Welcome to Chez Soleil, may I take your order? Oh, what do we recommend? “Eating the sun”.

Eating the sun? What have you been smoking, writer? Not to worry, dear reader, you will not be vaporised or burnt to a crisp by this. It will not even give you indigestion! Let us give you a taste of what is to come.

The process of sun eating is also known as the HMR Phenomenon, named after Hira Ratan Manek. Manek is the man The University of Pennsylvania studied with funding from NASA 24/7 for a hundred days. Can you guess what happened? He could survive largely on just light, though he did consume small quantities of buttermilk or water during this time.

“Pull the other one, writer,” you say. Before you click away or close, give it a chance and keep reading.

This “eating the sun” malarkey is not actually malarkey; it is also known as sun gazing. It is an ancient practice going back thousands of years used in various ancient cultures, though mainstream media highlights risks towards the skin, such as skin cancer. In Hong Kong, women between the ages of twenty and thirty do this also as a substitute for food. So, how does it work? Sun gazing does exactly what it says on the tin, with people looking at the sun. This happens one hour after the rising of the sun or an hour before sunset, when Ultraviolet rays are at their lowest and you do not burn your eyes when the sun is at its strongest. It is highly important to keep to these suggestions as it could cause damage to the retina and therefore, potential temporary or permanent blindness.

Superhuman Abilities gained from the sun-munch:

– Loss of appetite (as seen above)

Increase in confidence

– Easy problem-solving

Natural healing or disappearance of diseases and “negative qualities”, mental or physical

What are the effects of “eating the sun”?

1-3 Months: The pineal gland or “third eye”, along with the hypothalamus or pathway to the brain from the eye are charging up, akin to a cellular/mobile telephone getting charged. After those initial three months, energy from the sun begins reaching your brain. After this period, the aforementioned energy gets stored in all cells of your body. Once all cells in the body are purified, your job of sun gazing is done and your brain is charged at maximum capacity. You will sense a natural increase in confidence and a knack for problem-solving, as tension has been kicked to the curb. Mental ailments dissipate and are replaced by a positive, vibrant energy and “spiritual knowing”.

3-6 Months:

Now that mental issues have cleared up, the body turns to healing the physical. As all the colours of the sun reach the brain, all parts of the body are restored to full clean bill of health. According to Colour Therapists, when a disease is present it is because a certain sun colour is lacking. For a certain part of the body or body system, there is a certain sun colour. Here are some examples of this: the liver needs green; the heart needs yellow; the kidneys need red. Let us make the suggestion of autosuggestion in order to determine whether any ailments or weakness are still lurking within you. This is to aid the return to wholeness.

6-9 Months:

After six months of healing itself, the body then starts to turn its energy to helping the body do other amazing things. For example, the need for food at seven-and-a-half months begins to lower and those in the know suggest that food is not actually needed, only energy emitted from the star of the show – the sun. After nine months, all cravings, smells, and general desire for food simply disappear and people sense a “charge” in the brain. When this charge is reached and you have done the maximum of forty-four minutes of sun gazing, you stop immediately.

What happens after the sun munch?

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We turn our attention away from the sun and focus more on the Earth, barefoot walking for forty-five minutes per day for six days straight to be precise. However, if this is done for a year solid, you have reached the pinnacle of life, with only 3-4 days a week to maintain the above abilities, and then some.

Superhuman Abilities gained from the barefoot walk after the sun-munch:

– An increase in:

a) Intellect

b) Memory

c) Navigational capabilities

d) Telepathy

– The possibility of FLIGHT!

– Having your body in MORE THAN one place at a time!

It is certainly a contraversial topic. What are YOUR thoughts on this? One thing is for sure, you cannot have fries or sauce with your order, should you decide to consume at Chez Soleil.


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