“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead 

If you want to change the world, you can’t always wait on someone else to take action. Sometimes, you have to take charge if you see a problem and offer a solution in your community.

Many people wish the world would change, but few actually take initiative to make those changes. Fortunately, the people below saw a problem and knew that they could jump in to help, or find someone who could assist them. As much as we want to believe the world is evil, there are plenty of good-hearted, selfless people in it that just want the Earth and all its creatures to live in harmony.

If you want inspiration on how you can make a change, read on to find out what these people did to positively impact the world.

15 People Who Did Something Small to Change the World in Big Ways

1. Even though this man needs a walker to get around, he spends time picking up trash in his neighborhood each morning.

For at least 13 years, rain or shine this little old man spends EVERY morning walking around our tiny town picking up trash.
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2. Picking up trash is one of the easiest ways to change the world, and this guy is taking it to the next level!

My good friend picks up several bags of trash every day during his trip from Indiana to the tip of South America. He’s currently halfway through Central America and still cleaning up the world along the way.
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There may not be any trash to pick up after this guy is done!

3. This kind man took this owl under his wing while they waited for animal control to show up. What a sweet guy!

Dude wrapped an injured owl inside his jacket at the park before a right before a soccer game. He hung out with it until animal control showed up!
by inHumansBeingBros

4. Rescuing animals and releasing them back into the wild is a simple, yet effective way to change the world.

This owl just wanted a nap, but we’re sure it was thankful to get rescued from a potentially dangerous situation!

5. To shelter the police dogs from the cold in her community, this lady made blankets for all of them!

This lady made blankets for all of the dogs in the Boulder County K9 unit

6. Instead of using her birthday money on herself, this girl spent it on the animals at her local shelter.

This girl turned 10 and used all her birthday money to buy toys for an animal shelter.
byu/Spoonylmp inHumansBeingBros

7. This man is a local hero! Imagine what we could do if all of us did this in our communities!

There’s a guy in my town that has been quietly doing the #trashtag cleanup for years, combining it with running events and even printing T-Shirts and medals. This is the hero we don’t deserve!
byu/ArmyChief inpics

8. Even at the risk of losing business, this laundry shop took in a stray dog to save it from potentially being euthanized.

Saving a dog from the dogcatcher
byu/kevinowdziej inHumansBeingBros

9. To change the world, simply look beyond yourself and realize that you can change someone’s life for the better. Lots of homeless people were probably grateful for this incredible act of kindness.

Here’s what 325.67lbs. of recovered food waste looks like. Instead of a dumpster, this food will create almost 300 meals for the homeless. #StopHunger r/StopHunger
byu/StopHunger inHumansBeingBros


10. When a whole community comes together, anything is possible.

Received a note from a volunteer that these folks were in need of help – elderly couple that couldn’t take care of their yard. Reached out to the amazing Reddit community and volunteers took care of it today. Thanks to everyone from r/Denton – you are truly wonderful!!
byu/lovingtate inHumansBeingBros

11. What an amazing act of kindness. Look out for each other and everyone wins.

The older man was paused at the top of an escalator afraid to hop on. This young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a “can I help you on, sir?”
byu/blokkiesam inpics

12. This guy makes a drive every week to save dogs from being put down and brings them back to no-kill shelters in his area.

Thursday nights I drive from Detroit to Toledo, collecting dogs from their local kill shelters to bring back to MI.
by inaww

13. What a cute gosling who got rescued by some amazing people. 🙂

Friends at work found this loose goose in the garden at the office. Another set of wonderful friends are taking it in until at least it grows feathers!
byu/tdomer80 inHumansBeingBros

14. Check out yet another example of what happens when a group comes together to change the world in their own way.

A group cleaning up around one of the statues in DC the other day. Nice work!
byu/SBAus inHumansBeingBros

15. Everyone is both a student and a teacher. When we remember this, we can move mountains.

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