These 10 Children Use Positive Affirmations Every Day (So Adorable!)

These 10 Children Use Positive Affirmations Every Day (So Adorable!)

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Positive affirmations can start your day on the right note and contribute to better mental health. Especially in children, it’s important to instill an optimistic mindset from an early age. Kids have such malleable brains that teaching them new concepts such as positive affirmations is easy. Before you know it, you’ll hear them reciting mantras each day before school.

By teaching your children the power of positivity, they’ll grow up with more strength and confidence to handle problems. Nothing will phase them because they will have the proper mental skillset to navigate life’s difficulties. In our turbulent, complex world, it’s never been more critical to support our children’s mental health.

Positive affirmations and practices offer one of the best (and free!) ways of doing so. Luckily, it seems that more parents have begun teaching their children the importance of positivity. After all, kids are the future, so it’s our job to encourage their well-being and growth. Giving them the proper foundation in life helps shape them into capable, healthy adults.

These 10 Children Use Positive Affirmations to Calm Down (So Adorable!)

With that said, the kids we’ve featured below must have amazing parents. They’re already saying positive affirmations at such a young age, and it’s so heartwarming! We hope these kids will make you smile and remind you to stay positive, no matter what.

1 – This little girl calmed herself down after smashing her fingers in a door.

Shelbee Haderer of McCloud, Oklahoma, teaches her 2-year-old daughter Brilee affirming statements to self-soothe. She posted the video of her daughter saying positive affirmations, and now it’s gone viral! After Brilee accidentally closed her tiny fingers in a door, she started crying from the pain (understandably so!)

Shelbee encouraged her daughter to take a few deep breaths to calm down during the ordeal. After she’d relaxed a bit, the mom asked her to repeat a few healing mantras. She said: “I’m okay, I’m strong, I’m beautiful, I’m loved, I’m worthy.”

It’s incredible how much calmer Brilee seems after repeating her mom’s wise words! Plus, her expression of gratitude toward her mom at the end adds to the cuteness.

2 – 2-year-old Aleksandra shares uplifting messages with the world on social media.

Just a warning: this video will melt your heart into a puddle! This little girl will make your day with her beautiful, inspiring affirmations. “The Dimi family” from Australia posts these videos on TikTok and Instagram, where they’ve amassed millions of followers.


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Aleksandra’s mom said she truly enjoys recording these videos to make people happy. What an adorable, sweet little girl!

3 – Fourth-grade students in Atlanta, Georgia, recite positive affirmations in a mirror.

When classes started back up this year, one teacher wanted to add positivity to the classroom. She held up a mirror for her students, instructing them to say positive messages to themselves. In the viral video, students lined up to recite mantras they came up with, including: “I am smart,” “I am a good person,” and “I am strong and independent.” Simply beautiful!

I had chills listening to them say their affirmations ❤️

4 – 2-year-old Ayaan has been featured on The Today Show and The View for his incredible morning affirmation!

His mom Alissa taught him to say, “I am smart, I am blessed, I can do anything!” He says it on his way to school or whenever he needs motivation. The video went viral, and Alissa even decided to write a book based on Ayaan’s positive energy!


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5 – One mother inspires her 6-year-old twin boys by saying positive affirmations in a mirror before school.

She teaches them to repeat mantras like “I am strong,” “I am grateful for what I have,” and “I am amazing.” There’s nothing like positive affirmations to infuse your day with good energy!

6 – This adorable mother-daughter duo says positive affirmations together each day!

Tiania Haneline, a mom to 3-year-old Scarlett, wants to ensure her daughter feels confident and comfortable in her skin. The mother-daughter duo from South Carolina have always recited mantras together, but Tiania began sharing them online last year. Scarlett now feels so secure with herself that she often tells others how beautiful they are, too!

7 – We didn’t forget about the amazing dads out there! This father makes sure his daughter knows her worth and doesn’t forget it!

8 – This one will make you laugh and inspire you simultaneously!

When Jessica Chatfield’s dad posted this cute video of his 4-year-old daughter’s daily affirmations, he had no idea it would one day blow up. The funny part is, he uploaded this video in 2009 when his daughter was 12 years old. People were shocked when they learned she was a pre-teen and no longer a little girl. Regardless, many felt inspired by her words nonetheless.

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