To the woman out there who overthinks, loves too much, and finds herself falling in love too easily, we know the struggle. Love should feel like a safety net, a place you can run to when the world seems to crumble beneath your feet. For the women who think too much, though, even love doesn’t always provide that sense of comfort. Love can make you overthink the most mundane things, causing you to question why you fall so hard in the first place.

For you, love means giving your all to someone, not holding back or cutting corners. You see into the depths of people’s souls, and always remind people of what makes them wonderful. Even if they don’t always treat you the same way, you can’t help having a huge heart or choosing to see the best in people. For you, falling in love means putting yourself on the line in hopes that someone else will see you this way, too.

Even the littlest things, like the way someone remembers your coffee order or how they laugh at stupid jokes, make you fall in love a little. You just appreciate people as they are, and don’t feel the need to change them. Your accepting and understanding nature makes it easy to love people, but sometimes, others take advantage of that. You’ve probably crossed paths with plenty of people who only want to take and never reciprocate your good energy.

While this article focuses on the woman who thinks too much, we also recognize that it can easily apply to men, as well. Don’t get mired too far in the pronouns, we affirm that men can overthink, also.

The woman who overthinks often wears her heart on her sleeve

People can sense your good heart from a mile away, and unfortunately, this can attract people with dishonest intentions. This doesn’t mean you should stop loving too hard, but you should be careful who you give your heart to. Not everyone is willing to give as much as you do, and in a relationship, you deserve someone who can meet you halfway.

However, even with a seemingly perfect partner, you may find yourself second-guessing your love. If they seem too flawless, your mind starts to dissect their words and actions, overthinking every possible scenario. Do they really love you as much as they say, or is it all just for show? Maybe the love you have conjured up in your head doesn’t even exist at all.

These types of thoughts swirl around in your head at night, making you toss and turn for hours. For the woman who overthinks and loves too much, you often feel misunderstood. It may seem like people just don’t have the capability to give or love as hard as you, for whatever reason.

You completely spoil the person you love, showering them with attention and affection. Falling in love so hard can make you vulnerable, distorting your view of the person you’re with. You may end up falling for the fantasy of love, not seeing the red flags clearly in front of you. You may think the world of someone, and because you love them so much, you overlook the warning signs.

And they might be overly cautious

On the other hand, wearing your heart on your sleeve can make you overly cautious about life. Because you overanalyze everything, you may make up problems that don’t even exist in reality. Instead of just going with the flow and enjoying life as it comes, people who overthink a lot dig deeper into situations. If they’ve been hurt a lot in the past, they may start to believe that everyone in their life is out to get them.

For the woman who loves too much, you may find yourself oscillating constantly between these two extremes. You want so badly to give your love to someone, but you get scared that they’ll abuse it, so you pull back. The woman who overthinks didn’t just become that way overnight – usually, she has a good reason for it. People may have pulled the wool over her eyes too many times, so she keeps her guard up now.

Know your boundaries

You can still have a big heart and choose to set boundaries, though. For the woman who overthinks, remember that you can have the best of both worlds. You can still enjoy life in the moment and love people without completely losing yourself. You can decide who to give your energy to, and who to keep your distance from.

Empaths or highly sensitive people often have a hard time setting boundaries, but you must do so to keep your sanity. Not everyone should have access to you at all times, because then you’ll have nothing left to give. Also, remember that everyone loves differently. Just because they don’t speak the same love language as you, doesn’t mean they don’t care about you.

At the end of the day, the woman who overthinks may just need reassurance from you. She may have been betrayed in the past and need reminders that you love and care about her. On those days where she feels unsure or lost in her own head, she may just need you to hold her a little tighter. For her, falling in love means giving all of herself, so take good care of her heart.

Also, to the woman out there who loves too much, you don’t need to change or water yourself down. Being sensitive and compassionate is not a weakness, and the world needs a lot more of what you have. You just have to remember that when you love as hard as you do, some people will hurt you. They will take advantage, misunderstand your soul, or just not appreciate you for the beautiful person you are.

Go where you feel free, where you feel like you don’t have to hold back. The right people will love your soul exactly as it is, and they won’t try to steal your energy. If you haven’t found your people yet, keep looking, because they’re out there. Keep spreading sunshine wherever you go and don’t allow the energy vampires to dim your light.

Don’t overthink–trust the universe

Everything in this universe comes back to you in some way, including love. So, if you can give love without expecting anything in return, the law of karma will reward you. When you do find true love, try to maintain a balance. Don’t smother them, but don’t allow insecurities to make you too distant, either.

Falling in love often feels like the happiest time of your life, but it can also seem scary. Giving so much of your heart to someone can make you feel vulnerable, but this makes you human. When you fall for the right person, you don’t have to worry about protecting your heart. They will do that for you.

To the woman who overthinks and loves too much, just remember that you can only live for the moment. You can’t predict the future or control others, so try your best to enjoy the people currently in your life. Who knows what the universe will bring a month or a year from now, but you shouldn’t worry about that. Living in the past or future means you can’t immerse yourself in life happening now.

Hurt goes with overthinking

The people around you may hurt you, decide to leave, or stick by your side forever. With so many possibilities in life, we want to control something, so we often try to do this with the people in our lives. However, feeling the need to control anything takes away from the pleasures in life. People will become something to worry about, rather than something to appreciate.

Life flows best when we can find a balance between needing to control and just letting everything go. Whether in relationships or with friends, try to love without expectations. If people hurt you, at least you can walk away knowing you tried your best. If they choose to stay, then you get to give people your love a little bit longer.

To the woman who overthinks, we understand your pain. You may feel like you need to know everything about a situation, but in reality, you may not be able to. Reading too much into life can end up distorting your view, making you see things that aren’t even there. Maybe sometimes, things are exactly as they appear, and we don’t have to try to decode anything.

Final thoughts to every woman who overthinks and loves too much

Love feels confusing, exhausting, blissful, and comforting all at the same time. To the woman who overthinks, love doesn’t always seem like a fairytale. Depending on the person, it can feel downright scary and bring up a lot of insecurities. Falling in love means giving your all to someone, but how do you know they won’t break your heart?

Honestly, you can’t know people’s intentions sometimes. You just have to go with the flow and try to find people who will appreciate your loving heart. It may take you a while to find your people, but it often happens when you least expect it. Our advice? Try to enjoy the ups and downs of life, and hold on when things get a little bumpy.