“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.” – Louise L. Hay

Louise Hay’s “Power Thought Cards” are one of our recommended ways to practice affirmations.  Andrew Carlson explains why:

“At first; I didn’t even know what I would say about the Power Thought Cards when I received them in the mail. I didn’t even know what I could write about without sounding fake. So I took them for a month; and went through them. There are 64 affirmation cards in the deck.


Once I read through every single card; I picked out which ones stood out to me and which ones represented what I needed to change about my life. My life just became a horrible downward spiral and my attitude was the reason for that. Once I figured out what I needed to change in my life; I started reading those 34 cards every single morning and right before bed.

This book is a game changer

I used one as a bookmark as well because I read every single day at the gym, so I would see that card about 10 times more throughout the day. I adjusted my attitude and used “The Magic” to get me back to the light/myself.

The card I used at my bookmark read, “My income is constantly increasing” and the affirmation is printed on the back. After about a month’s time of leading a life of gratitude along with these affirmations; my life has made a 180 degree turn!

I have income flooding into my life; and have numerous job offers that pay rather well. I recently started a blog and already have people checking out my sites! but more importantly, I have business opportunities to review their restaurants/wine! Free meals & wine while traveling all over Southern California… life is simply amazing!


I don’t know how else to put it. My life has changed ever since these cards came into my life. I am starting to place them all around the house and every time I see a card. Right then and there, I stop and thank The Universe for the blessings in my life. I will read the affirmation in my head while feeling absolute gratitude and will say thank you 3 times after reading the affirmation.

And so, I just want to thank Miss Louise L Hay for creating these wonderful gifts of love to change other lives as well. 64 cards: 64 different affirmations. No matter what you need to work on in your life or are struggling with; there is an affirmation that will not only benefit your life… it will kick everything into overdrive and it will miraculously turn around.

The quote on the back of the box reads,

“Affirmations are like planting seeds in the ground. It takes some time to go from a seed to a full-grown plant. And so it is with affirmations – it takes some time from the first declaration to the final demonstration. So be patient.” – Louise L Hay

I’m implementing all 34 cards that spoke to me and will continue to use them in my life from here on out. They have changed my life; I can’t wait to see where my life will be 6 months from now 🙂 I’m beyond blessed/grateful/honored these cards have passed through to my life – seriously worth every single penny! I will definitely be using them as stocking stuffers this holiday season!”

If you’d like to purchase Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards, you may do so by clicking hereShine On!