One of the latest health trends is the no sugar or sugar-free diet, and people on Instagram have proven the positive results one can get from it. Many foods with added sugar contain a lot of extra calories, so cutting them out can make for easier weight loss. Not to mention, sugar can cause health problems due to how the body breaks it down as well as its addictive nature.

While following a no sugar diet might seem challenging, these people prove that it can be done, and doing so can totally transform your life!

Here are 10 people who got healthier by following a no sugar diet:

1. A no sugar diet did wonders for this woman!

2. In just three months, this woman lost 20 pounds and 10 inches on a no sugar diet!

3. One year and 75 pounds down!

4. After just five weeks on a no sugar diet, you can see how the inches have melted away!

5. Obviously exercise plays a role in weight loss, but a no sugar diet can certainly help, too!

6. Now this is amazing! 80 pound weight loss on a no sugar diet!

7. 100 pounds down following a sugar free diet. You go girl!

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8. She looks healthier and happier in this transformation photo, all thanks to a no sugar diet!

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9. We almost couldn’t recognize the woman in the second photo. Amazing work!

10. Not only does a no sugar diet make you lose weight; you have a lot more energy and mental clarity, too!

We hope these photos provide inspiration for those of you who want to lose weight and cut out sugar at the same time. In today’s world, eating healthy and maintaining positive thinking toward weight loss can prove quite difficult, but just remember that you can still enjoy your favorite foods from time to time. The important thing is to remain consistent and jump back on the bandwagon if you fall off. Eating a small sugary treat in moderation will not hinder your results, but try to look up recipes for a no sugar diet that will help you satisfy that craving without making you feel guilty.

Which of these no sugar transformations inspired you the most? Share with us in the comments!

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