When one overweight man decided to get healthier, it totally transformed his life. He had so much more energy, positivity, and freedom to live the life he deserved. Here’s his incredible weight loss story about overcoming the odds, and all the struggles he faced along the way.

“My heaviest weight was 406 pounds,” Tony says. “I was also pre-diabetic and I had sleep apnea, where in the middle of the night I would just stop breathing in my sleep. It was not a life.”

He goes by the name “Focus Fight Finish” on Instagram, which describes his journey perfectly. First, he decided to focus all his energy on achieving a goal. Then, he didn’t stop fighting until he reached it. He finished victorious, all because he never gave up on himself, even when things got tough.

Tony said this:

“I, like most people, have started my weight loss journey multiple times, I was a classic yo-yo dieter. I didn’t fully commit to losing weight until my son was born almost three years ago, and I had to make a change for him. In the beginning, it was actually pretty exciting; this time felt different.

“So, one of the first things I started doing to lose weight was to get my nutrition plan dialed in, because I knew this wasn’t gonna take like a couple of weeks. This was gonna be a lifestyle change, a whole restructuring of my life.”

And as far as working out goes, I had so many joint issues because of my weight that really all I could do was walk and do the elliptical. So that’s what I did – I spent hours and hours on the elliptical. It was very low impact, but a very good use of cardio, and it really helped in the beginning to get me moving and get a sweat going.”

The journey from overweight man to fitness guru

overweight man
Tony faced many challenges along his fitness journey. However, the drive to transform from being an overweight man to a fit one kept him going. When things got tough, he got even tougher.

“For me, it didn’t really get hard until like four to six months in where I already dropped a lot of weight, but then my weight loss was starting to slow down. That’s when it got hard and that’s when the real work took place,” Tony said, “and in that beginning time, one of the biggest obstacles I had was just time. Nobody has time to work out. I didn’t have time to work out; you have to make time, and I found the time.

“I had to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning, be at the gym by 4:30 AM, so that way I could be back home, have a shower, change, and help with the baby,” Tony explained, “and then be out the door by 7:30 AM so I could drive to L.A. and work. That was just my schedule, and that’s what I had to do.”

Tony’s advice for anyone wanting to lose weight

“If you are 406 pounds, you don’t need a diet, you need a life change. Forget having a diet – have a complete restructuring in your brain with your relationship with food,” Tony says. “And as for workouts, honestly, do whatever you enjoy. Don’t feel like you need to go into the gym every single day and just kill it and go beast mode; that is not what you need in the beginning.

Honestly, if you just hit 10,000 steps walking at a medium pace every single day, you are gonna see incredible results. Just be active, be moving, that’s all you really need.”

Taking his own advice, he’s now lost 150 pounds. While he’s very proud of his transformation from an overweight man to being fit, he’s not done yet. He ran his first marathon last year and is currently training for a triathlon. However, for him, it’s not about the bragging rights – it’s about health.”

“While the number is cool, the number doesn’t matter. As long as you’re healthy, as long as you feel the effects of your journey and you feel good, that’s the number that you should be at and that’s where you should be happy with,” he says.

The positive things that have come from his transformation

Tony says that his son and family motivated him greatly to achieve his goals. However, his personal motivation came from wanting to reach his full potential. He will continue striving to achieve his personal best no matter what.

So far, he’s pleased with his progress. He’s enjoying a life free of sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, and being uncomfortable in his skin, in general. He also loves being able to fit in amusement park ride and plane seats, something he couldn’t do before.

His advice for anyone who wants to transform their health?

“Write down the steps that you wanna take to make sure that you achieve those goals, and write down why you started in the first place. Make sure that is written down somewhere where you’ll see it every day,” he says.

“When I first started, I put it up on my wall right next to my bed. I needed it there; I wanted to read it every single day, and that’s what it took. That is my biggest tip for you, to make sure that you keep doing what you said you’re gonna do, and maintain that weight loss journey.

Final thoughts on an overweight man who lost weight and changed his life

Being overweight puts a lot of strain on a person, both mentally and physically. When Tony transformed from being an overweight man to a gym buff, he saw so many benefits. Not only did his physical health improve, but his whole outlook on life also changed as well.

He had more energy for himself, his family, and just enjoying life. He was no longer a prisoner in his own body. Tony now uses social media to inspire others with his weight loss journey and spread his message on health. Hopefully, his story motivated you as well!