A new relationship is an adventure that you must thoroughly explore. You must figure out your partner, and they’ll do the same with you. Men sometimes test the strength of a relationship to determine what they’re looking for in a romance.

If you ever feel someone you’ve been seeing is trying to test you, you’re likely correct. The person might not even realize that they’re doing it, although sometimes it’s intentional. These tests are how someone can tell if you’re up to the task of a long-term romance.

When someone tests you, you’ll notice drastic shifts in their demeanor and behavior. They might be attentive one day and seem insensitive the next, or their behavior could change in other ways.

Why Do Men Test the Strength of the Relationship?

Men looking for love sometimes do whatever they can to determine if their new romance is good for them. They want to find out if their partner is marriage material or better off as a causal fling or friendship.

Research shows that men often struggle with expressing and understanding their emotions. They have a hard time expressing themselves and understanding their fears or insecurities. It can interfere with their intimacy, development, and ability to connect with romantic partners.


Men Aren’t the Only Ones Who Test Relationship Strength

While these tests are ones that men use, women do them too. They might test their partner in different ways, but it still occurs. Women want to know how much their partner cares for them, and they’ll do things to figure it out.

What to Do When Your Partner Tests the Relationship Strength

While it’s common for men to test you, it’s not always acceptable. If their behavior makes you feel bad about yourself, reevaluate the romance.

Many people test a new partner, but they should never cross boundaries. Never sacrifice your comfort and security for another person.

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself. Don’t allow anything that makes you feel wrong about who you are. It’s never okay for someone to disrespect you.

People often believe they must commit toxic behavior if they want a long-term relationship. However, don’t go against yourself. It’s not always worth the drama, pain, and confusion, and there’s a fine line before it can go too far.

Trust yourself and allow your empowerment to lead the way. Don’t be afraid to vocalize what you need or walk away when it’s no longer fulfilling. These tests are common, but you don’t have to put up with them.

However, the tests aren’t always harmful, and they can be a good way for someone to figure out what they want. If you want to show a man you can live up to his romance expectations, knowing the ways he’ll test you can help. When you know what he’s looking for, it’s easier to react to his behavior.

13 Sneaky Ways That Men Test the Strength of Their Relationships

Watch for these signs.

1 – Men test for independence

Men want independence, and they look for a partner who supports that. He wants to find out early on if you’ll be supportive of his hobbies and give him time alone to do what he wants. Men don’t always want someone who demands all of his time.

Don’t try changing his interests, either. He’ll see it as a sign that you don’t want him to do the things he enjoys. Spending time with your friends and loved ones without him is often equally important because it shows that you are independent, too.

2 – Making outrageous statements

Some men test you by making bold statements about something to see how you respond. He might suggest that you do surprising things to find out if you humor or shut him down. If a man randomly says you should go cliff diving, he might not want to do it and is only looking for a reaction.

3 – Men see how far they can push you

This test often crosses boundaries, so it’s not always a healthy way for a man to find out what they want. Rather than treating you with kindness, he might behave poorly to see what you’ll do or say.

He might want to see how you fight for what you believe in or find out what he can get away with. It’s cruel and indicates a lack of respect.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself if this happens to you. Keeping quiet usually leads to the behavior continuing. If you speak up and the person continues pushing you, it shows that he isn’t willing to respect you.

4 – Making fun of you

Some men will tease you or make jokes at your expense. They claim it’s flirting, but they’re testing your sense of humor. While this behavior is often harmless, it can go too far. Speak up if he hurts your feelings or makes you uncomfortable. Don’t let him get away with insults.

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5 – Flirting with Others

Men might flirt with other people in your presence to see how you’ll react. They want to know if you’ll get angry, and it’s best to make it clear that it’s unacceptable from the start.

6 – Not calling when he says he will

This sign can be confusing because sometimes people forget to call when they say they will. However, it might be a test if it becomes a common occurrence.

Sometimes they want to see if you’ll call them instead. Other times they want to judge your reaction.

If someone often does this, even after asking them not to, it could show that the person doesn’t value you. It can also show they aren’t a person of their word.

7 – Men pick minor fights

He might pick a fight over minor things to see if you’ll blow up. It’s a way for them to determine if you will settle an argument through open communication. This test can help them see if you’re dramatic or calm during fights, an essential part of getting to know a romantic partner.

8 – Asking lots of personal questions

If a man asks for personal details or your life early on, it’s a test to see if you’ll open up. They want to know if you are closed-off because it shows that you might hide things later.

You don’t have to overshare, but you should answer some of their questions to show that you want to get to know one another better. Use this as a chance to set boundaries to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable or forced to answer things you don’t want to.

9 – He claims to forget his wallet

Men want to ensure their partner isn’t only with them for money. They don’t want someone who only cares for them if they’re paying for things.

If he says he forgot his wallet, it might mean that’s he testing you to see if you’re into them. However, if he does it often, you might want to think of it as a red flag.

10 – Men ask you to plan the date

This line could be a test so that they can see what you like to do for fun and relaxation. Choose the activity wisely because they’re learning if you’re someone who likes adventure, trying new things, or relaxing while watching a movie. You can switch it up every time, but they want someone who vibes well with their lifestyle.

11 – Making last-minute plans

This test is all about flexibility, and it’s not a fair way to do things. They might wait to confirm plans until the last minute, leaving you without plans on your day off. It also shows that they aren’t prioritizing time with you because they leave you hanging to see if something better comes up.

They want to see if you’ll wait for them and be their backup plan. Show the person that you won’t put up with it by living your life on your terms, committing to things with others if the man hasn’t confirmed.

12 – Pushing you to try new things

It can be fun when a romantic partner urges you to do new things. Trying new things together is memorable and can deepen a romance.

However, don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. The person shouldn’t continue pushing if you say no, and setting these boundaries early on is essential.

13 – Men test your interest in them

People want to know that their partner is willing to make an effort to be with them. It shows if they are irreplaceable in your life and reaffirms that you’re interested. They do this by playing hard to get, ignoring your messages, or disappearing for a bit.

He might also do this to see how you’ll react, testing your patience and ensuring you aren’t only reaching out when it’s convenient. This test doesn’t mean it’s okay to disappear for days at a time, but it’s okay to not respond for a little bit.



Final Thoughts on Ways Men Test The Strength of a Relationship

Everyone tests the strength of a relationship, especially early on. Some tests are harmless, but others can be detrimental. Don’t put up with anything you’re uncomfortable with.

These tests are a way to figure out how people behave. It can help you identify your romantic style and what you want and need. Stay true to yourself and remember that respect and kindness are essential.