life constantly looking in the rearview mirror? Is there something that happened in your past that’s holding you back from living a fulfilling life? The thought of moving on sounds exciting, and you know it must be done. However, you don’t know how to start.

You dream about a new job, city, and significant changes that will change your life from mundane to exciting. Yet, it would be best to have more confidence and wisdom in making these changes for yourself. When all you can think about is making changes, it’s a sign that you’re ready. It’s time to trust your gut and see if altering small things can significantly impact you.

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Final Thoughts on Making Positive Changes

Does any of the feelings listed above resonate with you? Noticing you have a problem is the first step, and then you can put a plan together to help positive changes come about in your life. Sure, altering yourself can be frightening, as humans are creatures of habit.

Even if you’re unhappy, you’ve become comfortable in your mystery. It’s time to revive your confidence, which will help you make the moves necessary to say goodbye, cut ties, and move on to greener pastures. It’s time to get some excitement back in your life.