In the crazy world we live in today, kindness is the glue that holds it all together. Without a sense of compassion for our fellow humans, this world would simply implode from violence, greed, and other issues that plague our planet. Kindness simply feels better than hostility, and the photos below prove that we all benefit when people show compassion for one another.

Here are 11 photos that prove kindness is what brings us all together:

1. What a great birthday present from kind human beings who just want to spread happiness to someone else.

My son, Callum, suffers from a very rare muscle disease. He LOVES supercars! Recently, for his bday, 30+ guys who own supercars (Lamborghinis, Ferraris etc.) spent an afternoon driving Callum & mates in their amazing cars! Most were strangers who wanted to help. I was so humbled. from r/randomactsofkindness

2. Some families struggle to buy Christmas trees, so this guy saved the day and came through for them. Amazing story of kindness!

This really warms my heart. Article in comments. (x-post from /r/AdviceAnimals by suggestion) from r/randomactsofkindness

3. This anonymous stranger just made two kid’s lives a little bit better.

Someone left this on our doorstep. People never cease to amaze me. Thank you to whoever you are!! (x-post /r/starwars) from r/randomactsofkindness

kind quote

4. Luckily, the wallet was found by people who had the owner’s best interest at heart. Kindness wins every time!

My sister left her wallet on top of her car like a dingus, and then drove home 2 states away. She got a package with this note a few days later. from r/randomactsofkindness

5. What a compassionate way to spend that hard-earned money.

My wife’s grandpa died yesterday, and she hired a babysitter for the day so she could get things done. The sitter sent this to my wife using the money we paid her. (x-post from /r/pics) from r/randomactsofkindness

6. This act of kindness probably turned that waitress’ day around in a heartbeat.

Our waiter at IHOP had a nasty table and seemed to be having a bad day, so my girlfriend and I decided to leave this tip on a $30 meal. from r/randomactsofkindness

7. Kindness always comes back around in the least expected ways.

In the “special instructions for delivery” area I wrote “you guys have the best potato salad! :)” They sent me an extra potato salad for free! from r/randomactsofkindness

8. They could’ve stolen her purse quite easily, but instead decided to do the right thing. Beautiful!

I got home and found this on my porch. Thank you, kind stranger! from r/randomactsofkindness

9. Social media friends are real friends, too, and this proves it.

Last week littledidyouknow learned that I was having life troubles. He asked if he could help me out. I gave him my address (because Yay compassion!) and today I found this in the mail. He has no idea that I am currently penniless with almost no food… from r/randomactsofkindness

10. Passing on the kindness, one shampoo at a time.

Redditor minngirl donates over $3000 worth of supplies to battered women’s shelter. (x-post pics) from r/randomactsofkindness

11. Little miracles are all around you if you just open your eyes. 🙂

I found this at a bus stop after work. I’ll definitely pay it forward 🙂 from r/randomactsofkindness

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