What is life if we aren’t sharing a piece of ourselves with others? It may be tempting to shut ourselves off from the world to avoid pain, but doing that keeps love out of our hearts as well. We’re emotional creatures, seeking things that pull at our heartstrings, and we need human contact and connection to survive.

Without this intimate bond with our fellow humans, we would be nothing more than robots. Our emotions give life meaning; without them, we couldn’t comprehend anything happening in our lives.

With that said, the photos below capture the essence of what it means to be human, and they remind us that we can all afford to give a little bit more of ourselves.

11 Photos Guaranteed to Pull At Your Heartstrings

1. The emotions in this picture are powerful. Imagine if you were in his shoes!

Gabriel Nobre, 19, with his mom and sister right after he found out he’d passed Brazil’s famously difficult university entrance exam. The young man had cut a deal with a prep course to clean the building in exchange for free classes to help him prepare for the exam.
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2. Wow, that’s a lot of hair! Luckily, those locks went to a great cause.

She donated 30 inches of her hair to make wigs for children with cancer. (Post Credit-u/BlondeAussieGirl1990)
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3. Coolest Uber driver ever! I’ll bet that girl was so thankful she had someone to share such an amazing experience with.

4. Some soccer fans decided to give toys to sick children visiting from a local hospital. These children wanted to show support for their favorite team, so imagine their surprise at the unexpected gifts.

5. This teacher should win an award! If this doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, we don’t know what will.


6. This man delivers 10,000 liters of water every day to animals who would otherwise perish in the dry conditions.



7. This man is truly a hero! These dogs now have a second chance at life thanks to him.


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8. Callum had the best birthday ever thanks to acts of kindness from strangers. What a dream come true!

My son, Callum, suffers from a very rare muscle disease. He LOVES supercars! Recently, for his bday, 30+ guys who own supercars (Lamborghinis, Ferraris etc.) spent an afternoon driving Callum & mates in their amazing cars! Most were strangers who wanted to help. I was so humbled.
byu/jbu230971 inrandomactsofkindness

9. Some people might have just taken the wallet, but luckily, a few kind people found and returned it.

My sister left her wallet on top of her car like a dingus, and then drove home 2 states away. She got a package with this note a few days later.

10. Are your heartstrings sore yet? Maybe this seems like a small act of kindness, but it probably made this woman’s day.

My wife’s grandpa died yesterday, and she hired a babysitter for the day so she could get things done. The sitter sent this to my wife using the money we paid her. (x-post from /r/pics)
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11. Sometimes, it’s nice to give more than what’s required. You never know who might need it!

Our waiter at IHOP had a nasty table and seemed to be having a bad day, so my girlfriend and I decided to leave this tip on a $30 meal.
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We truly hope these photos tugged at your heartstrings and inspired you to give more of yourself away. We all have the ability to love and care for one another, but we often hold back because of fear of rejection or embarrassment.

However, someone out there could really use your kindness and attention. Think about how one small act of compassion can turn someone’s whole day, even their life, around.

More than ever, we need to open ourselves up and shed our layers. Break down walls and build communities. Forget our differences and remember what unites us.

What do you have to lose by reaching out to someone who looks like they might need your help? If they don’t return your kindness, just remember, that’s on them, not you. Let’s all love a little bit louder. 🙂

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