A world without music seems almost unfathomable. We rely on music to help us express and understand our emotions; we get lost in music when nothing else seems to make sense. We allow it to transport us to another place, another time, another plane of understanding. I’m sure you can think back to a hard time in your life and remember that music, in part, helped you to get through it.

Music plays an undeniably pivotal role in our lives. It makes life more meaningful, but our taste in music can also reveal aspects of our personality. Professor Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, performed the most comprehensive study to date on the relationship between musical taste and personality. He surveyed over 36,000 people in over 60 countries to learn more about their musical preference, as well as their personality. Based on their answers, North was able to connect a liking for certain music genres to specific personality traits.

Here’s what your favorite music says about your personality:


Indie fans have a high level of creativity, but low levels of self-esteem and work ethic. They also have a headstrong nature, not letting others sway their opinions or outlook on life. They usually have a contemplative, rather quiet disposition, but are friendly and warm upon getting to know them.

Heavy Metal

Fans of this type of music have high self-esteem and feel comfortable with themselves, but don’t have very much work ethic. They have a rather reserved personality, but open up to others easily. Despite the harsh sounds of their music, they have a gentle, loving personality, and share many traits of classical music lovers. However, heavy metal fans tend to be younger, in most cases.


Rap fans have both an outgoing personality and high self-esteem. They tend to blurt out whatever’s on their mind, without thinking twice about it. Fans of rap usually enjoy sharing music with others, instead of blocking out the world with headphones. Because of their extroversion, you can probably catch them dancing and singing along to their favorite songs. However, they tend to be a little self-centered, and not have much sensitivity or empathy to other people and issues in the world.


Fans of dance and electronic music also enjoy the social aspects of music. They like going to concerts and raves to experience music with other people, and have an outgoing, friendly personality. They’re approachable, creative, and have strong opinions about things.


Country fans work hard, have an outgoing personality, and are relatively easy to get along with. They are unassuming deeply caring about other people, but aren’t very willing to learn about other types of art or music. Country music fans can be set in their ways, and are very opinionated. They also tend to be conservative, but can have a friendly conversation with pretty much anyone.


Reggae fans have many positive traits, including high self-confidence, creativity, extroversion, generosity, and kindness. They feel comfortable with themselves overall, but don’t have much work ethic. They prefer to move at a slower pace in life, simply enjoying each moment and observing the overwhelming beauty around them.


Classical music lovers have high self-esteem, feel at ease with themselves, and possess extreme creative talents, but tend to be reserved and quiet. They also are highly intelligent, worldly, and financially well-off, typically.


Pop fans have a bubbly, charismatic, outgoing personality. They have high self-esteem, but fall short in the creative realm. Also, they tend to worry incessantly over little things, and often use music to regulate their mood. Pop fans hate spending time alone, preferring to surround themselves with lots of people.


Rock fans have high self-confidence and creative talents, as well as a strong work ethic. However, they tend to dwell on negative events or people in their lives, and use music to get their frustrations out. They also tend to obsess over themselves, and don’t offer the same kindness and generosity as lovers of other types of music, such as reggae.


Blues fans have high creativity and self-esteem, much like fans of classical music. They also score highly in introversion, and tend to reflect deeply on their feelings and thoughts. They feel comfortable with themselves, but tend to enjoy their time alone more than with other people.